Congratulations to Our Graduating Class of 2022


Please join us in congratulating the most recent graduates in our Vedic Palmistry program Dominique Decelles, Lise Derome and Marie-Neige Saucier.

We wish them well in all of their professional and personal pursuits!

Marie-Neige Saucier

Lise Derome

Dominique Decelles

The Birla College has offered a comprehensive 18-course degree program in Vedic palmistry for nearly 50 years. The program is designed for those interested in becoming professional palmists, or anyone who wants to develop greater self-awareness and achieve their full potential through the 5,000-year-old science of Vedic palmistry—the original self-development program of the East.

Our online degree program is accredited by the Quebec and Federal Governments and is tax deductible.

To learn more about our Degree and explore the fascinating, life-changing science of Vedic palmistry, please click here.