By Ghanshyam Singh Birla, Vedic Palmist-Astrologer


To help you better navigate the year ahead, Ghanshyam has drawn up a chart for the New Year trends that forecast what we can expect in 2023. So, let’s take a look at what 2023 has in store for us astrologically.



Astrologically speaking, as many of you are aware, when you have a reading, we draw up a hora chart. According to Indian astrology, a horoscope is prepared at the time of your consultation because depending on the time and the positioning of planets, each hour is of utmost importance giving information on which planets are working in our favor and which ones are detrimental. The word ‘Hora’ translates into ‘Hour’ which signifies the prominence of each hour. Consequently, we’ve drawn up a Hora Chart to pinpoint the placement of the planets at the stroke of midnight on January 1st. This special chart reveals a wealth of information about what to expect in 2023 and provides us with insights into its themes and trends.

In the chart of 2023, we see the sign Virgo in the 1st house. This is considered auspicious as its ruler, Mercury, provides us with knowledge and intelligence. What’s more Mercury is placed in the 5th house related to our intellect, love, creativity and children. Mercury is in the sign of a good friend, Capricorn, which awakens our creativity to express in any form that inspires us—creating children, books or art out of love and giving a sense of pleasure.


Need for Greater Discernment

Even though having Mercury in the 5th house stirs our heart to express and share our joy, Mercury is not alone in the house as it is sitting with three other planets: Venus, Saturn and Pluto. This has a mixed effect on Mercury as the combined planetary energies of this configuration can compromise our discernment, both personally and on the world stage. Consequently, there could be a lack of cooperation, slowing down progress in efforts to solve such pressing global issues as climate change, nuclear proliferation, poverty and hunger.

The 5th house representing the mind shows that all of us—from the working person to world leaders—are contemplating finding solutions. We want to rehabilitate our systems of governance by developing greater integrity, getting rid of corruption and finding methods to extend help to all members of society. And with regards to our personal outlook, Mercury in the 5th house shows a greater care and concern to share our love and empathy on a deeper level.

However, having Pluto in the 5th house is likely to disrupt that process by initiating major global changes. Pluto is similar to the Hindu god Shiva, the creator and destroyer breaking down structures then creating new ones in their place. Having Pluto sitting side-by-side with Mercury, Venus and Saturn in the same house can create political upheaval as well as cultural and social conflict. The general unrest will prompt international groups, corporations and entire nations to form new alliances, first as a matter of protection and self-preservation, and then later as means of self-enrichment. Indeed, greed is still an issue for the foreseeable future.

Sadly, it appears the current tensions engulfing our planet will not be resolved in 2023. In fact, indications are that peaceful days will elude us for another 10 to 15 years due to utter suffering being caused by war, lack of food, air pollution, contaminated water, emerging viruses, homelessness, etc. Meanwhile, Mother Nature will continue to revolt with weather systems becoming more violent and unpredictable as temperatures keep rising along with ocean levels—all of which will add to the already overwhelming refugee crisis.


Acts of Kindness

Although we may feel safe far away from conflict zones and displaced person’s camps, we are not immune to the fear, stress and anxiety being generated by the unstable global situation. This can create a sense of frustration in us because, as mentioned, there are a lot of good things happening in the 5th house that are urging us to spread kindness and love through our creativity, ideas and actions. Even the smallest act of kindness or selflessness can have a major impact on someone’s life and our simple gesture nudges us closer to a more peaceful, tolerant and caring world.

Hopefully people will use this time to focus on the positive aspects of the 5th house and engage in self-understanding practices, such as yoga and meditation, that heighten and enlighten our awareness. Indeed, self-reflection, the peaceful exchange of ideas and a shared desire for the common good will inspire people around the world to think more objectively and work together to help humanity. Greater awareness will allow us to set aside our differences and co-create policies and methodologies to eliminate the need for conflict, restore peace to the world and reduce all human suffering.

A positive aspect of 2023’s chart is the fact that Sun is in Sagittarius in the 4th house. The 4th house represents our deep comfort zone and is associated with the warmth of home, our mother and our native land. The 4th house provides us with a feeling of security and a deep sense of happiness that makes us want to stay in one place and put down roots—a desire that is intensified with the presence of Sun in Sagittarius. However, because the Sun is related to the sign Leo in the 12th house (the house of loss), there may be a struggle to maintain a sense of equilibrium due to an unsettled heart.

The Moon, relating to our perception and emotions, is in the sign Aries in the 8th house along with Rahu and Uranus. This suggests that throughout 2023 many countries will make unsuccessful efforts to restore peace, safety and security to the world. Rahu in Aries will keep offering advice and recommendations for ending strife and conflict that could end up being both divisive and fruitless.

Luckily, Scorpio is the natural sign of the 8th house, reflecting the cycles of death and rebirth. It is associated with the underground, and all that is not immediately apparent to the physical eye. This includes the physical world of hidden treasure; for example, the ability to discover ancient artefacts, precious gems, and so on. Scorpio and the 8th house also relate to the metaphysical underworld, the world of our psyche (psychotherapy and metaphysical sciences such as astrology and palmistry) and our infinite soul. Having the Moon placed in the 8th house in the 2023 Hora indicates a willingness to search for the truth no matter how painful the process, which will help us in our personal growth and spiritual transformation.

