If you’ve been feeling lately as though your thoughts and emotions are being pulled in opposite directions, you are not alone.

The current conjunction of Jupiter and Rahu in the constellation of Leo has landed all of us in the midst of a planetary power struggle.

Rahu and Jupiter exude very different forms of energy, and when they draw close together, as they do in a conjunction, sparks begin to fly. Jupiter, a benevolent planet known as the Guru (the dispeller of darkness), represents our higher selves: selflessness, magnanimity, compassion for others and nobleness in thought and deed. Rahu, a malefic shadow planet, represents our instinctual need for self-preservation and the fulfillment of our personal desires.

In Vedic Astrology, the conjunction of Jupiter and Rahu is referred to as Guru Chandal Yoga. Chandal is a derogatory term representing how our nature can sink to the lowest level to satisfy our own self-interests. It is important to see how these two divergent forces, like antagonistic roommates, can learn to work together. While opportunities may present themselves, we must not lose our sense of humanity and sound judgment. Rahu can lure us by fueling our ambition with promises of wealth and power and a rapid boost in our status and career.

From June 21st to July 14th, Rahu and Jupiter are in close conjunction where they are separated by just a few degrees. This can be a turbulent time, a time of great temptation to act solely out of self-interest and personal gratification. The results can be minor disturbances in our equilibrium, or they can be devastating—broken families, a break down in international relations, a surge in terrorism. But it doesn’t have to be that way!

We can take advantage of the Jupiter/Rahu conjunction in Leo. If we unite Rahu’s intensity for personal satisfaction, career advancement, and the fulfillment of desires with Jupiter’s benevolent magnanimity, we can realize all our ambitions without alienating those closest to us or sacrificing wisdom and spirituality. The gains we pursue will benefit everyone and the pleasures we seek will be found in the shared companionship of friends and family. The most important thing to remember is that gains acquired by Rahu—when used solely for self-interest—are fleeting and ultimately unsatisfying, but the benefits of Jupiter, incorporating the welfare of all, are profound and last an eternity. So during this Guru Chandal Yoga, be careful what you wish for and wish for what’s best for everyone.

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