Mars is free at last. After eight intense months—much of which was spent in a heated battle with restrictive Saturn—Mars orbited out of Scorpio in mid-September toward a new-found freedom in the less turbulent cosmic atmosphere of Sagittarius.

Mars normally does very well in its home sign of Scorpio. But during most of the year it was forced to share Scorpio with Saturn—which, like Mars, is a malefic planet. By nature, Mars and Saturn are polar opposites. Mars, the warrior, is combative and driven by dynamic action and unfettered forward movement; Saturn insists on reasoned reflection, introspection and plodding discipline. When two malefic planets of such opposite natures come together the resulting tension, friction and explosive display of fireworks can disrupt our lives and our world. This was certainly evident in the social turmoil we witnessed—terrorist attacks, mass murders and political mudslinging—in the months leading up to and following the August 24th Mars-Saturn conjunction in Scorpio.

Now that Mars is in Sagittarius with Saturn slowly disappearing in its rearview mirror, we can all breathe a little a bit easier—things are likely to be more peaceful on that front, allowing many areas of our lives to open up again.

Sagittarius is ruled by the expansive, beneficent planet Jupiter, and Mars is good friends with Jupiter. That friendship allows Mars to adopt, defend and assert many of Jupiter’s virtues—tolerance, noble ambition, positive thinking, personal dignity, spiritual development and the promotion of constructive humanitarian pursuits. No longer preoccupied with battling Saturn’s controlling and limiting influence, Mars can now take a wider world view and champion righteous causes . . . it can become the noble, protective warrior instead of the bloody and ferocious combat-ready soldier.

Mars’ fiery temperament also resonates perfectly with Sagittarius, which is a fire sign. The heat created by this combination will ignite within us a renewed passion and optimism for life, as well as an enthusiasm to move forward in our personal endeavors while helping others to do the same.

In fact, we may become so enthusiastic about performing good deeds and supporting causes during Mars’ sojourn in Sagittarius that we must be cautious not to become impatient, self-righteous, or lose our tempers if others fail to share our eagerness, gusto or ideals. We must also be careful to maintain our equilibrium and not get carried away while pursuing our goals. Sagittarius can instill in us so much fervor that we can easily overestimate our own strength and end up overexerting ourselves, exhausting our energies and becoming discouraged when we are unable to accomplish as much as we would have liked.

So, as long as we don’t bite off more than we can chew and conduct ourselves with discernment, the next weeks promise to be a positive and productive period—and a welcome change from the stressful and difficult months we’ve endured since Mars began its prolonged encounter with Saturn in Scorpio this past February.

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Did the planets play a role in wreaking havoc on the relationship of Hollywood’s most famous, glamorous, and philanthropic couple? There are definite indications that they did.

The timing of last week’s split between Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie coincided with two of the most emotionally turbulent astrological periods of the year—the effects of the full moon lunar eclipse of September 16th were well underway and Mercury retrograde was at full force when the marriage was tested.

In a post we ran last month, we advised that during the eclipse season from August 18th to September 16th, including a Mercury retrograde beginning August 30th, emotions can run high, rational thought can be derailed and interpersonal communications break down, and that the best course of action is to remain calm, meditate and avoid making any major life decisions—like filing for divorce—until the retrograde cycle was complete. The days leading up to, during, and immediately following the full moon lunar eclipse of September 16th are especially regarded by many as a highly cautionary period during which our judgment may be poor. Just one of these cosmic events could spell trouble in a relationship—especially one that’s already strained—but both occurring simultaneously could push a fragile union over the edge. On top of all that, Mars was in the challenging 29th degree, which is especially agitating for anyone with a strong Mars influence in their chart, as is the case with Brad.

According to news reports, Jolie filed for divorce just hours before the lunar eclipse; her decision was instigated by an uncharacteristic (but very Mercury retrograde-like) lapse in rational behaviour by Pitt, who allegedly went on an abusive rant directed at his wife and their children during a flight to Los Angeles.

It would be a karmic tragedy indeed if planetary influences drove this magnetic and magnanimous couple apart, given the good they have done in the world through their joint humanitarian works, their significant efforts to foster world peace, and their inspiring resolve to create a loving and harmonious blended family in an era of rising racial tensions and discord.