Indeed, we will gain the greatest planetary benefits in 2023 if we focus on the energies of the Moon as it has a relation with its sign Cancer placed in the 11th house associated with gains of all kinds. Doing so will deepen our consciousness and help us discover the greatest hidden treasure of all—our soul. In fact, the Hora strongly suggests we will be successful in this effort because Mars, the ruler of the 8th house, is sitting in the 9th house—the house of good karma, morality and spiritual values. Additionally, Mars is aspecting its own sign of Scorpio in the 3rd house of bravery. This tells us that, despite the chaos of the outside world, if we set our mind to raising our consciousness, we can bring greater peace and understanding into the world—rest assured, we can do it!


Jupiter on Our Side

The best part of the New Year chart is having Jupiter in the 7th house, relating to our subconscious, the unseen 9/10th of an iceberg, our “better half” and our feelings toward our colleagues. Jupiter is the planet of spirituality, heightened awareness and wisdom. Being the largest planet in our solar system, Jupiter is known for its ability to expand our minds, hearts, and souls. It is a teacher, eager to open us up to the endless opportunities in our lives and all possibilities our world has to offer us. Jupiter is all about reaching further and going beyond our boundaries.

What’s more, in the 2023 chart, Jupiter is in its own sign of Pisces, bringing out the best that Jupiter has to offer. It blesses us with an intuitive understanding of the spiritual dimension of life, helping us realize that human life is a precious gift given to us to fulfill an ennobling purpose. Ultimately, the mystical nature of Pisces may result in a state of joy, including a love for the divine within and for all humanity. Pisces relates to the potential of seeing the sacred in everything and, consequently, becoming the sign of the healer.

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac and therefore represents boundlessness. Jupiter’s presence in Pisces helps to magnify this expansive way of living, helping us experience a depth of thought, emotion and understanding we otherwise would never «have dreamed possible. Further, Jupiter in Pisces in the 7th house relating to our subconscious reveals we all want peace. We are tired of facing insecurity and uncertainty, and are longing for a lifestyle that reflects more tranquillity free from any agitation, disputes and turmoil. Well, with 2023’s auspicious Jupiter-Pisces connection, we might just get it! How?

Jupiter in Pisces in the 7th house enriches everything it touches due to its positive attitude and commitment to goodness. Hence, we should do our best to embrace those qualities especially since Jupiter is also aspecting an exalted Cancer in the gains house. So, if our mind is open and our attitude is good, all kinds of success are awaiting us in the coming year. Nevertheless, we must remain strong and centered in ourselves—it is important not to dwell on any negativity or criticism and to maintain a unified feeling with others because, as the saying goes, “divided we fall”.

One challenge to maintaining our peace of mind is Jupiter’s placement with Neptune in the 7th house. Neptune has a duel nature; it is the planet of inspiration but also the planet of illusion and confusion. Nevertheless, it will support Jupiter as long as we follow our heart and listen to our intuition. Indeed, we will get ourselves into trouble if we fail to attune to the whispers of our intuition and instead use our mind to justify the reasons for the actions we take in order to get what we want. Consequently, we have to monitor our attitude and try to remain as objective and honest with ourselves regarding our motivations.


How To Benefit From The New Year's Chart

Even though the sign Cancer in the 11th house is exalted (at its strongest) by Jupiter’s aspect, it is also being bombarded by all the planets opposing it in the 5th house—Saturn, Pluto, Venus and Mercury—and not one of those planets is a friend of Cancer. In many ways, this scenario will make our journey through 2023 a bit like walking along a razor’s edge to ensure the goodness of Jupiter prevails and not the temptations, desires and tests coming from the opposing planets. Hence, we must make a conscious effort to follow the path set out for us by Jupiter in Pisces. How can we do this? By embracing the qualities of empathy, kindness and consideration for others. Boosting Jupiter qualities is of utmost importance as Jupiter, in the chart of 2023, is the only planet that can bring out the best of the 11th house, including prosperity and the fulfillment of our aspirations and desires.

Also, we must look to the 5th house—the house of the mind—and channel its creativity to deepen our understanding of the human condition; we must strive to love everyone in our lives, care for our children, protect the vulnerable and express kindness in our words and deeds. By practicing meditation, mantra recitation and pranayama on a regular basis, we will open our spiritual core and radiate peace.

As everyone is aware, all things in life must pass; neither the good nor the bad times last forever—they are evolutionary cycles our consciousness experiences on our journey through existence. As long as we are committed to wisdom, love and peace, our heart will remain settled in joy no matter what 2023 brings our way. Let’s make an effort to meditate together and wish eternal peace, happiness and joy to the world and one another.


God Bless you all!


Ghanshyam Singh Birla

By Guylaine Vallée, Vedic Palmist-Astrologer


Few astronomical phenomena are as impressive as an eclipse. Eclipses can be very potent symbols of world events and astrologers have always placed great meaning upon them. And in the next few weeks, we will witness a few eclipses.

