Even if you are not interested in becoming a professional palmist, studying Vedic palmistry at the Birla College or through our online classes will benefit you immensely in every area of your life. First and foremost, palmistry is the study of human nature—put simply, it teaches us about ourselves, the reasons we are the way we are and why we interact with others the way we do.

The lines and signs in the palm of our hands allow us to trace our psychological development back to the moment we were born. This enables us to understand our motivations, attitudes and actions, and to take steps to address the root causes of any problem or challenge we face in life. Through knowledge comes self-awareness, and with self-awareness we can change our lives . . . we can change our world!

The practical applications of Vedic palmistry are incalculable. Parents can learn how to better communicate with their children; husbands and wives can learn to more openly express their needs to each other; artists can find ways to channel their creativity; students can develop discipline and concentration; athletes can learn new ways to focus and train;  investors can fine-tune their attitudes toward money and make  sounder strategic decisions, addicts gain insight into their disease and learn to control it; employees can hone their work habits to advance their careers and everyone can discover how to make healthier choices to live happy, prosperous and more fulfilling lives.

Because the lines in our hands change as our actions and attitudes change, our handprints serve as a barometer of personal growth. We can see how far we have come, and where we need to go, simply by comparing before-and-after handprints.

Perhaps most importantly, studying palmistry is just plain fun! It is a great way to enrich your mind and discover something about yourself while learning an ancient skill that you can share with your friends and family. You don’t need a graduate degree to enjoy the benefits of palmistry, sign up for an introductory course and see for yourself!