But the forces that drew them together 12 years ago—Brad’s powerful Mars and Angelina’s ethereal Moon—that transformed them into the universally recognizable unit of Brangelina, and finally compelled them to officially tie the marriage knot in 2014, may turn out to be the same forces that are now tearing them asunder.

Angelina’s Vedic natal chart reveals a staggering degree of charisma, creativity, beauty, ingenuity and a passion to shine brilliantly—as seen in her Venus, ruler of the 4th and 11th houses, being placed in the 1st house of Cancer. The placement of Venus in the 1st house, however, threatens her feelings of stability. This suggests that she is likely to go to extremes to protect her sense of security or ward off any perceived danger to the security of those she loves, particularly her children. Any challenge she does face—be it from Brad or elsewhere—will make her all the more formidable, given the fire of Scorpio in her 5th house that relates to her creativity, passion and love. The greater the challenge, the stronger and more resolute she becomes.

Her concern for the wellbeing of her children (several of whom are adopted from poorer nations), and her love for humanity in general, are expressed through her Jupiter in Pisces in her 9th house, aspecting an exalted Cancer in the 1st house of personality.

The mount of Jupiter in her hand is also very pronounced, with several Rings of Solomon depicting her staunch dignity, innate wisdom, resoluteness, unshakably survival instinct, and a driving need to exert her personality. The real hurdle Angelina faces is the placement of Rahu in Scorpio in the 5th house, which makes difficult aspects to her Moon in the 9th house, Sun in the 11th house and her Cancer ascendant. Rahu can be an instigator of separation—it can eclipse her positive Jovian qualities, including the love she feels for Brad, pushing her toward feelings of wrath instead of reason or appeasement. She has displayed this trait in the past toward her father, actor Jon Voight, who left Jolie and her mother when Angelina was very young, presenting a major threat to her sense of stability at an early age. She came to resent her dad, eventually broke off all contact with him, and for many years remained bitterly estranged.

Brad’s natal chart, although quite different from Angelina’s, bears striking similarities to his wife’s. Like Angelina, Brad has Jupiter in its home sign of Pisces, which denotes a great personality charged with multiple Jovian qualities, including optimism, civility, decency, ambition and a natural inclination to nurture positive causes. However, Brad is strongly driven by Mars, the warrior planet, which rules his communication, self-expression and desire. Mars is the ruler of his 1st house, the house that determines how we portray ourselves to the world, and it is sitting in the 2nd house of fiery Sagittarius.

Brad’s hand also reflects this powerful Mars influence, which is evident in his incredibly prominent Mars galaxy, and in the Mars-dominated features of his face—particularly his eyes, forehead and cheekbones.

The overwhelming presence of Mars in his personality instills Brad with a conviction that he can weather any storm, be it scandal, stress, fame, opposition or addictions, without breaking a sweat and wearing a smile. Mars exudes the warrior aura of, “this is my life to lead and enjoy as I see fit, don’t dare tell me how to live it!” But Mars is also the protective soldier, and that determined spirit to courageously care for and protect the causes and people he loves is outstandingly profound in Brad.

The electric interaction of their strong, individualistic and compassionate personalities is what has made Brad and Angelina such a powerful, effective and dynamic couple. It would be a shame if they part on acrimonious terms, and potentially devastating for their children, whom they have so lovingly nurtured together.

Despite what the tabloids suggest, from an astrological perspective there is reason to hold out hope that, with the appropriate guidance, they can repair any damage done and reconcile. Angelina’s strong Jovian characteristics provide her with an expansive view and an open heart; Brad’s deep-rooted Mars strength suggests great potential to rekindle the spirit of love. With forgiveness, respect and a mutual understanding of each other’s vulnerabilities, they can overcome their differences—for the sake of their marriage, their children, and the good they bring to world when they work together as a team.

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If your world has been turned upside down over the past few weeks, get ready to breathe a sigh of relief—Mercury retrograde is almost over! Mercury has been retrograde since August 30th and will, at long last, go direct this Thursday, September 22nd.

Mercury retrograde generally occurs several times a year when the planet Mercury moves between the Sun and the Earth and, due to an optical illusion, appears to reverse its orbit and travel backwards. Even those who don’t believe in astrology pay attention when Mercury is retrograding because the strange, highly disruptive occurrences that take place during this turbulent planetary period are too many and too frequent to ignore.

