Dear Friends,

We wish you all a very happy and blessed Ganesh Chaturthi!

Today tens of millions of people around the world are celebrating the birthday of Lord Ganesha—the benevolent elephant-headed deity who is one of the most revered and beloved members of the Hindu pantheon of gods.

It is easy to understand why Ganesha is so widely-loved and held in such high esteem by so many:  Ganesha is worshiped as the the god of wisdom, prosperity and good fortune and as the remover of all obstacles standing in the way of our success. For this reason, he is often portrayed riding in a vehicle pulled by a rat—the elephant representing wisdom and might and the rat representing subtlety and cunning. While the elephant can use its size and might to push through the densest of jungles, the rat obtains the same objective using its wits by scampering around or burrowing beneath anything in its path. When the elephant and rat work together, nothing can stand in their way, illustrating that both mightiness and subtlety are necessary to overcome the varied obstacles that can block us from achieving success in life.

Ganesha’s presence is invoked during most religious ceremonies in India, regardless of sect; he is usually depicted as being pot-bellied an affable. His kind, generous demeanor and rotund belly represent the affluence and benevolence sought by those who ask his blessing.

We hope that you will all feel Lord Ganesha’s benevolent presence surround you on this special day, and that you will be showered by his many blessing throughout your life.

Happy Ganesh Chaturthi!


Hugh was a 30-year-old palmistry student with movie-star good looks and piercing blue eyes that lit up when he laughed. He was searching for enlightenment, but that changed after his father died. He inherited a multi-million-dollar business but had no interest in working anymore. He wanted to be a playboy; he sold the company, broke up with his girlfriend and set out to travel the world.

Six months later Hugh returned for a consultation. He was laughing and his blue eyes shone brightly as he showed me his hand. I smiled too, until I saw the number of union (marriage) lines on his mount of Mercury. The Mercury mount is known as the domain of Buddha—it reflects our ability to find inner peace and contentment and not be distracted by the many persuasions of the material world. Hugh had so many broken and crisscrossing union lines that I knew he’d found very little inner peace and was extremely attached to material and physical pleasure.


Ideally, our mount of Mercury has a long, single union line that is straight, deep, and free of interference—a formation that reveals a yearning for a loving and committed relationship. It is not unusual to see several union lines, reflecting a number of relationships over the course of a lifetime. But I needed a magnifying glass to count all of Hugh’s jagged, short-lived and blocked lines of union. Hugh had been a good palmistry student and knew why I looked worried.

“I know what you’re thinking Ghanshyam—yes, I’ve had plenty of girls, and I even got dumped by my latest . . . so what? I’ve got a girl in every port,” he laughed. “The world’s an ice cream parlor with a thousand flavors. Why not sample them all?”

“But Hugh, this hedonistic attitude isn’t healthy,” I said. “You have great potential to love and be loved, but you’re squandering it by allowing yourself to be ruled by desire. Your appetite is a bottomless pit that can never be filled—you’ll never have enough to satisfy your hunger. If you spend your life searching for happiness by buying things and having flings you’ll miss out on what’s real, you’ll never be happy.”

“Ghanshyam, I’m young and rich—I can buy happiness.”

Three years passed before I saw Hugh again. This time his eyes were dull and he looked miserable. His Mercury mount was depleted and crammed with chaotic union lines.

“You were right about never feeling satisfied, Ghanshyam,” he said. “How can I find peace and happiness?”

“Begin with daily meditation,” I suggested. “Seek happiness within—develop a spiritual relationship, it is the only relationship that offers lasting peace and joy.”

I don’t know if Hugh took my advice—he never came back. But I know this: Palmistry reveals both our negative proclivities and our positive potential—it is up to us to decide what to do with the information the palm of our hand has to offer.

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Marie-Christine first came to see me when she was 18 years old and in her first year of college. She was bright, pretty and charming, but unhappy.