October 25th: Solar Eclipse

A partial solar eclipse begins Tuesday, October 25th at 4:58 am and ends at 9:02 am EST. The maximum eclipse will be at 7:00 am. Rahu and Ketu are the lunar nodes, which are the points where the moon's path in the sky crosses the sun's path, or ecliptic. Solar eclipses occur when the passage of the Moon through a node coincides with the new moon. In this case, the Sun and Moon are in Libra close to the South Node and the North Node is in Aries.

November 8th: Lunar Eclipse

A total lunar eclipse begins Tuesday, November 8th at 3:02 am and ends at 6:59 am, EST. The maximum eclipse will be at 5:59 am. The lunar eclipse occurs with the opposition of the Sun and Moon. In this case, the Sun is in Libra close to the North Node and the Moon (full Moon) in Aries is close to the South Node.

In Vedic astrology, eclipses are regarded as powerful (often tumultuous or even earth-shattering) portents of both personal and world events. The light of the luminaries—the Sun and Moon—is obscured, potentially casting shadows across our awareness. The truth, according to Vedic Astrology, is that the day of an eclipse or the few days surrounding it are not a good time to begin or end things, make important decisions or sign contracts. In fact, the same goes for the 2-week period that separates the solar and lunar eclipses. This is because auspicious beginnings are blessed with light, ideally the light of a healthy, full moon and the daytime sun. We can’t stress it enough, with Rahu and Ketu gobbling up this light, we need to use our discernment wisely.

As the Moon relates to our mind and emotion, during an eclipse, don’t let any unsettling emotions disturb your peace. Ketu, the Moon’s South node, relating to past karma, forces us to take stock of any emotional issues that took place during the last six months. Rahu, the Moon’s North node, relating to the present, can create undue attachments and obsessions. So, this period can be used as a time of reflection to resolve and reset our emotions and move towards the future with a more spiritual understanding of where we have been and where we would like to go.

During these eclipses, it is best to remain peaceful and objective, and not let any emotions overshadow our good judgment. We would be well-served by taking some quiet time to tune in and pay heed to the “small still voice within”—to follow the wisdom of our heart. Make sure, due to the obstruction of the light of the two powerful luminaries that we use our discernment wisely; otherwise, we can affect the happiness of those close to us.

Consequently, it was always considered that during an eclipse, it is a great time to stay in, meditate and be reflective. It is especially effective for introspection and connecting with the Spirit within you.

And, as eclipses temporarily block the light of the luminaries, it is an ideal time to connect with our inner light through self-reflection, contemplation, mantra and meditation. We recommend reciting the Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra, the mantra of Shiva, during an eclipse. This mantra helps release our consciousness from limiting patterns of negative thought and behavior; it opens us to deeper insight, gives us a greater freedom of self-expression and instills within us the strength needed to meet a specific challenge, attain a desired goal or overcome blockages interfering with our well-being.

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by Vedic Astro-Palmist Guylaine Vallée

A full Moon lunar eclipse begins this Sunday, May 15th, 2022, at 9:32 pm and ends Monday, May 16 at 2:50 am. The maximum eclipse will be at 12:11 am. Rahu and Ketu are the lunar nodes, which are the points where the moon's path in the sky crosses the sun's path, or ecliptic. The lunar eclipse occurs with the opposition of the Sun and Moon close to the Nodes. In this case, the Sun is in Taurus close to the North Node and the Moon in Scorpio is close to the South Node.

In Vedic astrology eclipses are regarded as powerful (often tumultuous or even earth-shattering) portents of both personal and world events. The illuminating light of the Moon is obscured, potentially casting shadows across our awareness.

As the Moon relates to our mind and emotion, at this time, don’t let any unsettled emotions disturb your peace.  Ketu, the Moon’s South node, relating to past karma, forces us to take stock of any emotional issues that took place during the last six months. Rahu, the Moon’s North node, relating to the present, can create undue attachments and obsessions. So, this period can be used as a time of reflection to resolve and reset our emotions and move towards the future with a more spiritual understanding of where we have been and where we would like to go.

During this eclipse, it is best to remain peaceful and objective, and not let any emotions overshadow our good judgment. We would be well-served by taking some quiet time to tune in and pay heed to the “small still voice within”—to follow the wisdom of our heart. Make sure, due to the obstruction of the light of the two powerful luminaries – the Sun and Moon – that we use our discernment wisely; otherwise, we can affect the happiness of those close to us.

The truth, according to Vedic Astrology, is that eclipses are not a good time to begin or end things. This is because auspicious beginnings are blessed with light, ideally the light of a healthy, full Moon and the daytime Sun. We can’t stress it enough, with Rahu and Ketu gobbling up this light, we need to use our discernment wisely.

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Consequently, it was always considered that during an eclipse, it is a great time to stay in, meditate, and be reflective. It is especially effective for introspection and connecting with the Spirit within you.

And, as eclipses temporarily block the light of the luminaries, it is an ideal time to connect with our inner light through self-reflection, contemplation, mantra and meditation. With the Moon in Scorpio, we recommend reciting the Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra, the mantra of Shiva, during this eclipse. This mantra helps release our consciousness from limiting patterns of negative thought and behavior; it opens us to deeper insight, gives us a greater freedom of self-expression and instills within us the strength needed to meet a specific challenge, attain a desired goal or overcome blockages interfering with our well-being.

