Birla Book Club

Our First Book Club Hosts

Some affiliates have found their personal Challenge experiences to be so uplifting and inspiring that they have decided to host their own 90-Day Challenge Book Club—which we think is a wonderful idea! The Book Clubs are informal weekly meetings conducted online or in person in which a group of Challenge participants study and discuss a 90-Day Challenge.

As your Book Club host, the affiliate will guide the weekly conversation and help you monitor your progress. Each host is a Birla student or graduate and/or has completed our 90-Day Challenges; they have witnessed the positive power of palmistry transform their own lives and are eager to share their knowledge and love of palmistry with you!

The Book Club hosts are busy setting up their first groups, which will be studying the Heart Line Challengenot only because it’s our most popular program, but because its 12 comprehensive weekly lessons show us how to open our heart and fill our lives with love. And that’s something we all could use these days!

The hosts are currently looking for additional Challenge participants to join their Clubs. They would love to hear from you to answer your questions and explain exactly how it works. Each host has submitted a brief bio along with their contact information. So please, feel free to reach out to them—they are some of the friendliest folks you’ll ever meet. Click here.


Join a Birla Book Club: Make it The Social Event of the Season


A big plus of joining a weekly Book Club Challenge is the social aspect. You will be able to chat with other participants who are working toward the same goal, receive support and feedback throughout your journey, and share your thoughts, feelings and opinions in a safe and welcoming environment.

Book Clubs are a wonderful way to meet new friends while you are learning and growing as a person. In fact, why not ask your own friends to join a Book Club with you—it’s a perfect reason to stay in touch and have a fun, fascinating evening with your pals without leaving the comfort of your home!

So, what are you waiting for? Click here to contact one of Book Club affiliates today!


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