Conflict and Crisis: The Continuing Challenges of the Mars-Saturn Conjunction

It has been a turbulent and stressful month. Violence, bloodshed and the politics of fear and division have erupted across the globe. We’ve witnessed the horrific terrorist attacks in Nice, Munich and Normandy; a bloody escalation in the Syrian civil war; a deadly attempted coup in Turkey; rising racial tension and mass shootings in Texas and Louisiana; millions of Britons exiting the EU to stop job-seeking refugees in Eastern European from entering England, and right-wing politicians, such as France’s Marine Maréchal-Le Pen and U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump, publicly decrying entire ethnic groups—promising to banish some and build walls to keep others out.

There is an unsettling surge in conflict and crisis from Baton Rouge to Istanbul. Are these seemingly isolated events related? Might that relationship have something to do with our planets? The answer is yes, on both counts.

As it happens, Saturn and Mars—both malefic planets—are in conjunction, meaning they have drawn close enough to each other for their energies to interact. And when two malefic planets with opposite natures conjunct, the interaction can be explosive—they can’t see each other’s point of view and find it extremely difficult to compromise. Mars is action and Saturn is reflection; when they work in tandem they can be a dynamic and highly productive duo . . . but not when they are facing off in Scorpio, as they are right now.

Scorpio is Mars’s home sign, a home in which it is truly formidable, fueled by powerful emotions, churning desire and a strength of will capable of accomplishing practically anything. But while conjunct Saturn in Scorpio, Mars is a rogue player, unguided by Saturn’s sagacity and discipline. Saturn is unhappy and surly in Scorpio. While the positive aspects of Saturn provide us with the wisdom to overcome and evolve through challenge, it is a malefic planet and can be individualistic, calculating and cold. Saturn becomes impatient and intolerant in Scorpio and uses its wisdom in a shrewd, manipulative manner to ensure it comes out on top in any situation. It is driven by an intense emotional energy stemming from deeply buried feelings; when hurt, it will strike back ruthlessly and without mercy, seeking vengeance at any cost.

This galactic clash between action and reason—between Mars, the god of war, and Saturn, with its uncompromising and ultra-personal views—can spell disaster. With no common middle ground, it is very hard for them—or humankind under their influence—to discuss the issues that divide us, be they human rights, inequality, poverty or religion. The Mars-Saturn conjunction both highlights and aggravates these divides: instead of peace talks, there is terrorism; instead of dialogue, there are drone strikes, instead of neighborly conversation, we build walls.

Mars and Saturn began their long conjunction in February in the sign of Scorpio; they have been drawing nearer to each other ever since. They will be at their closest—at 17 degrees Scorpio—on August 24th and remain close until September 2nd.  During this period, we must avoid interiorizing the bitterness this conjunction can generate; we must be tolerant and carefully reflect upon the consequences of our actions, whether on the world stage or in our personal lives.  The universal principle ‘as above so below’ is a reminder that whatever is happening in the world is also happening inside of us.

This is a stressful and challenging time for all of us. If you would like professional guidance to maintain your balance and make the most of the Mars-Saturn conjunction, we’re here to help.

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