What can go wrong during Mercury retrograde? Well . . .  just about anything and everything—and for good reason. Mercury rules every form of human and mechanical communication, including our thoughts and how we express them. When Mercury is retrograde you may have noticed that your thinking becomes muddled—you are unable to say what you want or you say something you wish you hadn’t. During retrograde, emails have a habit of disappearing, brand new computers crash, flights get canceled, trains run late, taxis pass you by, rent cheques get lost in the mail, keys disappear, smart phones become dumb, job offers are rescinded, misunderstandings abound and petty arguments can turn nasty among the most loving family members and between the very best of friends.

This is why astrologers advise clients to avoid signing contracts, making big life decisions, making major investments or starting new projects during Mercury retrograde—the pervasive aura of misunderstanding and confusion can undermine any or all of these undertakings. This well-founded advice applies doubly during the current Mercury retrograde period as it coincides with last Friday’s Lunar full-moon eclipse—the after effects of which we are still feeling.

Some speculate that Mercury, which is thought to have the densest iron-core of any planet in the solar system, causes so much chaos in our lives because it is, in essence, a huge magnet floating though space. The theory is that because it is at its closest proximity to Earth during retrograde, Mercury’s magnetic force interacts with and disrupts our own planet’s magnetic field, as well as all electromagnetic machinery operating within that field. This includes the human brain, which recent scientific study strongly suggests is subconsciously and intimately linked to Earth’s magnetic currents.

Regardless of the cause, Mercury retrograde challenges us mentally and emotionally, and our responses to those challenges can teach us a lot about ourselves and show us the lessons we need to learn to better cope with life when things don’t go as we hoped or expected.

So when Mercury goes direct on Thursday, we should not only celebrate the end of Mercury retrograde, but reflect upon the obstacles and experiences we’ve struggled with over the past few weeks. Mercury direct may take several days before it snaps things back into place, giving us the opportunity and perspective to calmly examine our thoughts and behavior during the past retrograde.

This reflection can lead to a greater wisdom and help us develop the tolerance and patience to succeed in future endeavours. It will also prepare us to deal with the next three-week-long Mercury retrograde beginning on December 19th, ensuring we will have a Merry Christmas, but not a Hectic New Year.

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This Friday the Earth will slip into a cosmic big squeeze when it moves directly between the two planetary bodies that exert the greatest influence on our lives—the sun and the moon, which will be full. The Earth will partially block the sun’s light from reaching the moon. And while the eclipse itself will be less than two hours, its impact on us can be profound and long-lasting.

Astrologically speaking, the Sun represents our soul and the Moon represents our mind; during a lunar eclipse our mind is cut off from our soul’s powerful illumination. If we are unprepared, we may find ourselves struggling in the dark, haunted by imaginary psychic shadows and second-guessing ourselves and the motivations and intentions of others.

Needless to say, an eclipse has the potential to cause a great deal of tension, stress and upheaval in our lives. This is why, historically, eclipses have been regarded by many as negative omens and periods of poor judgment. To this day, astrologers caution their clients not to enter into contracts, splurge on major purchases or make big life decisions—like getting engaged, divorced or quitting a job—in the days before, during or immediately following an eclipse.

Happily, there is a positive and powerful flipside to every eclipse—and this Friday’s eclipse in particular. In Vedic astrology and philosophy, the shadowy period of an eclipse is considered auspicious because it allows our divine inner light to shine more brightly. A lunar eclipse opens a doorway to our innermost self, presenting a perfect opportunity for soul-searching, personal reflection, spiritual contemplation and meditation. In short, by temporarily darkening the light of the luminaries of Sun and Moon, the eclipse empowers us to seek our own light and elevate our spiritual awareness—and few things in life are more important than that!

And as the eclipse coincides with a full moon, the rewards we can reap by delving into our heart and soul will be amplified many fold. If we can tap into that positive heart-mind energy and apply it with a unified focus, we can fulfill old obligations, make good on lingering commitments and wrap up unfinished projects. Successfully balancing our internal powers properly on September 16th will enable us to accomplish a great deal.

