Lightening Up the Darkness: The Lunar Eclipse on September 16th

This Friday the Earth will slip into a cosmic big squeeze when it moves directly between the two planetary bodies that exert the greatest influence on our lives—the sun and the moon, which will be full. The Earth will partially block the sun’s light from reaching the moon. And while the eclipse itself will be less than two hours, its impact on us can be profound and long-lasting.

Astrologically speaking, the Sun represents our soul and the Moon represents our mind; during a lunar eclipse our mind is cut off from our soul’s powerful illumination. If we are unprepared, we may find ourselves struggling in the dark, haunted by imaginary psychic shadows and second-guessing ourselves and the motivations and intentions of others.

Needless to say, an eclipse has the potential to cause a great deal of tension, stress and upheaval in our lives. This is why, historically, eclipses have been regarded by many as negative omens and periods of poor judgment. To this day, astrologers caution their clients not to enter into contracts, splurge on major purchases or make big life decisions—like getting engaged, divorced or quitting a job—in the days before, during or immediately following an eclipse.

Happily, there is a positive and powerful flipside to every eclipse—and this Friday’s eclipse in particular. In Vedic astrology and philosophy, the shadowy period of an eclipse is considered auspicious because it allows our divine inner light to shine more brightly. A lunar eclipse opens a doorway to our innermost self, presenting a perfect opportunity for soul-searching, personal reflection, spiritual contemplation and meditation. In short, by temporarily darkening the light of the luminaries of Sun and Moon, the eclipse empowers us to seek our own light and elevate our spiritual awareness—and few things in life are more important than that!

And as the eclipse coincides with a full moon, the rewards we can reap by delving into our heart and soul will be amplified many fold. If we can tap into that positive heart-mind energy and apply it with a unified focus, we can fulfill old obligations, make good on lingering commitments and wrap up unfinished projects. Successfully balancing our internal powers properly on September 16th will enable us to accomplish a great deal.

Of course, the full moon may also amplify tensions in our public and personal lives—tensions that always arise with a sun-moon opposition, tensions that tug at both our mind and soul, heighten our emotions and make us ready to face off with anyone or anything that opposes us. So we must be extra vigilant in maintaining our perspective for the next week and a half by keeping a cool head at work and a steady heart at home. Be cautious with your words, don’t say things you can’t take back, and don’t allow emotions, ego or temptation to draw you into regrettable situations. And, as mentioned, try to put off making major purchases or life-changing decisions until several days after the eclipse.

The best advice one can offer regarding this full-moon eclipse is to remain calm and meditate as often as possible. Look into your heart and share the love that you find there with everyone in your life . . . and always remember to love yourself—by doing this, we light up the darkness.

If you would like help to most benefit from this powerful full-moon eclipse—or in any other aspect of your life—give us a call at 866-428-3799, or click here to book a consultation. We’re here to help.






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