The Birla Vedic Center offers a full range of palmistry and astrology services.

Each session provides a large amount of detailed information so, as a courtesy and with your permission, we will record your session using our digital voice recorder and email you a copy of the mp3 audio file, free of charge.

Consultation and coaching services are available on Skype, via Zoom and on the phone.

To book an appointment, click here or call us at 819-428-4298 or toll free: 1 866-428-3799.

Introductory Hand Reading

An introductory consultation is a comprehensive reading, which covers all areas and aspects of your life. During the session, there will be a special focus on your natural gifts and talents, your immediate objectives and long-term goals, as well as your karma and your main purpose in life.

At Birla Vedic International, we examine all aspects of your hand from the perspective of balance. Imbalances in the hand represent areas of our lives that present us with both great personal challenges and great opportunities to achieve personal and evolutionary growth.

There are many places in the hand to check for balance, such as the head and heart lines, relating to the reason and feeling aspects of our nature. For example, a long heart line and a short head line indicate that while we may want to be generous and unconditional in our expression of love, our emotions could be censored by our overly rational and pragmatic nature.

The good news is that once we have identified an imbalance through a careful study of the palm, we can take steps to override the negative patterns that created the imbalance and establish a state of equilibrium. When we understand the origins of the imbalance, we can change our thoughts and behavior to break destructive habits and create healthy ones. And because the lines of our hands change as our actions and attitudes change, palmistry acts as an extraordinary barometer of personal growth—a tried and true route to creating or restoring balance in our lives. Knowing the significance and meaning of the lines and signs in our hands gives us the knowledge we need to design an effective action plan to realize our goals and fulfill our dreams. This journey begins with an Introductory Hand Reading.

As each session provides a great deal of information! We recommend that you bring a USB key or purchase one from us.

Consultations are offered on Skype, by phone or via Zoom. As each session provides a great deal of information, we recommend that you tape your consultation. However, if you are not able to, we can tape your session during the Zoom consultation.

When you book a consultation, you will be sent a Do-It-Yourself Handprint Kit well in advance of your reading, so you have plenty of time to mail your prints back to us before your appointment. Better still, if you can scan and e-mail your prints to us, it can reduce the waiting time.

Because the lines of the hand can change significantly over time, having your handprints on file allows us to refer back to them for points of comparison in later sessions. As your thoughts, behavior and attitude change, so do the lines of your hand. Over time, every improvement in your life will be reflected in your palm, so your handprints are a great reminder of how far you’ve progressed, as well as a great inspiration to keep moving forward toward fulfilling your goals.

What to Expect on Your First Consultation

Your consultation will begin with a reading of your handprints and astrological birth chart, if available. (Having your exact time of birth is extremely helpful for an accurate birth chart reading, so please make every attempt to obtain it before your consultation.) In addition, a Hora chart will be drawn up based on the time of day that your consultation takes place. Horary astrology is like taking an astrological snapshot of your life at a particular moment in time—it is a very precise method of highlighting current issues of immediate concern to you.

The actual study of your hands will begin with your non-dominant hand—the hand you do not use to write with. Our non-dominant hand is the hand that shows us our past behaviour and tendencies, while our dominant hand shows us our present tendencies and situation. By studying the information contained in both hands we can trace the link between our past behavioral patterns and our present-day personality, thoughts and experiences. With this understanding, we can shape our future in a constructive, fulfilling way, making positive choices regarding work, dealings with people around us, and many other important aspects of living a rich and happy life.

Please feel free to ask any questions you have at any time during the process, and at the conclusion of your session, your consultant will suggest steps you can take to capitalize on the information you’ve received. These steps are based on the programs of personal growth and healing developed by the Birla Center Director, Ghanshyam Singh Birla, during his five decades as a working Vedic astro-palmist and Ayurvedic healer. The suggestions are designed to meet each individual’s particular needs, and can include self-help programs, courses, mantras, specific yoga and breathing exercises or coaching on a specific area in need of development.

If you have a variety of issues you want to address that may require the examination of several astrological charts and sets of handprints, we strongly suggest a minimum two-hour session.