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2022: What to Expect in The Year Ahead

By Ghanshyam Singh Birla, Vedic Palmist-Astrologer


To help you better navigate the year ahead, Ghanshyam has drawn up a chart for the New Year forecasting the trends we can expect in 2022.

For the past couple of years, our attention has been intensely focused on the 4th house representing “home” in all its manifestations—the comfort and security of our home, the happiness and warmth of family, changes to our dwelling place, including renovations, restructuring, buying and selling and the nurturing figure of our mother. On a global scale, the 4th house reflects the stability of our homeland, Mother Earth, the world and our familial connection with all of humanity. The year 2022 will shift our focus to the 5th house of love and creativity.

Like last year’s chart, the ascendant Virgo is at a powerful 15 degrees. However, while last year Mercury, the ruler of Virgo, was sitting in the 4th house debilitated in Sagittarius, this year, Mercury is sitting comfortably in the sign of its friend, Capricorn, in the 5th house. This awakens our creativity to express in any form that inspires us—creating children, books or art out of love and giving a sense of pleasure.

Additionally, the ruler of the sign Capricorn, Saturn, is sitting with Mercury in the 5th house. When the planetary ruler of a house is sitting in its own sign, in this case Saturn in Capricorn, it assures, or almost guarantees, our productivity and provides us with a depth of well-intentioned longing to rise and shine with joy, poise and prosperity of spirit. That positive planetary energy makes 2022 a great year for planning, creating, restructuring and, above all, for seeking higher wisdom. In fact, because of the influence of Saturn in its own sign, 2022 is a perfect time to develop spiritually through prayer, meditation and quiet self-reflection, all of which will promote a sense of wellness and feeling of peace, affection and love.

But will we have the strength and courage needed to turn a new page in 2022 and begin anew? The answer is a resounding yes! In the New Year’s chart, Mars, the warrior planet, is sitting in its own sign of Scorpio which, thanks to Mars’ placement in the 3rd house, will enable us to cultivate bravery, self-assurance and resolve. Additionally, Ketu is conjunct Mars in the 3rd house which, on one the hand, can help usher in long-awaited social reform. On the other hand, it requires the use of discernment and wisdom to determine the best course of action for us to take, both as individuals and as a society. Of course, not everyone agrees on what the best course of action is when it comes to such things as personal freedoms or climate change, so we must be careful to avoid misunderstandings as a result of miscommunication that could bring complications into our life.

Thankfully, Jupiter in Aquarius is sitting in the 6th house, which means God’s continuing grace will help us realize excellence in our physical, mental and emotional being. Jupiter in the 6th protects us from wandering into the wrong environment or associating with people who use negative, disruptive or violent means to get their way, be it invading the Ukraine or throwing a PTA meeting into chaos.

Nevertheless, we must be vigilant in maintaining inner poise at home because the Sun is in the 4th house, which as we know is the house of home. And while the Sun is happy to be in the 10th, house, where it can shine its light on the public events, it can be too hot and intense for the 4th house, relating to our home, roots, homeland or any place we consider a private sanctuary. So, it is extremely important to maintain our inner poise and persist to remain centered in the face of everyday changing circumstances, including our relation to Mother Earth and climatic uncertainty.

Another aspect of the 2022 chart we should be aware of is that it contains a challenging Kal Sarpa yoga, which means all the planets are on one side of the chart. This creates a polarity that can leave us feeling either imbalanced or very focused—the choice is ours. Many famous individuals who have changed the course of history had Kal Sarpa yogas in their birth charts. Consequently, it’s important for us not be thrown off balance. Indeed, the chart of 2022 suggests this is an ideal chance for us to make great strides in our evolutionary journey—to positively transform our lives no matter how much confusion, panic or upheaval is swirling around us.

How to Make the Most of 2022

But how do we remain calm and centered, especially when the world seems to be turning upside down? Well, a sure-fired method is starting each day with a morning meditation. This works even better when combined with a 15-minute recitation of the Lord Ganesh mantra (Om Ganesha Rinam Chhindhi Varenyam Hum Namaha Phat. Ganesh is, of course, the Vedic deity who removes obstacles blocking our path to success and happiness.

While meditating, remember to focus on the third eye, the point between the eyebrows known as the Christ consciousness center. The third eye connects us to our superconscious; it is here that our prayers are answered—where solutions to our problems appear to us. And it is where we cultivate peace and joy. Indeed, one of my favorite Bible passages—one that gives me a deep sense of assurance—is Revelations 3:20, in which Christ promises his followers they can reach him anytime by focusing on their third eye. “Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with that person, and they with me.”

Have a safe and blessed 2022!

We are currently experiencing a rare Shoola Yoga, where all the planets are situated in only three signs affecting three houses related to specific areas of your life. This accentuates those areas, making things very intense for us. This yoga with its concentration on three houses corresponds to the three-prong trident, or tri-shoola, Lord Shiva uses to ward off negative energy threatening to disrupt the harmony of our body, mind and heart.

