Level 2 : The Mounts - Exploring the Superconscious

In Level 2, students will acquire an in-depth understanding of each of the mounts and learn to diagnose and interpret their level of development—balanced, overactive or underactive.

P-201 The Mount of Moon

Perception, Emotions and Creativity

The mount of Moon, also referred to as the mount of Luna, pertains to the qualities of perception, creativity, imagination and sensory awareness. All the information we receive about the world around us is filtered through the lens of Luna. When our Luna is balanced, we are happy, optimistic and the world can be a beautiful place. Because our perception influences the expression of each subsequent zone of the hand, Luna forms the cornerstone of our evolutionary progress.

P-202 The Mount of Venus

Feeling Good in Your Body

The mount of Venus reflects our potential to love and be loved and our capacity to experience the joy of being alive. Venus is also the seat of our physical needs, longings, and desires. It is the largest mount in our hand—it is churning with the most primordial forces in our nature. By studying various case histories, students will learn to decipher their own mount of Venus and its influence on their overall health, attitude towards life, level of optimism and sense of joie-de-vivre.

P-203 Mars Galaxy

Living in Stress or Harmony?

Mars is actually two mounts—Mars negative and Mars positive—that together form the Mars Galaxy. Mars negative relates to our physical energy; Mars positive focuses on our mental attributes. Mars is the planet of war and is often represented by the attributes of the warrior—which can be noble and protective, or aggressive and violent. The Mars Galaxy indicates the degree of assertiveness or passivity with which we embrace life. A healthy and balanced Mars indicates our ability to remain calm and collected under all circumstances, ensuring we are self-controlled rather than reactive.

P-204 Jupiter

Deciphering Your Life Purpose

Jupiter is referred to as “Guru” in Sanskrit. Translated literally, “Guru” is the “dispeller of darkness”. Jupiter motivates us to search for the meaning of existence, seek out our true purpose and discover the role we are meant to play in life. Jupiter stands for ambition, leadership, confidence and justice.

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