Discover Our Online Palmistry Course Program*

This 18-course Vedic Palmistry Program is an excellent foundation for those pursuing a career as a Vedic palmist. It is also suitable for anyone simply wanting to expand their horizons and incorporate the many benefits of palmistry into their lives.

The program provides students with the diagnostic tools necessary to gauge the level of harmony expressed through the features of the hands. This information helps identify imbalances and determine the remedial measures needed to restore or create balance.

Each course is approached from the perspective of balance. By learning how to develop our strengths and avoid potential hazards, we can live happier, healthier and more fulfilling lives.

The program includes:

Level 1: Foundational Courses

Level 2: The Mounts – Our Superconscious Expression

Level 3: The Major Lines – Our Subconscious Expression

Level 4: The Minor Lines – Our Conscious Expression

Level 5: Practicum – Consultant-in-Training


* Quebec and Federal Accreditation
The Birla College is recognized as an accredited educational institution both by the Quebec Provincial Government and the Federal Government of Canada. Residents of Canada are eligible for tax rebates for courses taken.