Consequently, this yoga is considered auspicious if we approach it with reverence and respect. During this period, prayers and devotion will be rewarded with good fortune. As we mentioned, the energy of the Shoola Yoga is so powerful because all planetary energy is being concentrated in just three houses. If we can channel this energy calmly and purposefully, we will achieve a great deal of success. However, if we fail to direct this intense energy constructively it can overwhelm us.

If we are able to remain focused, flexible, and patient and adapt to the surge of concentrated cosmic energy, we can achieve miracles and move mountains.

What makes this Shoola Yoga so special is that it coincides with Maha Shivaratri, the ‘Great Night’ of Shiva, the Lord of yoga, meditation and transformation.

This year, Maha Shivaratri falls on Thursday, March 11th.

It is said that during Maha Shivaratri we gain many blessings by reciting the name of Lord Shiva: Aum Namah Shivaya, by chanting the Shiva mantra, Maha Mrityunjaya. Also, we invite you to experience a Maha Shivaratri fire ceremony with Ghanshyam on our YouTube Channel.

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The Cosmos is sending out a Valentine’s Day message for lovers everywhere this year—on February 14th you will win over more hearts by practicing patience and kindness than by handing out flowers and chocolates.

Why? Because on Valentine’s Day, five planets will be in Capricorn, intensifying an already stressed situation. Furthermore, Saturn in Capricorn is squared by Uranus, which adds even a greater strain to an already taxing time. What this planetary traffic jam tells us is that there is conflict between our wish for peace and order and our desire to break free of restrictions.

Fortunately, the Moon is in the compassionate sign of Pisces, which can soften our hearts to express our love and gratitude to all those close to us on this special Day.

It is important to remember that true love—which St. Valentine’s Day symbolizes and celebrates—is based on a selfless love that arises from compassion. So please, be especially patient, gentle and kind with your Valentine (and everyone else) on February 14th and throughout the year.

We encourage you to connect with the boundless love radiating within your soul and allow the tenderness of an open heart to guide you in all your interactions with others. The feelings of warmth and goodwill generated by a kind action or gentle word will last far longer than a single day and will return to you many fold.

Of course, chocolates and flowers are always appreciated!

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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By Ghanshyam Singh Birla, Vedic Palmist-Astrologer

Given the year we’ve just come through, I was a bit anxious when drawing up the astrological chart for 2021. Nevertheless, I am delighted to report that, despite a couple of striking similarities, last year’s chart and this year’s chart are extremely different—and 2021 is filled with greater promise and hope.

Let’s start with the similarities. Both charts have Virgo rising with the lord of Virgo, Mercury, sitting in the 4th house of home, related to our security, our Mom, our homeland, our planet Mother Earth and where our heart feels most comforted. Another similarity between the 2020 and 2021 charts is the fact that both the Sun and Mercury are in Sagittarius in the 4th house.

What makes the chart of 2021 so different from 2020 is that last year the 4th house not only had the Sun and Mercury in it, but Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto and Ketu as well. These six planets crammed into the 4th house formed a cluster of planets that emit enormous energy known as a stellium. The energy radiating from 2020’s intense stellium spread across the entire chart, disrupting every facet of life in every corner of the globe—our home lives, our relationships with family and friends, our finances, work and careers, our creativity and our physical and mental health. Even our social structures and institutions were disrupted, from shopping, education and entertainment to healthcare, politics and policing. Indeed, the intensity exerted on the 4th house of home in the 2020 chart helped turn our world upside down, forced us to redefine our sense of normal and to seek entirely new ways of feeling comfortable, safe and peaceful.

Thankfully, with only the Sun and Mercury in the 4th house this year, we know that, in the 2021 chart, the house of home will not suffer the same kind of relentless stress and uncertainty inflicted upon it by last year’s stellium. So, because the 4th house is not as bombarded this year, we can hopefully look forward to taking a collective sigh of relief.

However, one important key to realizing happiness in the 4th house is our approach to the 12th house. Because, you see, the Sun in the 4th house relates to its sign Leo occupying the 12th house, which, in astrology, is known as the house of loss or enlightenment. It was the same last year.

The 12th house is responsible to make us stretch our boundaries, to not remain limited. It relates to everything beyond what we are familiar with, everything that seems foreign—different cultures, different languages, different nationalities, the global community, the galaxy—we have the choice to find a common ground and embrace our differences or resist one another and remain isolated, angry or fearful. We have the chance to heal or annihilate our planet, Mother Earth.

The 12th house is the last stop in our chart. Losing our body can be the most foreign experience of all. So, how to embrace the 12th house to experience enlightenment opposed to loss in order to realize happiness in the 4th house? The more we are open to discovering about ourselves, for example our unseen soul nature, we will have a better time in the 4th house. Feeling centered within ourselves, we will feel more relaxed, peaceful and flexible to go along with life's ups and downs.

Qualities of the 12th house include broad-mindedness, inclusiveness, illumination, intuition—all of which are powerful tools we can use to break down mental boundaries that keep us isolated and unaware of the bigger picture. Developing these qualities will open us to empathy and enable us to connect to others in a heartfelt and truly meaningful manner. When we achieve this, our 4th house of home will be a calm, cozy and inviting place that radiates love.