Of course, the full moon may also amplify tensions in our public and personal lives—tensions that always arise with a sun-moon opposition, tensions that tug at both our mind and soul, heighten our emotions and make us ready to face off with anyone or anything that opposes us. So we must be extra vigilant in maintaining our perspective for the next week and a half by keeping a cool head at work and a steady heart at home. Be cautious with your words, don’t say things you can’t take back, and don’t allow emotions, ego or temptation to draw you into regrettable situations. And, as mentioned, try to put off making major purchases or life-changing decisions until several days after the eclipse.

The best advice one can offer regarding this full-moon eclipse is to remain calm and meditate as often as possible. Look into your heart and share the love that you find there with everyone in your life . . . and always remember to love yourself—by doing this, we light up the darkness.

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The term “squaring off” was coined by a sports commentator in the 19th century describing the fighting stance boxers adopted when encountering their opponent in the ring. It is a stance rife with tension and tightly coiled explosive energy as both boxers prepare to exert their dominance, ward off the blows of the other contender, maintain the upper hand and assure their own victory.

A similar situation occurs in astrology when two planets face each other at a 90-degree aspect—an aspect referred to as “the square”. Like fighters squaring off in the ring, the two planets in an astrological square are wary of each other, highly charged with internal tensions and external pressures, are inclined to block the opposing planet’s individual strengths and continually attempt to preserve their own dominance. The results of these celestial encounters can be bruising and have an enormous impact on all our lives.

At this very moment (September 1st-15th 2016) one of the most powerful astrological squares in the Cosmos is taking shape, and it is an event you want to be prepared for.

Saturn square Neptune is a major aspect that, without exaggeration, is nothing less that a battle between reality and illusion. This is because Saturn’s energy represents structure and truth while Neptune’s energy is illusory and changeable; where Saturn demands restrictions and boundaries, Neptune is amorphous and refuses to be contained. Saturn focuses on practicality and purpose; Neptune is freewheeling, ethereal and idealistic. In short—the two planets are polar opposites. The interaction and struggle between their vastly different energies can call into question everything we believe we know as fact and all we consider to be true and secure—our careers, our relationships, our social structures, even our sense of personal identity.

During this transit we may find that many things we have held to be true—both in our personal lives and on the world stage—are dragged into the light of day to test their validity. Just to give a few examples, British actor Emma Thompson is working with Greenpeace to expose the extensive seismic testing in the ocean in Nunavut as the underwater blasts will harm and chase away the marine mammals the people depend on for food. WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange, promises to release more damming material concerning the U.S. elections. After many years of request from the aboriginal people to the Canadian Government, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is launching a nationwide investigation into murdered and missing aboriginal women. And more and more we are discovering how man-made climate change is fueling extreme weather events.

Consequently, both personally or globally, our view of reality may be challenged or even shattered, which—as major aspects often do—can trigger major life changes. And as change is always difficult, and the naked truth often hard to accept, the next two weeks could be a period in which we experience and/or witness a great deal of confusion and possible turmoil.

The good news is that the intense planetary energy driving this change, although initially uncomfortable or painful for us to endure, is filled with positive potential and opportunity. The power dynamic of Saturn square Neptune can spur us to action, forcing us to abandon long-held illusions and misconceptions that may have silently hindered our progress. If we have the courage to accept what we learn and the fortitude not to avoid retreat into denial or delusion, this transit offers us the chance to break with the past, make a brave new start and venture forth to a more truthful and enlightened future.

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Beware the Shadow

August 18th marks the beginning of a difficult but potentially rewarding eclipse cycle that commences with a full-Moon lunar eclipse in the early morning and stretches over the next two weeks to the new-Moon solar eclipse on September 1st.

This is a period of shadow and light that will test our perception of reality, make us face hard truths about ourselves, and, if we remain calm, receptive and are willing to learn—can lead us out of darkness toward illumination and a prosperous fresh start.

In Vedic culture and astrology, eclipses are all about the immense energy and influence of the Shadow planets Rahu and Ketu—referred to respectively as the Moon’s North and South Nodes. Rahu and Ketu are not actual cosmic bodies, but points of intersection where the Moon’s path crosses the ecliptic—that is, where the Moon is in alignment with the Sun and Earth.

During a solar eclipse, Rahu—known as the “Dragon’s head”—symbolically swallows the light of the Sun and prevents it from reaching us. During a lunar eclipse, Ketu—the “Dragon’s tail”—blots out the light of the Moon.