“I don’t know what to do with my life,” she told me as I studied her handprints. “One day I want to be a doctor, the next day I want to be a scuba instructor, the day after that I want to be a painter or maybe work with children . . . or quit school and travel the world. There’s so much I want to do in life, but I’m getting nowhere. I can’t even commit to one boyfriend—I keep dating guys who are totally wrong for me because they’re fun, then I stay up all night and miss morning classes. I want to have a career and start a family one day, but it seems hopeless. I’m really lost—can you help me?”

“I’m here to help,” I smiled. “Let’s take a look at your handprints and see what’s going on with you.”

I wasn’t surprised to find two head lines in Marie-Christine’s palm, which is not uncommon in multi-talented individuals. A double head line signals a duality of mind in an individual who is gifted in so many areas that they become too restless or bored too easily to pursue just one. Marie-Christine was being pulled in many directions and reluctant to say no to any experience for fear of missing out on all life had to offer. But her inability to settle on a single career path or romantic partner was preventing her from reaching her full potential, which was reflected in her broken Saturn (or destiny) line. And her indecisiveness was making her miserable.

“We have to mend your destiny line and forge your two head lines into one,” I told her. “I suggest you stop dating for at least a year and focus completely on your studies. Find the subject you are most passionate about and pursue it with all your heart and mind. Ask your family to help you, it is important for you to have a supportive environment.”

Marie-Christine told me that her parents were divorced and she was essentially on her own—both financially and emotionally. She asked me to be her coach and I happily agreed.

At first it wasn’t easy for her to make choices and stick by them, but she persevered and it paid off. She enrolled in child psychology and proudly showed me her straight-A progress report every month—and every month her head and destiny lines showed signs of improvement.

Last year—15 years after we first met—Marie-Christine returned to my office. This time her prints revealed a strong and solitary head line and a healthy, unbroken destiny line; she was running her own successful clinic helping troubled youth, was in a loving relationship and the mother of two young children of her own. She had defeated the duality in her palm and was singularly happy.


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The term “squaring off” was coined by a sports commentator in the 19th century describing the fighting stance boxers adopted when encountering their opponent in the ring. It is a stance rife with tension and tightly coiled explosive energy as both boxers prepare to exert their dominance, ward off the blows of the other contender, maintain the upper hand and assure their own victory.

A similar situation occurs in astrology when two planets face each other at a 90-degree aspect—an aspect referred to as “the square”. Like fighters squaring off in the ring, the two planets in an astrological square are wary of each other, highly charged with internal tensions and external pressures, are inclined to block the opposing planet’s individual strengths and continually attempt to preserve their own dominance. The results of these celestial encounters can be bruising and have an enormous impact on all our lives.

At this very moment (September 1st-15th 2016) one of the most powerful astrological squares in the Cosmos is taking shape, and it is an event you want to be prepared for.

Saturn square Neptune is a major aspect that, without exaggeration, is nothing less that a battle between reality and illusion. This is because Saturn’s energy represents structure and truth while Neptune’s energy is illusory and changeable; where Saturn demands restrictions and boundaries, Neptune is amorphous and refuses to be contained. Saturn focuses on practicality and purpose; Neptune is freewheeling, ethereal and idealistic. In short—the two planets are polar opposites. The interaction and struggle between their vastly different energies can call into question everything we believe we know as fact and all we consider to be true and secure—our careers, our relationships, our social structures, even our sense of personal identity.

During this transit we may find that many things we have held to be true—both in our personal lives and on the world stage—are dragged into the light of day to test their validity. Just to give a few examples, British actor Emma Thompson is working with Greenpeace to expose the extensive seismic testing in the ocean in Nunavut as the underwater blasts will harm and chase away the marine mammals the people depend on for food. WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange, promises to release more damming material concerning the U.S. elections. After many years of request from the aboriginal people to the Canadian Government, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is launching a nationwide investigation into murdered and missing aboriginal women. And more and more we are discovering how man-made climate change is fueling extreme weather events.