The best feature of the 2021 chart is the location of the Moon, which is in its own sign of Cancer, showing the potential for our emotions to be governed by true and genuine feelings. Moreover, in the constellation of Pushya, it instills within us a protective instinct to want to nurture and support others. And what is really great, the Moon is in the 11th house of wishes fulfilled! When we open our hearts to others, we can reap the greatest benefits from the 11th house,  the house of friends, neighbours, colleagues and the community. It is the house of gains, meaning the realization of our hopes and dreams.

This is in stark contrast to the location of the Moon in last year’s chart, which was in the 6th house of health and enmity in the Saturn-ruled sign of Aquarius in a very difficult nakshatra known as Purvabadrapada. Indeed, according to famed astrologer Prash Trivedi, the Purvabadrapada nakshatra is “where the world loses its mind”, which it certainly did in 2020. The Moon was also conjunct the nebulous planet Neptune in the same difficult nakshatra (where Neptune remains until 2024), which added even greater confusion to the nature of things, for example the origin of the coronavirus and "fake news" in the media.

Further positive Moon tidings in 2021 include Jupiter in the 5th house of love, aspecting the Moon in the 11th house of gains. This tells us that by embracing a sense of goodwill for others, we will enjoy the benefits of the 11th house, which include bonds of friendship.

But this year there is one big caution: the gentle and kind emotional Moon, offering so much promise in the 11th house, is being aspected by the very powerful, warlike planet Mars in Aries, which can be very forceful and, at times, aggressive. Whenever there is a connection between these two planets, Mars and Moon, our blood can easily boil. Small things can set us off, creating emotional outbursts. So, instead of benefiting from the house of gains, keeping in mind the welfare of others, we create chaos, disrupting the peace so everyone feels bad. So, how do we control our Mars?

Mars is in its own sign of Aries in the 8th house of transformation. When Mars is situated there, we have the motivation, strength and energy to completely transform our life if we choose to look inward and explore our inner self. However, if we are not rooted in our deeper self-awareness, the ego can easily be triggered and we can feel self-righteous to use our energy and strength to disrupt instead of uplifting and unifying. A better comprehension of our true nature will make the aspect to the Moon in Cancer inspiring, constructive and fruitful.

Other positive planetary positions include Rahu in the 9th house, which will lift our spirits, rouse our higher consciousness and encourage us to seek out a greater purpose; and Saturn in Capricorn, where it is both at home and in its dignity, which will help us gain insight about our inner self and use our knowledge, gifts and expertise to express ourselves more capably in the world.

However, the benefic planet Jupiter is debilitated in the sign Capricorn, relinquishing its optimistic, hopeful and expansive characteristics to the cautionary, disciplined and hard-working sign ruled by Saturn. Additionally, Jupiter is conjunct Saturn in Capricorn. In this case, we may have to confront our own inhibitions and self-restrictions, as well as the restrictions placed upon us by circumstances, making us want to break free. However, as astrologer Robert Hand suggests, “we can choose to grow within the structure of restriction, using that very structure to enlarge our life.” So instead of feeling confined, restless and impatient with circumstances, we can use the restrictive feeling of Saturn and Jupiter joined together in the 5th house to deepen our feelings of love, persevere in the face of any challenges, and employ the hard work and discipline necessary to express our creativity and complete any outstanding projects.

So, let’s do our best to create a healthier, calmer and more caring world by developing goodwill toward our neighbours, remembering to include them in our prayers unreservedly as we pray for ourselves. If we keep our heart charged with love, we will find peace and create happiness throughout the year to come.

The formula for happiness in 2021 is simple yet profound: Love your neighbour as yourself and you will be fine.

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By Vedic Palmist, Ghanshyam Singh Birla

A powerful example of a beautiful change of heart is reflected in the hand of Dr. Wayne Dyer, the world-renowned inspirational author, philosopher and speaker who, sadly, passed away in 2015.

Through his books and lectures, Wayne encouraged us all to recognize that the most fundamental truth of existence is that we are eternal souls in physical bodies. Or, as Wayne liked to phrase it: “We are not human beings in search of a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings immersed in a human experience.” Wayne believed, as I do, that we can manifest an abundance of love, beauty, success and happiness in our lives by developing our self-awareness, opening our hearts to others and always attempting to draw closer to Spirit.

And yet, for many years, happiness and unconditional love eluded Wayne. He grew up in foster homes, spent his youth in poverty and struggled with depression. He dealt with issues of self-esteem and other personal demons—even after the publication of his first book, the 1976 mega bestseller Your Erroneous Zones, catapulted him to fame and made him a multimillionaire. It was only when he experienced a change of heart, or what he called “the shift”, that he began following a profoundly spiritual path, a path that led him to unconditional love and happiness. This state of contentment permitted him to use his fame to express what was in his heart to a wide audience and to inspire millions of people.

