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Palmistry and astrology are twin sciences that originated together in the Vedas. They share the same root word, Jyot, meaning light. Jyotish refers to astrology, the study of the influence the light of the planets has on our lives. Vedic palmistry is known as Hast Jyotish—Hast, meaning “hand”. As such, Vedic Palmistry is the study of the influences of reflected planetary light revealed through the features of our hands. In India, it is commonly understood that astrology and palmistry are intrinsically connected.

The astrological (natal) chart provides an understanding of the client’s strengths, weaknesses and potential; the lines of their hand reveal whether or not they are living up to the potential seen in their chart. By taking handprints at six-month intervals, progress can be monitored by observing changes in the lines.


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This program includes:

A-101 Introduction to Vedic Astrology: Learning the Basics

A-102 Intermediate Vedic Astrology: Learning to Interpret the Planets