Consequently, both personally or globally, our view of reality may be challenged or even shattered, which—as major aspects often do—can trigger major life changes. And as change is always difficult, and the naked truth often hard to accept, the next two weeks could be a period in which we experience and/or witness a great deal of confusion and possible turmoil.

The good news is that the intense planetary energy driving this change, although initially uncomfortable or painful for us to endure, is filled with positive potential and opportunity. The power dynamic of Saturn square Neptune can spur us to action, forcing us to abandon long-held illusions and misconceptions that may have silently hindered our progress. If we have the courage to accept what we learn and the fortitude not to avoid retreat into denial or delusion, this transit offers us the chance to break with the past, make a brave new start and venture forth to a more truthful and enlightened future.

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Christina was at her wits end when she called me.

Her husband suffered a fatal heart attack several months earlier and she’d moved from Chicago to Montreal to be with family. But her 13-year-old son Benjamin was not adjusting well to the sudden changes. Devastated by his father’s death and traumatized by the move, he was experiencing panic attacks, had no friends or interests, and was doing very poorly at school, where his bad behaviour landed him in detention every afternoon. While on the phone with Christina, I could hear Benjamin slamming doors and shouting: “I hate my school, I hate my teachers, I hate French . . . and I hate you for making me come here!”

“I’m worried sick about Benji,” Christina said. “We’ve been in family therapy for months, we’ve visited three child psychologists and consulted a psychiatrist—nothing has helped. My sister recommended you; I don’t really believe in palmistry, but you’re my last hope.”

Benjamin was sullen and despondent when he arrived at my office. He slumped into his chair, balled his hands into fists and stared at the floor. His despair was heartbreakingly obvious. His handprints revealed that his pain and anger were blocking him from progressing in life—he was trapped in his grief. He had prominent islands of interference on the life line of his left hand, reflecting his growing isolation, loneliness and despair. I decided to reach out to him through astrology.

“Look at these, Benjamin, they’re the astrological birth charts for you and your father,” I said. His eyes widened as I pointed to the similarities in the charts. “You have the same Virgo ascendant and very similar planetary placements, which makes you and your dad quite a bit alike.”

“Really?” he asked, showing interest.

“Really! And you both have Major Rahu periods beginning at age 13.” I explained that, in simple terms, a Major Rahu is an 18-year period that can bring a lot of change and present us with tough challenges to overcome and hard lessons to learn . . . and sometimes force us to travel to different countries and learn foreign languages. I told him that the way we respond to these challenges can shape our future and determine what kind of person we become. “

“That’s exactly what happened to my father, Benjamin said. He had to move from Italy to America when he was 13, leave all his friends behind, start over at a new school and learn another language.”

“Kind of like you’re doing, isn’t it? I asked. Tell me Benjamin, how did your Dad handle those big changes?”

“Grandma told me it was tough for Dad at first, but he learned English and studied so hard he got a scholarship. Then he started his own company and hired 200 people—and had tons of friends! Everybody loved my Dad. I guess that’s what I’ve got to do, too, isn’t it?”

“It sounds like a very good idea,” I said, giving him a small astrology book and the two birth charts to take home.

I saw Benjamin regularly over the next several months and he was always eager to see how the lines in his hands were changing and learn about the planets. When he showed up with his mom a year later to take his “After Handprints”, his entire demeanor had changed. He was walking tall, his eyes were bright, his hands were relaxed and he was smiling. His After handprints reflected his dramatic transformation—the islands of interference had completely disappeared from his life line.


“I don’t know what you said to him, Guylaine—but you inspired him—you opened his heart. His grades are terrific, he’s almost fluent in French, he’s joined the school hockey team and astronomy club—and he’s popular! His new friends are constantly hanging out at our house. I don’t have to worry about him anymore, he’s happy.”

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Michael’s life was a mess. At 30, he was a chain smoking high school dropout in a dead-end job, 70-pounds overweight, crippled by self-loathing and low-self esteem and using drugs and alcohol to numb his pain.