I had the privilege of knowing Wayne and was fortunate to meet with him at two very different periods in his life. The first consultation was in Florida in 2003, the second was a dozen years later in Ottawa in 2015, just a few months before his untimely death. The handprints taken during those readings dramatically illustrate how a change in heart will inevitably be reflected in changes in our life and in our hand.

In his “before” prints, taken in 2003, Wayne has many beautiful wisdom signs, including a magnificent “triple” Ring of Solomon on his Jupiter mount, which reflects his profound understanding of human nature and extreme sensitivity to the feelings and problems of others. Additionally, a well-formed Love of Truth line on his Mount of Saturn is the hallmark of a benevolent, wise and compassionate philanthropist engaged in an unwavering quest for self-awareness.

Also, his “before” print displays a beautiful, long heart line opening into a fork, revealing a deep connection to his feelings and a strong desire to express his love. However, one branch of the heart line is turning downward towards the head line, reflecting an emotional reservation and a mistrust of others due to past hurt and disillusionment. In short, Wayne’s “before” heart line reflects a tendency to be deeply disappointed when his love is not returned or when his expectations of others are not met. Wayne later confirmed this had indeed been the case with him for a good part of his life—that he had often felt let down in relationships and that his disappointment had disrupted his equilibrium and negatively impacted his personal happiness.

However, not long after that Florida reading, Wayne embarked on a deeply spiritual quest to open his heart center—he embraced Vedic philosophy and committed to daily spiritual practices like yoga and meditation. Everything Wayne did in the years between our two consultations was done with the deliberate intention to get in touch with his true self, break down barriers separating him from others and develop his ability to express love unconditionally.

In his “after” handprints, taken during his second consultation in 2015, Wayne’s lines clearly show that all his former emotional reservations have melted away, and that his heart has expanded and grown. This is seen in the two strong heart line branches travelling upward toward his Jupiter mount, revealing his deep conviction to love unconditionally, regardless of how other people treated or responded to him. It also reveals a powerful inclination to be sensitive in matters of the heart as well as a growing willingness to openly share his love and wisdom—both in his relationships and with the world.

During the last decade of his life, Wayne was able to touch millions of hearts and effect positive change in the lives of people around the globe. His books, recorded lectures and many ongoing philanthropic endeavors are a living legacy of a life dedicated to expressing and sharing love unconditionally.

The beautiful change of direction, or shift, in Wayne’s heart is also confirmed by the star on his Mount of Sun, reflecting an empathetic heart devoted to helping and serving others, and a brilliant ability to convey spiritual concepts to the world. His Love of Truth Line on Saturn in his before print has turned into a trident, showing he no longer is seeking truth but is living it.

At the end of his second consultation, I told Wayne that the changes in his palms revealed that his heart and his consciousness were moving toward spiritual enlightenment. Wayne smiled and said: “That is my purpose in life—to shift my own consciousness to a more loving and spiritual state, and to help others to do the same. Ghanshyam, you have no idea how happy you’ve made me today!” He encouraged us to publish his handprints saying, “If my prints can help one other person, then share them with the world!”

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Is your newspaper horoscope often wrong? You may not be the sign you think you are!

Horoscopes in most North American newspapers are based on Western astrology, which calculates your Sun sign differently than Eastern (Vedic) astrology. That difference could mean that in Western astrology you are, for example, a Sagittarius, but in Vedic astrology you are actually a Scorpio—a difference that could have huge implications for both your horoscope and your life!

Why the difference in Sun signs between Western and Vedic astrology? Well, it’s very long and a very old story but, in a nutshell, it has to do with the fact that the Earth wobbles on its axis. Two thousand years ago there was no difference: In Roman times, astrologers all over the world decided that Aries would be considered the first sign of the Zodiac and everyone agreed as to the position of the 12 constellations (astrological signs 30 degrees each) comprising the 360-degree Zodiac belt.

However, over the past 2,000 years the wobble of the Earth has changed our planet’s position by approximately 22 to 24 degrees* . . . which represents almost an entire sign of the Zodiac! Vedic astrology uses mathematical calculations to adjust for this change, which accounts for the discrepancy between Western and Vedic Sun signs and planetary positions. So, now you know why you may not be the sign you think you are, and how a little wobble can make a world of difference in your life and in determining your Sun sign! We’re not saying that one system is better than the other, but it certainly helps explain why the things your newspaper horoscope says about you doesn’t always add up!

The following chart shows the approximate dates for the Vedic Sun signs as of 2020-2021. To know for sure your Vedic Sun sign, especially if your birthday falls at the border of a sign, it would be preferable to have your natal chart drawn up based on your exact date, time and place of birth.

Pisces:            March 12th - April 12th
Aries:              April 12th - May 12th
Taurus:           May 12th - June 13th
Gemini:          June 13th - July 14th
Cancer:           July 14th - August 15th
Leo:                 August 15th - September 15th
Virgo:              September 15th - October 15th
Libra:              October 15th - November 14th
Scorpio           November 14th - December 14th

Sagittarius:    December 14th, 2020 - January 12th, 2021
Capricorn:     January 12th - February 11th
Aquarius        February 11th - March 13th
Pisces:            March 13th - April 12th

* We go by the calculations referred to as ayanamsha of Sri Yukteswar with an approximate 23-degree difference.