This bestows Rahu and Ketu with the power to darken the three most important influences in our lives—the two cosmic luminaries of Sun, representing our soul, and Moon, representing our mind; and the Earth, representing our body. So the Shadow planets have great sway in influencing our destiny and, during eclipses, have the ability to create both chaos and spiritual growth within our lives and in the world.

Eclipses can trigger major events on a global and individual scale. The Nodes are famous for planting obstacles along our life path and forcing us to stop and question why we are doing the things we do, why we attach value to the things we love and cling to, and the true motivations behind our every deed, thought and action. In this way they spur us toward illumination, giving us the opportunity to gain self-knowledge, burn off accumulated karma, and make a fresh start on a firmer, more enlightened spiritual footing.

The Nodes can awaken us to the harsh reality that things we have been pursuing and struggling to achieve have not brought us the happiness we had longed for. This disheartening realization could propel us in the opposite direction of enlightenment, leaving us feeling angry, sad or despondent.

So, it is important for us to appreciate and master this ecliptic dance between the Nodes and the luminaries to free ourselves of any misconceptions and move forward with a renewed sense of truth, self-awareness, faith and optimism. Rahu and Ketu represent re-birth, transformation and regeneration—out of the darkness comes new insight and understanding.

The full-moon lunar eclipse on August 18th will be at its maximum at 5:42 a.m. EDT. The new-Moon solar eclipse on September 1st reaches its maximum at 5:01 a.m. It is extremely important during these periods, as well as the days in between and the weeks immediately following, to remain centered, calm and mindful of our thoughts and words, to be of service to others and to practice devotional activities such as yoga, prayer and meditation. Chanting a mantra, such as the Gayatri Mantra or the Shiva Mantra, is also very beneficial. By taking care of ourselves and others, we can draw on the power of this ecliptic period to reshape our lives in a brilliantly positive light, and avoid being caught up in any negativity.

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It has been a turbulent and stressful month. Violence, bloodshed and the politics of fear and division have erupted across the globe. We’ve witnessed the horrific terrorist attacks in Nice, Munich and Normandy; a bloody escalation in the Syrian civil war; a deadly attempted coup in Turkey; rising racial tension and mass shootings in Texas and Louisiana; millions of Britons exiting the EU to stop job-seeking refugees in Eastern European from entering England, and right-wing politicians, such as France’s Marine Maréchal-Le Pen and U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump, publicly decrying entire ethnic groups—promising to banish some and build walls to keep others out.

There is an unsettling surge in conflict and crisis from Baton Rouge to Istanbul. Are these seemingly isolated events related? Might that relationship have something to do with our planets? The answer is yes, on both counts.

As it happens, Saturn and Mars—both malefic planets—are in conjunction, meaning they have drawn close enough to each other for their energies to interact. And when two malefic planets with opposite natures conjunct, the interaction can be explosive—they can’t see each other’s point of view and find it extremely difficult to compromise. Mars is action and Saturn is reflection; when they work in tandem they can be a dynamic and highly productive duo . . . but not when they are facing off in Scorpio, as they are right now.

Scorpio is Mars’s home sign, a home in which it is truly formidable, fueled by powerful emotions, churning desire and a strength of will capable of accomplishing practically anything. But while conjunct Saturn in Scorpio, Mars is a rogue player, unguided by Saturn’s sagacity and discipline. Saturn is unhappy and surly in Scorpio. While the positive aspects of Saturn provide us with the wisdom to overcome and evolve through challenge, it is a malefic planet and can be individualistic, calculating and cold. Saturn becomes impatient and intolerant in Scorpio and uses its wisdom in a shrewd, manipulative manner to ensure it comes out on top in any situation. It is driven by an intense emotional energy stemming from deeply buried feelings; when hurt, it will strike back ruthlessly and without mercy, seeking vengeance at any cost.

This galactic clash between action and reason—between Mars, the god of war, and Saturn, with its uncompromising and ultra-personal views—can spell disaster. With no common middle ground, it is very hard for them—or humankind under their influence—to discuss the issues that divide us, be they human rights, inequality, poverty or religion. The Mars-Saturn conjunction both highlights and aggravates these divides: instead of peace talks, there is terrorism; instead of dialogue, there are drone strikes, instead of neighborly conversation, we build walls.

