History of the Birla Vedic Center

Renowned palmist Ghanshyam Singh Birla established the Birla Center in the heart of Montreal’s historic Westmount district in 1972, at a time when palmistry was still banned under the city’s archaic witchcraft laws. By opening The Center during such hostile times, Ghanshyam ran the risk of imprisonment and deportation, but he was determined to fulfill his life mission of bringing the emotional, psychological and spiritual rewards of Vedic palmistry to as many people in the world as possible. To that end, Ghanshyam has assembled a dedicated team of highly-trained palmists, astrologers and massage therapists who have dedicated their lives to providing the very best in a wide variety of Vedic services, including astro-palmistry consultation and counselling, reflexology, craniosacral therapy and therapeutic massage.

The Birla Center quickly won international acclaim among followers and devotees of astrology and palmistry, attracting such celebrated clients as pop star Ricky Martin, prima ballerina Karen Kain, Canadian crooner Gino Vannelli and many actors, artists and politicians.


In 1975, Ghanshyam began laying the groundwork for training a new generation of Vedic palmists and started offering classes at the Birla Center in both palmistry and astrology. In 2001 the Center launched a government-recognized college level Palmistry Certification Program through the Birla College of Vedic Palmistry. The program (available in both French and English) is suited to anyone contemplating a career as a practitioner or teacher of Vedic palmistry, as well as those simply wanting to expand their horizons and improve their lives through the countless benefits of palmistry. The Palmistry School courses are available to groups and individuals both in a classroom setting and online. Several Certification Program graduates have gone on to launch successful careers as professional palmists.

In 1998, Ghanshyam expanded the Birla Center, building a lakefront Wellness Center on a 500-acre forest reserve in the heart of Quebec’s picturesque Outaouais region. The stunning rural retreat serves as an international destination for services in palmistry, astrology, Ayurvedic healing, massage and yoga. Whether for a day, a weekend, or longer, the Wellness Center offers a unique getaway for anyone wishing to unwind and rejuvenate in a beautiful country setting.