Level 5 : Integrative Training: Palmistry Consultant (1 Course)

P-501 Consultant in Training in Palmistry

Diagnosis, Interpretation and Delivery

This two-part course provides the training and practice required to hone your skills to become a Vedic palmist.

P-501-A: Theory

This course begins with a review of all course material covered in the Certificate Program in order to solidify the student’s knowledge base and bolster their confidence. Students will then learn to interpret the interplay of all features of the hand and use that knowledge to convey a comprehensive analysis during a consultation.

P-501-B: Fieldwork

Fieldwork is a requirement for all students preparing for a career in palmistry. During their practice sessions, students will conduct 10 consultations. Five consultations can be conducted either on campus or online using case studies and a guided questionnaire provided by the College. The remaining five consultations, online or on campus, will be conducted with clients chosen by the student. Each consultation will be 60 minutes in duration—a 45-minute analysis with the client and a 15-minute assessment by the instructor.