Mars and Saturn began their long conjunction in February in the sign of Scorpio; they have been drawing nearer to each other ever since. They will be at their closest—at 17 degrees Scorpio—on August 24th and remain close until September 2nd.  During this period, we must avoid interiorizing the bitterness this conjunction can generate; we must be tolerant and carefully reflect upon the consequences of our actions, whether on the world stage or in our personal lives.  The universal principle ‘as above so below’ is a reminder that whatever is happening in the world is also happening inside of us.

This is a stressful and challenging time for all of us. If you would like professional guidance to maintain your balance and make the most of the Mars-Saturn conjunction, we’re here to help.

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No combination of planets guarantees fame and fortune, but a positive Venus-Rahu conjunction sure can help. So listen up, there is one right around the corner!

The Venus-Rahu conjunction has always been considered a sign of tremendous wealth, and not just the private yacht and country club kind of wealth.

Howard Hughes, Steve Jobs and Oprah Winfrey are three very different people with three striking things in common—they all became wildly rich and successful, all three were generous philanthropists and they were all born with Venus-Rahu conjunct in their natal charts. But it wasn’t fate that propelled them to wealth or drew wealth to them—their millions were earned, and their names will be remembered, because they made the most of the attributes, talents and inclinations bestowed upon them by a fortunate Venus-Rahu conjunction.

So just what are these attributes, talents and inclinations?

To begin with, Venus desires comfort, pleasure and beauty, and possess a passionate desire to reach the top. Rahu, the planet of amplification, provides Venus the insightfulness to plan stratagems to achieve those goals and the courage to carry them out. Secondly, Venus—in its ideal form—represents unconditional love and empathy—so it is predisposed to share its wealth with those in need. Rahu motivates Venus to liberally and effectively use its bounty and wisdom for the betterment of humankind. This is why Venus-Rahu combination can be so successful and accomplish so much.

The astuteness and drive of Hughes, Jobs and Winfrey gave them fabulous wealth and luxurious life styles, but also allowed them to create charitable organizations that have helped and inspired millions.

So let’s take full advantage of the current Venus-Rahu energy between the 14th and 18th of August by striving to fulfill impossible dreams and achieving enormous success that we can share with everyone.

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This week marks the beginning of a major celestial transition: Jupiter—which has been in the sign of Leo for the past year—is moving into Virgo, where it will remain for the next twelve months. Astrologically, this is a big deal: Benevolent Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system and has a powerful influence on human behavior and earthly affairs. Ancient astrologers revered Jupiter and referred to it as Guru, the dispeller of darkness. Guru is an apt moniker for a planet that is associated with the most enlightened aspects of our being—an open and flexible mind; a peaceful and inclusive world view; a proclivity towards tolerance and compassion; the drive to find a purpose in life; self-confidence; magnanimity and the urge to expand one’s consciousness through philosophy, faith and devotion.

These lofty Jovian attributes were well nurtured during Jupiter’s year-long sojourn in Leo. Leo, the regal and courageous lion, is ruled by the Sun and is in perfect attunement with Jupiter’s noble disposition. Jupiter and Leo’s relationship is extremely harmonious and Leo provided the ideal environment to accommodate, support and enhance Jupiter’s expansive nature.

Virgo, however, is detail-oriented and meticulously focused on the minutia of current events and personal relationships. Virgo is happily ruled by Mercury, where its insights can be astute, precise and perceptive, but Jupiter is not so happy to be in Virgo.

Jupiter is in its detriment in the sign of Virgo, meaning it is in direct opposition to Pisces, which it rules and where it feels comfortably at home. This weakens Jupiter’s strengths, curtailing its expansive view and making it susceptible to Virgo’s negative aspects and intense attention to detail. For Jupiter, entering Virgo from Leo is like a dolphin leaping from an ocean into a goldfish bowl—and the impact can create a ripple effect across our own planet. Jupiter’s narrowing perspective is capable of limiting our own vision of the world and the people around us. We may start to second-guess everything we believe to be true, undermining our self-confidence, making us overly critical, self-righteous and easily drawn into petty arguments or bitter disputes. It is a major challenge for planets in detriment to maintain spiritual equilibrium and inner peace; the 180-degree aspect requires us to balance the negative qualities and weaknesses of the detriment by embracing the strengths and positive qualities that are their polar opposite.

