Level 3 : The Major Lines – Understanding the Subconscious (3 Courses)

In the three courses of Level 3, the three major lines—life line, head line and heart line—will be thoroughly examined with regard to their origin, termination and formation, which corresponds respectively to our physical, mental and emotional health.

P-301 The Heart Line

Feeling is the Key

The heart line is a window into our emotions and plays a tremendous role in revealing whom we choose to love, why, and what kind of people choose to love us. From a spiritual standpoint, it reflects the capacity to be generous and forgiving.

Tuition: $ 180.00
Course duration: 13 weeks

P-302 The Head Line

Moral Compass

The mind can be a powerful tool for seeking truth, self-awareness and spiritual enlightenment, but it can also distort our perception of reality, causing us to place limits on our growth, jump to conclusions and misjudge and mistreat others. The head line reflects our degree of intelligence, insight, and discernment.

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P-303 The Life Line

Physical Health and Well-Being

The life line shows us our capacity to fulfill our dreams, desires and karma. The life line indicates how well we are nurturing our body so that we are able to enjoy a long and healthy life. Depending on its formation, the life line provides a strong physical foundation for our thoughts (head line) and feelings (heart line).

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