The Great Escape: Mars has moved from Scorpio to Sagittarius

Mars is free at last. After eight intense months—much of which was spent in a heated battle with restrictive Saturn—Mars orbited out of Scorpio in mid-September toward a new-found freedom in the less turbulent cosmic atmosphere of Sagittarius.

Mars normally does very well in its home sign of Scorpio. But during most of the year it was forced to share Scorpio with Saturn—which, like Mars, is a malefic planet. By nature, Mars and Saturn are polar opposites. Mars, the warrior, is combative and driven by dynamic action and unfettered forward movement; Saturn insists on reasoned reflection, introspection and plodding discipline. When two malefic planets of such opposite natures come together the resulting tension, friction and explosive display of fireworks can disrupt our lives and our world. This was certainly evident in the social turmoil we witnessed—terrorist attacks, mass murders and political mudslinging—in the months leading up to and following the August 24th Mars-Saturn conjunction in Scorpio.

Now that Mars is in Sagittarius with Saturn slowly disappearing in its rearview mirror, we can all breathe a little a bit easier—things are likely to be more peaceful on that front, allowing many areas of our lives to open up again.

Sagittarius is ruled by the expansive, beneficent planet Jupiter, and Mars is good friends with Jupiter. That friendship allows Mars to adopt, defend and assert many of Jupiter’s virtues—tolerance, noble ambition, positive thinking, personal dignity, spiritual development and the promotion of constructive humanitarian pursuits. No longer preoccupied with battling Saturn’s controlling and limiting influence, Mars can now take a wider world view and champion righteous causes . . . it can become the noble, protective warrior instead of the bloody and ferocious combat-ready soldier.

Mars’ fiery temperament also resonates perfectly with Sagittarius, which is a fire sign. The heat created by this combination will ignite within us a renewed passion and optimism for life, as well as an enthusiasm to move forward in our personal endeavors while helping others to do the same.

In fact, we may become so enthusiastic about performing good deeds and supporting causes during Mars’ sojourn in Sagittarius that we must be cautious not to become impatient, self-righteous, or lose our tempers if others fail to share our eagerness, gusto or ideals. We must also be careful to maintain our equilibrium and not get carried away while pursuing our goals. Sagittarius can instill in us so much fervor that we can easily overestimate our own strength and end up overexerting ourselves, exhausting our energies and becoming discouraged when we are unable to accomplish as much as we would have liked.

So, as long as we don’t bite off more than we can chew and conduct ourselves with discernment, the next weeks promise to be a positive and productive period—and a welcome change from the stressful and difficult months we’ve endured since Mars began its prolonged encounter with Saturn in Scorpio this past February.

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