Jupiter officially enters Virgo on Thursday, August 4th, before then it will be travelling through the final degrees of Leo—including the critical 29th degree, where it will be briefly suspended between Leo and Virgo, drawn toward both of them simultaneously. During this transitional tug-of-war, we may feel as though we are being yanked in opposite directions as well. This friction between dueling signs of the zodiac can create a great deal of inner-tension, emotional turmoil, confusion and frayed nerves—so it is advisable to remain as calm and collected as possible over the next few days; avoid doing or saying anything you might regret later.

As of Thursday, we’ll all have to adjust to the new cycle of Jupiter-in-Virgo energy, which will be with us until Jupiter leaves Virgo next summer. So, for the next year, we must make an effort to minimize the negative influences of Jupiter-in-Virgo by embracing the best characteristics of Jupiter—and those of the gentle, Jupiter-ruled Pisces. Strive to remain open-minded; avoid getting bogged down in details; avoid senseless arguments; be more tolerant of others; practice kindness and generosity; be curious about the world around you and meditate as often as possible to center your energy.

This is especially important for those with Jupiter-in-Virgo in their birth chart—these people are experiencing a Jupiter return, which occurs approximately once ever twelve years. A Jupiter return will be a period in which you are more keenly aware of what you have not achieved instead of what you have accomplished. So don’t be too critical with yourself. Stay positive, focus on your achievements, connect to your intuition and spiritual self, and most importantly, be grateful for all you have. Gratitude forges a coherence between heart and mind—a sure route to happiness and a well of inner strength we can draw from in the months ahead.

We must remember that there is plenty to look forward to in the coming year. When a planet moves into a new sign of the zodiac we are presented with the opportunity to begin a new chapter in our life, a chapter filled with new possibilities, challenges and lessons to be learned. Best of all, because astrology and palmistry are sister sciences, we can witness all the positive changes taking place in our lives in the palm of our hand!

So take advantage of this Jupiter transition to dispel the darkness, learn new life-skills and stretch your personal horizons! Enjoy the new year!

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Hold onto your hats—Monday, July 25th could bring a bumpy finish to the wild Mercury-in-Cancer rollercoaster ride we’ve been on for much of this month. Mercury—the planet of intellect, logic and communication—has been in Cancer, the water sign whose instinctual, emotional energy emanates with fierce maternal feelings of protection towards anything it holds dear, be it loved ones, social causes, or cherished memories. This has created problems for objective Mercury, whose keen logic and objective discernment has been immersed in subjective Cancerian emotions. During this turbulent period of mixed energies, we may have had difficulty expressing our ideas clearly and dispassionately, experienced fear and insecurity, and have been prone to intense emotional outbursts. In short—it’s been exhausting!

The good news is that on Tuesday Mercury moves into Leo for a three-week stay, where it will find a more stable environment and feel much more at home. But before it reaches Leo, Mercury will spend Monday traveling through the final degree of Cancer—the crucial 29th degree.

The 29th (or anaretic) degree of any sign is considered a crucial degree because it marks the conclusion of one cycle and the beginning of another—a new cycle filled with the promise of new experiences and new life lessons. This infuses the anaretic degree with plenty of karmic significance, but it can also create a lot of stress and tension. That’s because the sign that a planet is leaving represents an area of our life with unresolved issues or unfinished lessons. So, during the 29th degree—which is very short-lived—we may feel torn between hurriedly wrapping up leftover business in the old sign while simultaneously experiencing an urgent need to jump ahead and get busy in the next sign.

Therefore, during Monday’s 29th degree, we must exercise caution if we find ourselves vacillating between looking backward and moving forward, between struggling to make a decision or acting on impulses that may be rash and possibly harmful. We may feel particularly alienated from those closest to us and it is important to ensure our decisions and actions are grounded in objective and loving discernment. Remember, words said in anger can never be taken back.

Take comfort in knowing that the anaretic degree of Mercury lasts just one day and, come Tuesday, Mercury will be in the friendly sign of Leo where logic is no longer overwhelmed by emotion. If you manage your energies well on Monday, the next three weeks can be a period of passionate, creative expression and personal fulfillment. Mercury in Leo has the potential to bring you happier times at work, at home and with your friends.

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