A Celestial New Year: Jupiter in Virgo

This week marks the beginning of a major celestial transition: Jupiter—which has been in the sign of Leo for the past year—is moving into Virgo, where it will remain for the next twelve months. Astrologically, this is a big deal: Benevolent Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system and has a powerful influence on human behavior and earthly affairs. Ancient astrologers revered Jupiter and referred to it as Guru, the dispeller of darkness. Guru is an apt moniker for a planet that is associated with the most enlightened aspects of our being—an open and flexible mind; a peaceful and inclusive world view; a proclivity towards tolerance and compassion; the drive to find a purpose in life; self-confidence; magnanimity and the urge to expand one’s consciousness through philosophy, faith and devotion.

These lofty Jovian attributes were well nurtured during Jupiter’s year-long sojourn in Leo. Leo, the regal and courageous lion, is ruled by the Sun and is in perfect attunement with Jupiter’s noble disposition. Jupiter and Leo’s relationship is extremely harmonious and Leo provided the ideal environment to accommodate, support and enhance Jupiter’s expansive nature.

Virgo, however, is detail-oriented and meticulously focused on the minutia of current events and personal relationships. Virgo is happily ruled by Mercury, where its insights can be astute, precise and perceptive, but Jupiter is not so happy to be in Virgo.

Jupiter is in its detriment in the sign of Virgo, meaning it is in direct opposition to Pisces, which it rules and where it feels comfortably at home. This weakens Jupiter’s strengths, curtailing its expansive view and making it susceptible to Virgo’s negative aspects and intense attention to detail. For Jupiter, entering Virgo from Leo is like a dolphin leaping from an ocean into a goldfish bowl—and the impact can create a ripple effect across our own planet. Jupiter’s narrowing perspective is capable of limiting our own vision of the world and the people around us. We may start to second-guess everything we believe to be true, undermining our self-confidence, making us overly critical, self-righteous and easily drawn into petty arguments or bitter disputes. It is a major challenge for planets in detriment to maintain spiritual equilibrium and inner peace; the 180-degree aspect requires us to balance the negative qualities and weaknesses of the detriment by embracing the strengths and positive qualities that are their polar opposite.

Jupiter officially enters Virgo on Thursday, August 4th, before then it will be travelling through the final degrees of Leo—including the critical 29th degree, where it will be briefly suspended between Leo and Virgo, drawn toward both of them simultaneously. During this transitional tug-of-war, we may feel as though we are being yanked in opposite directions as well. This friction between dueling signs of the zodiac can create a great deal of inner-tension, emotional turmoil, confusion and frayed nerves—so it is advisable to remain as calm and collected as possible over the next few days; avoid doing or saying anything you might regret later.

As of Thursday, we’ll all have to adjust to the new cycle of Jupiter-in-Virgo energy, which will be with us until Jupiter leaves Virgo next summer. So, for the next year, we must make an effort to minimize the negative influences of Jupiter-in-Virgo by embracing the best characteristics of Jupiter—and those of the gentle, Jupiter-ruled Pisces. Strive to remain open-minded; avoid getting bogged down in details; avoid senseless arguments; be more tolerant of others; practice kindness and generosity; be curious about the world around you and meditate as often as possible to center your energy.

This is especially important for those with Jupiter-in-Virgo in their birth chart—these people are experiencing a Jupiter return, which occurs approximately once ever twelve years. A Jupiter return will be a period in which you are more keenly aware of what you have not achieved instead of what you have accomplished. So don’t be too critical with yourself. Stay positive, focus on your achievements, connect to your intuition and spiritual self, and most importantly, be grateful for all you have. Gratitude forges a coherence between heart and mind—a sure route to happiness and a well of inner strength we can draw from in the months ahead.

We must remember that there is plenty to look forward to in the coming year. When a planet moves into a new sign of the zodiac we are presented with the opportunity to begin a new chapter in our life, a chapter filled with new possibilities, challenges and lessons to be learned. Best of all, because astrology and palmistry are sister sciences, we can witness all the positive changes taking place in our lives in the palm of our hand!

So take advantage of this Jupiter transition to dispel the darkness, learn new life-skills and stretch your personal horizons! Enjoy the new year!

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