“Michael, why have you come to see me?” I asked, troubled by his heavy aura of despair.

“I’ve got nothing in my life . . . look at me, I’m a fat loser—I hate myself, life isn’t worth living.”

“Michael, every life has worth; it’s how we live that makes our life worthwhile.”

case-files-flipping-switch-printMichael’s handprints reflected his many troubles—but great potential as well. A beautiful magnetic cross on his mount of Jupiter indicated a deeply sensitive nature, a great potential for spirituality, a yearning to find a purpose in life and a strong desire for a loving relationship. Unfortunately, he was cut off from his Jupiter cross by a downward curving heart line, which was blocking him from loving others, loving himself and from loving life. His descending heart line told me he’d switched himself off emotionally and spiritually. Making matters worse, the downward heart line was disrupting his quadrangle, the space between the heart and head lines known as “the landing strip of the angels” that is a psychic energy zone directly linked to our chakras. When the quadrangle is balanced, our heart is open to the wisdom of spiritual teachers, learning important life lessons, interpreting visionary dreams and receiving heavenly blessings. Michael’s quadrangle was out of balance. His heart line was also marked with many lines of interference.

“These interference lines indicate emotional trauma at an early age, what can you tell me about that?” Michael confided that his father had been a demanding, authoritarian alcoholic who belittled him throughout his childhood. His father’s abusiveness led to his parents divorcing when he was barely into his teens. Michael hated his dad, blaming him for denying him love as a child and for the way his own life had turned out.

“Michael, you cannot blame your father for life . . . it was your choice to drop out of school and poison your body with toxins. Filling your heart with hatred stops you from loving anyone else—not even yourself. You have switched off your heart and can’t access the many wonderful things I see in your hand.”

I gave Michael several yoga and breathing exercises to practice, encouraging him to meditate every day. I also suggested he call his father.

“Be a caring son—let go of bitterness, judgement and resentment. Talk to him with unconditional love.”

Happily, Michael took my advice; a year later I barely recognized him. His eyes were bright and focused, he’d lost more than 50 pounds, had quit smoking, drinking and drugs and had enrolled in night school to “find his purpose”. His ongoing conversations with his dad had inspired his father to quit drinking and his parents were talking again after years of estrangement.

Michael’s interference lines were disappearing and his heart line was beginning to curve upward toward his Jupiter cross, mending his quadrangle. He had flipped the switch and opened his heart.

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Beware the Shadow

August 18th marks the beginning of a difficult but potentially rewarding eclipse cycle that commences with a full-Moon lunar eclipse in the early morning and stretches over the next two weeks to the new-Moon solar eclipse on September 1st.

This is a period of shadow and light that will test our perception of reality, make us face hard truths about ourselves, and, if we remain calm, receptive and are willing to learn—can lead us out of darkness toward illumination and a prosperous fresh start.

In Vedic culture and astrology, eclipses are all about the immense energy and influence of the Shadow planets Rahu and Ketu—referred to respectively as the Moon’s North and South Nodes. Rahu and Ketu are not actual cosmic bodies, but points of intersection where the Moon’s path crosses the ecliptic—that is, where the Moon is in alignment with the Sun and Earth.

During a solar eclipse, Rahu—known as the “Dragon’s head”—symbolically swallows the light of the Sun and prevents it from reaching us. During a lunar eclipse, Ketu—the “Dragon’s tail”—blots out the light of the Moon.

This bestows Rahu and Ketu with the power to darken the three most important influences in our lives—the two cosmic luminaries of Sun, representing our soul, and Moon, representing our mind; and the Earth, representing our body. So the Shadow planets have great sway in influencing our destiny and, during eclipses, have the ability to create both chaos and spiritual growth within our lives and in the world.