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Ready or not, it is out with the old and in with the new. On January 13th, 2020, Pluto ended its long sojourn in the sign of Sagittarius that began December 2004, and moved into Capricorn, where it will reside until the year 2038.

We will all be impacted by the energy of this major transition for years to come as we all have Pluto transiting the sign Capricorn somewhere in our birth chart. Pluto is a prime mover when it comes to worldwide and individual transformation, so have no doubt, this is not a transition any of us can afford to take lightly; it has the potential to turn our world upside-down and inside-out, shake us to the very core of our being and permanently alter our lives. It’s been nearly two-and-a-half centuries since Pluto has been in Capricorn, a period marked by the advent of individual rights and freedoms, global social change and widespread political unrest. So, fasten your seat belts, the years ahead are sure to be exciting and more than a little bit bumpy!

Even though modern astronomers stripped Pluto of full planetary status in 2006 and demoted it to the category of mere “dwarf planet”, this distant celestial body in the outer solar system remains an astrological giant. Pluto is a force we all must reckon with in our lives and in our charts—we ignore it at our peril. Indeed, some Vedic astrologers liken Pluto to the mighty Lord Shiva, the ultra-powerful Hindu god who wields the power of both Creation and Destruction over everything that exists in the Cosmos. In astrology, Pluto and Mars are co-rulers of Scorpio, the sign of transformation. Mars, the God of War, expresses its energy in a warrior-like fashion. Pluto expresses the same energy on an atomic level. When Pluto impacts your astrological chart, you are going to radically revise the way you look at yourself and your lifestyle.

Pluto compels us to take a look at our life. If there are skeletons in our closet or hidden desires locked in our heart, Pluto won’t hesitate to kick down the door, forcing us to acknowledge and deal with them. This includes matters we’ve been hiding both from ourselves and from others, regardless of when they occurred—deeply buried childhood traumas, current issues arising from our recent past or even unresolved issues that have followed us from past lifetimes . . . all will be revealed. If we resist Pluto and choose to avoid the truth it shows us, it will be very difficult for us to move forward in any direction either intellectually, emotionally, professionally or spiritually. However, if we choose to adapt to what Pluto teaches us and ride the waves of change, we will make enormous evolutionary strides in our outlook, lifestyle, relationships and careers that bring us great joy and contentment. Indeed, we can use the energy of Pluto to demolish old structured ways of being that no longer work for us, dump excess emotional baggage and rid ourselves of persistent bad habits and negative thinking. Doing so will free us to grow as individuals, explore new possibilities and expand our horizons . . . in other words, to completely recreate ourselves and our lives.

Perhaps more than any other planet in the zodiac, Pluto ushers us toward self-awareness, a prerequisite for our evolutionary development. This Plutonian process of self-discovery can be painful and even volatile, but it is necessary if we are to embrace a new and better life—the way a cataclysmic forest fire destroys towering, deep-rooted trees that block out sunlight, making it possible for beautiful wildflowers to spring from the ashes and carpet the woodland floor. So, while Pluto may dismantle our lives, it gives us the wisdom, self-knowledge and opportunity to build a happier and more enlightened existence from the ruins.

But don’t think that Pluto is restricted to the affairs of individual human beings—its reach extends to humankind on a multi-generational scale. It takes Pluto 248 years to complete a single orbit around the sun, which is the reason it spends many years residing in each astrological sign and each house in our natal chart. Global upheaval and transformation often accompany a major Pluto transition, such as the fall of the Roman Empire, the dawning of the Renaissance and the onset of the American Revolution. This is why Pluto transiting into Capricorn is such a big deal.

Capricorn is a solid earth sign; it relates to self-discipline, direction and focus. Furthermore, Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, the planet of responsibility and wisdom whose role is to teach us how to build a sturdy foundation upon which to live a successful and meaningful life. The sign of Capricorn also pertains to karma, which implies a desire for freedom to rule one’s own destiny over many lifetimes. So, with Pluto now in Capricorn, the curtain is being pulled back to reveal the cracks and flaws in our foundation. No doubt, those flaws will become so obvious to us (be it in our social structures, political systems or personal lives) that we will be driven to make some huge and immediate changes. And as Capricorn is related to the passage of time, during this transit we will all become more acutely aware of how short (and precious) life is and feel a growing urge to make the most of it.

To determine which areas of our lives will be most affected by this transition, we must ascertain how Pluto is interacting with the other planets in our natal chart, and which of our 12 astrological houses it will occupy. For example, if Pluto transits our First House, over the coming years we will likely undergo significant transformation in First House issues, such as our self-image—both in the way we view ourselves and how we project ourselves to the world around us. It is likely we will have to make some big adjustments in our lifestyle and attitudes to facilitate these changes. If Pluto transits our Fifth House, which pertains to love, children, creativity and matters of the heart, we should be prepared for a transformation in our relationship status.

No matter how you cut it—this transit will change our lives. So why not find out where Pluto will be in your chart by booking a consultation with us right now? We are here to help! Don’t let the positive energy of Pluto in Capricorn pass you by—we will show you how to make the most of this incredibly powerful and transformative cosmic event.


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