Time for a Check-Up?


If you had your palms read and your prints taken more than three months ago, it is time for a follow up handprint and consultation.

During your last consultation, we suggested steps you could take to achieve your immediate and long-term goals. However, you may have found that no matter how enthusiastic you were after your last reading, life took over and you were unable to follow through on the suggestions that were made at that time. Not to worry! This is all part of being human. Researchers have found that only 8% of New Year’s Resolutions are ever kept!

What’s more, modern neuroscience has proven that our brain is naturally resistant to change. It seems that we are biologically programmed to seek out and stay in our comfort zone, even if that comfort zone traps us in an unhappy, unproductive or even painful situation.

So now that it’s time for your follow up consultation, you can request that we mail you a Handprint Kit in order to have a fresh set of handprints taken and we will see you in the comfort of your own home via Zoom. Also, please send us high-resolution photos of both your hands.


Support from One of our Personal Coaches

After this consultation, don’t put off making the necessary changes that will bring you happiness--let us help you achieve your goals. Take this opportunity to sign up for one of our new self-development programs and let one of our personal coaches support you.

We now have three wonderful programs to choose from:

The 90-Day Heart Line Challenge

The 90-Day Head Line Challenge 

The 90-Day Life Line Challenge

Each Challenge allows you to zero in on one specific area of your life you would like to improve – be it your love life, the clarity of your thinking or how much joy you experience by simply being alive. These Challenges are certain to change your life, especially if you have the guidance and encouragement of one of our personal coaches to support you throughout the program.

Vedic Palmistry is not about predicting the future; it’s about creating the future you want. We’re here to help.

Choose between the 3 online programs of our Self-Paced Development Series and take advantage of à-la-carte coaching: $99 for 60-minute coaching sessions and $49 for 30-minute coaching sessions

Inquire about our Personalized Challenges