Eclipses can trigger major events on a global and individual scale. The Nodes are famous for planting obstacles along our life path and forcing us to stop and question why we are doing the things we do, why we attach value to the things we love and cling to, and the true motivations behind our every deed, thought and action. In this way they spur us toward illumination, giving us the opportunity to gain self-knowledge, burn off accumulated karma, and make a fresh start on a firmer, more enlightened spiritual footing.

The Nodes can awaken us to the harsh reality that things we have been pursuing and struggling to achieve have not brought us the happiness we had longed for. This disheartening realization could propel us in the opposite direction of enlightenment, leaving us feeling angry, sad or despondent.

So, it is important for us to appreciate and master this ecliptic dance between the Nodes and the luminaries to free ourselves of any misconceptions and move forward with a renewed sense of truth, self-awareness, faith and optimism. Rahu and Ketu represent re-birth, transformation and regeneration—out of the darkness comes new insight and understanding.

The full-moon lunar eclipse on August 18th will be at its maximum at 5:42 a.m. EDT. The new-Moon solar eclipse on September 1st reaches its maximum at 5:01 a.m. It is extremely important during these periods, as well as the days in between and the weeks immediately following, to remain centered, calm and mindful of our thoughts and words, to be of service to others and to practice devotional activities such as yoga, prayer and meditation. Chanting a mantra, such as the Gayatri Mantra or the Shiva Mantra, is also very beneficial. By taking care of ourselves and others, we can draw on the power of this ecliptic period to reshape our lives in a brilliantly positive light, and avoid being caught up in any negativity.

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There was an urgent message on the office answering machine the morning of July 25th.

“Guylaine, it’s Marc. I am having the day from hell—I am coming to see you, it’s an emergency!”

Marc, a long-time client who is usually sweet-tempered and calm, was soon banging on my door.

“What’s going on with you Marc?” I asked.

“It started yesterday, Guylaine. I’d been edgy all afternoon and when my wife and I went out to dinner with friends I inexplicitly ordered two bottles of wine for myself and a second meal. I ate and drank until I felt sick, then I insulted the waiter and was rude to my wife and friends for no reason at all. I woke up this morning feeling anxious and emotionally drained—I snapped at my wife again, cut off other motorists while driving to work and almost quit my job just because my boss didn’t say “good morning” to me. Why I’m behaving like a crazy man?”

“Don’t worry Marc, you’re not crazy,” I said. “Mercury is in the 29th degree of Cancer and its taking a toll on all of us in different ways. This transit’s intense nervous energy can make us lash out illogically over trivial things and push us to overindulge and neglect our health. Read the article The Storm Before the Calm:  Monday’s 29th Degree of Mercury in Cancer and you’ll understand what’s happening to you. And don’t worry, Mercury enters Leo tomorrow and will bring a lot of positive, creative energy with it. It will be a great time for you to find inspiration and make a fresh start . . . and to apologize to your wife.”

Marc called a few days later and said he was quitting drinking, beginning a fitness routine and making it a point to be nicer to everyone—especially his wife.

“I’m taking advantage of Mercury in Leo. Thanks for telling me about the article about the 29th degree, Guylaine—it was an eye-opener!”

We should all heed the maxim: As above, so below. What happens in our stars echoes in our lives; it’s wise to know what’s going on in the Cosmos so we aren’t caught by surprise.

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It has been a turbulent and stressful month. Violence, bloodshed and the politics of fear and division have erupted across the globe. We’ve witnessed the horrific terrorist attacks in Nice, Munich and Normandy; a bloody escalation in the Syrian civil war; a deadly attempted coup in Turkey; rising racial tension and mass shootings in Texas and Louisiana; millions of Britons exiting the EU to stop job-seeking refugees in Eastern European from entering England, and right-wing politicians, such as France’s Marine Maréchal-Le Pen and U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump, publicly decrying entire ethnic groups—promising to banish some and build walls to keep others out.

There is an unsettling surge in conflict and crisis from Baton Rouge to Istanbul. Are these seemingly isolated events related? Might that relationship have something to do with our planets? The answer is yes, on both counts.

