The Stars Divide: What Happened to Brangelina?

Did the planets play a role in wreaking havoc on the relationship of Hollywood’s most famous, glamorous, and philanthropic couple? There are definite indications that they did.

The timing of last week’s split between Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie coincided with two of the most emotionally turbulent astrological periods of the year—the effects of the full moon lunar eclipse of September 16th were well underway and Mercury retrograde was at full force when the marriage was tested.

In a post we ran last month, we advised that during the eclipse season from August 18th to September 16th, including a Mercury retrograde beginning August 30th, emotions can run high, rational thought can be derailed and interpersonal communications break down, and that the best course of action is to remain calm, meditate and avoid making any major life decisions—like filing for divorce—until the retrograde cycle was complete. The days leading up to, during, and immediately following the full moon lunar eclipse of September 16th are especially regarded by many as a highly cautionary period during which our judgment may be poor. Just one of these cosmic events could spell trouble in a relationship—especially one that’s already strained—but both occurring simultaneously could push a fragile union over the edge. On top of all that, Mars was in the challenging 29th degree, which is especially agitating for anyone with a strong Mars influence in their chart, as is the case with Brad.

According to news reports, Jolie filed for divorce just hours before the lunar eclipse; her decision was instigated by an uncharacteristic (but very Mercury retrograde-like) lapse in rational behaviour by Pitt, who allegedly went on an abusive rant directed at his wife and their children during a flight to Los Angeles.

It would be a karmic tragedy indeed if planetary influences drove this magnetic and magnanimous couple apart, given the good they have done in the world through their joint humanitarian works, their significant efforts to foster world peace, and their inspiring resolve to create a loving and harmonious blended family in an era of rising racial tensions and discord.

But the forces that drew them together 12 years ago—Brad’s powerful Mars and Angelina’s ethereal Moon—that transformed them into the universally recognizable unit of Brangelina, and finally compelled them to officially tie the marriage knot in 2014, may turn out to be the same forces that are now tearing them asunder.

Angelina’s Vedic natal chart reveals a staggering degree of charisma, creativity, beauty, ingenuity and a passion to shine brilliantly—as seen in her Venus, ruler of the 4th and 11th houses, being placed in the 1st house of Cancer. The placement of Venus in the 1st house, however, threatens her feelings of stability. This suggests that she is likely to go to extremes to protect her sense of security or ward off any perceived danger to the security of those she loves, particularly her children. Any challenge she does face—be it from Brad or elsewhere—will make her all the more formidable, given the fire of Scorpio in her 5th house that relates to her creativity, passion and love. The greater the challenge, the stronger and more resolute she becomes.

Her concern for the wellbeing of her children (several of whom are adopted from poorer nations), and her love for humanity in general, are expressed through her Jupiter in Pisces in her 9th house, aspecting an exalted Cancer in the 1st house of personality.

The mount of Jupiter in her hand is also very pronounced, with several Rings of Solomon depicting her staunch dignity, innate wisdom, resoluteness, unshakably survival instinct, and a driving need to exert her personality. The real hurdle Angelina faces is the placement of Rahu in Scorpio in the 5th house, which makes difficult aspects to her Moon in the 9th house, Sun in the 11th house and her Cancer ascendant. Rahu can be an instigator of separation—it can eclipse her positive Jovian qualities, including the love she feels for Brad, pushing her toward feelings of wrath instead of reason or appeasement. She has displayed this trait in the past toward her father, actor Jon Voight, who left Jolie and her mother when Angelina was very young, presenting a major threat to her sense of stability at an early age. She came to resent her dad, eventually broke off all contact with him, and for many years remained bitterly estranged.

Brad’s natal chart, although quite different from Angelina’s, bears striking similarities to his wife’s. Like Angelina, Brad has Jupiter in its home sign of Pisces, which denotes a great personality charged with multiple Jovian qualities, including optimism, civility, decency, ambition and a natural inclination to nurture positive causes. However, Brad is strongly driven by Mars, the warrior planet, which rules his communication, self-expression and desire. Mars is the ruler of his 1st house, the house that determines how we portray ourselves to the world, and it is sitting in the 2nd house of fiery Sagittarius.

Brad’s hand also reflects this powerful Mars influence, which is evident in his incredibly prominent Mars galaxy, and in the Mars-dominated features of his face—particularly his eyes, forehead and cheekbones.

The overwhelming presence of Mars in his personality instills Brad with a conviction that he can weather any storm, be it scandal, stress, fame, opposition or addictions, without breaking a sweat and wearing a smile. Mars exudes the warrior aura of, “this is my life to lead and enjoy as I see fit, don’t dare tell me how to live it!” But Mars is also the protective soldier, and that determined spirit to courageously care for and protect the causes and people he loves is outstandingly profound in Brad.

The electric interaction of their strong, individualistic and compassionate personalities is what has made Brad and Angelina such a powerful, effective and dynamic couple. It would be a shame if they part on acrimonious terms, and potentially devastating for their children, whom they have so lovingly nurtured together.

Despite what the tabloids suggest, from an astrological perspective there is reason to hold out hope that, with the appropriate guidance, they can repair any damage done and reconcile. Angelina’s strong Jovian characteristics provide her with an expansive view and an open heart; Brad’s deep-rooted Mars strength suggests great potential to rekindle the spirit of love. With forgiveness, respect and a mutual understanding of each other’s vulnerabilities, they can overcome their differences—for the sake of their marriage, their children, and the good they bring to world when they work together as a team.

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