Level 4 : The Minor Lines – Our Conscious Expression (4 Courses)

In the four courses in Level 4, we will focus on the minor lines, which denote our conscious level of awareness. The minor lines tell us how successful we have been in exploring our subconscious and drawing upon its wealth of information to consciously improve as individuals. The minor lines signal an awakening; they appear on the hand when we become motivated to experience life more fully.


P-401 The Saturn Line

Achieving our Life Purpose

The Saturn line, sometimes referred to as the line of karma or destiny, is an expression of our purpose in life. It reveals how motivated, focused and disciplined we are when it comes to achieving our ambitions. The Saturn line gives focus and expression to the three major lines of heart, head, and life, reflecting where we direct our love, thoughts, and energy. The point in our hand where the Saturn line begins indicates the age at which we consciously assume responsibility for connecting with our purpose or life path. The Saturn line is a strong indicator of our career potential.

P-402 The Sun Line

Attracting Happiness and Success

The Sun line indicates the degree of success and fulfillment we enjoy as a result of our dedication, passion and belief in what we are doing. When we engage our hearts, we create an aura of magnetism around us that creates appropriate circumstances and draws positive people into our lives.

P-403 The Mercury Line

Communication, Intuition and Enlightenment

The Mercury line denotes the degree to which we express ourselves with ease and eloquence in any circumstance. It reveals our ability to convey concepts and ideas to the world, unimpeded by physical (life line), mental (head line), or emotional (heart line) concerns. When we are focused and engaged in what we are doing, we are fully present in the moment, rising above any constraints of time and space. The Mercury line denotes our level of satisfaction with the way we express our thoughts and feelings.

P-404 The Girdle of Venus

Emotional Balance & Creativity

The Girdle of Venus indicates how successful we are at channeling our sensitivity and passion into creative expression. Eastern texts consider the Girdle of Venus auspicious. Shaped like the crescent moon, it symbolizes the beginning of a lunar cycle with its promise of becoming full. The Girdle of Venus is said to reflect a permanent smile on our heart and shows our capacity to inspire others through the beauty we bring to the world through the creative arts and devotional love.