As it happens, Saturn and Mars—both malefic planets—are in conjunction, meaning they have drawn close enough to each other for their energies to interact. And when two malefic planets with opposite natures conjunct, the interaction can be explosive—they can’t see each other’s point of view and find it extremely difficult to compromise. Mars is action and Saturn is reflection; when they work in tandem they can be a dynamic and highly productive duo . . . but not when they are facing off in Scorpio, as they are right now.

Scorpio is Mars’s home sign, a home in which it is truly formidable, fueled by powerful emotions, churning desire and a strength of will capable of accomplishing practically anything. But while conjunct Saturn in Scorpio, Mars is a rogue player, unguided by Saturn’s sagacity and discipline. Saturn is unhappy and surly in Scorpio. While the positive aspects of Saturn provide us with the wisdom to overcome and evolve through challenge, it is a malefic planet and can be individualistic, calculating and cold. Saturn becomes impatient and intolerant in Scorpio and uses its wisdom in a shrewd, manipulative manner to ensure it comes out on top in any situation. It is driven by an intense emotional energy stemming from deeply buried feelings; when hurt, it will strike back ruthlessly and without mercy, seeking vengeance at any cost.

This galactic clash between action and reason—between Mars, the god of war, and Saturn, with its uncompromising and ultra-personal views—can spell disaster. With no common middle ground, it is very hard for them—or humankind under their influence—to discuss the issues that divide us, be they human rights, inequality, poverty or religion. The Mars-Saturn conjunction both highlights and aggravates these divides: instead of peace talks, there is terrorism; instead of dialogue, there are drone strikes, instead of neighborly conversation, we build walls.

Mars and Saturn began their long conjunction in February in the sign of Scorpio; they have been drawing nearer to each other ever since. They will be at their closest—at 17 degrees Scorpio—on August 24th and remain close until September 2nd.  During this period, we must avoid interiorizing the bitterness this conjunction can generate; we must be tolerant and carefully reflect upon the consequences of our actions, whether on the world stage or in our personal lives.  The universal principle ‘as above so below’ is a reminder that whatever is happening in the world is also happening inside of us.

This is a stressful and challenging time for all of us. If you would like professional guidance to maintain your balance and make the most of the Mars-Saturn conjunction, we’re here to help.

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No combination of planets guarantees fame and fortune, but a positive Venus-Rahu conjunction sure can help. So listen up, there is one right around the corner!

The Venus-Rahu conjunction has always been considered a sign of tremendous wealth, and not just the private yacht and country club kind of wealth.

Howard Hughes, Steve Jobs and Oprah Winfrey are three very different people with three striking things in common—they all became wildly rich and successful, all three were generous philanthropists and they were all born with Venus-Rahu conjunct in their natal charts. But it wasn’t fate that propelled them to wealth or drew wealth to them—their millions were earned, and their names will be remembered, because they made the most of the attributes, talents and inclinations bestowed upon them by a fortunate Venus-Rahu conjunction.

So just what are these attributes, talents and inclinations?

To begin with, Venus desires comfort, pleasure and beauty, and possess a passionate desire to reach the top. Rahu, the planet of amplification, provides Venus the insightfulness to plan stratagems to achieve those goals and the courage to carry them out. Secondly, Venus—in its ideal form—represents unconditional love and empathy—so it is predisposed to share its wealth with those in need. Rahu motivates Venus to liberally and effectively use its bounty and wisdom for the betterment of humankind. This is why Venus-Rahu combination can be so successful and accomplish so much.

The astuteness and drive of Hughes, Jobs and Winfrey gave them fabulous wealth and luxurious life styles, but also allowed them to create charitable organizations that have helped and inspired millions.

So let’s take full advantage of the current Venus-Rahu energy between the 14th and 18th of August by striving to fulfill impossible dreams and achieving enormous success that we can share with everyone.

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