The Eclipse Cycle: August 18th – September 1st

Beware the Shadow

August 18th marks the beginning of a difficult but potentially rewarding eclipse cycle that commences with a full-Moon lunar eclipse in the early morning and stretches over the next two weeks to the new-Moon solar eclipse on September 1st.

This is a period of shadow and light that will test our perception of reality, make us face hard truths about ourselves, and, if we remain calm, receptive and are willing to learn—can lead us out of darkness toward illumination and a prosperous fresh start.

In Vedic culture and astrology, eclipses are all about the immense energy and influence of the Shadow planets Rahu and Ketu—referred to respectively as the Moon’s North and South Nodes. Rahu and Ketu are not actual cosmic bodies, but points of intersection where the Moon’s path crosses the ecliptic—that is, where the Moon is in alignment with the Sun and Earth.

During a solar eclipse, Rahu—known as the “Dragon’s head”—symbolically swallows the light of the Sun and prevents it from reaching us. During a lunar eclipse, Ketu—the “Dragon’s tail”—blots out the light of the Moon.

This bestows Rahu and Ketu with the power to darken the three most important influences in our lives—the two cosmic luminaries of Sun, representing our soul, and Moon, representing our mind; and the Earth, representing our body. So the Shadow planets have great sway in influencing our destiny and, during eclipses, have the ability to create both chaos and spiritual growth within our lives and in the world.

Eclipses can trigger major events on a global and individual scale. The Nodes are famous for planting obstacles along our life path and forcing us to stop and question why we are doing the things we do, why we attach value to the things we love and cling to, and the true motivations behind our every deed, thought and action. In this way they spur us toward illumination, giving us the opportunity to gain self-knowledge, burn off accumulated karma, and make a fresh start on a firmer, more enlightened spiritual footing.

The Nodes can awaken us to the harsh reality that things we have been pursuing and struggling to achieve have not brought us the happiness we had longed for. This disheartening realization could propel us in the opposite direction of enlightenment, leaving us feeling angry, sad or despondent.

So, it is important for us to appreciate and master this ecliptic dance between the Nodes and the luminaries to free ourselves of any misconceptions and move forward with a renewed sense of truth, self-awareness, faith and optimism. Rahu and Ketu represent re-birth, transformation and regeneration—out of the darkness comes new insight and understanding.

The full-moon lunar eclipse on August 18th will be at its maximum at 5:42 a.m. EDT. The new-Moon solar eclipse on September 1st reaches its maximum at 5:01 a.m. It is extremely important during these periods, as well as the days in between and the weeks immediately following, to remain centered, calm and mindful of our thoughts and words, to be of service to others and to practice devotional activities such as yoga, prayer and meditation. Chanting a mantra, such as the Gayatri Mantra or the Shiva Mantra, is also very beneficial. By taking care of ourselves and others, we can draw on the power of this ecliptic period to reshape our lives in a brilliantly positive light, and avoid being caught up in any negativity.

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