A few years ago my long-time client Judith lost her 36-year-old daughter to cancer. As with many parents who outlive their children, Judith was racked with guilt over her daughter’s death.

“I must have failed her in someway . . . I must have done something wrong . . . I was a bad mother to her,” Judith sobbed during one of our consultations more than a year after her daughter’s funeral. Despite the passage of time, she was shrouded in darkness—her self-torment clouded her eyes and was etched onto the palm of her non-dominant hand.

The non-dominant hand—the hand we do not use to write with—represents our subconscious self and often reflects feelings and emotions we have deeply internalized . . . emotions that can harm or cripple us if not dealt with.

Studying Judith’s handprints, I saw that her non-dominant heart line had shriveled since her daughter’s passing. This told me she had shut herself off from feeling or expressing love—she had filled her heart with guilt and there was room for nothing else. Her situation worsened over the next year and I grew concerned for her mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing. Grieving over the loss of her child was normal and healthy, but closing down her heart and turning away from the world for so long was destructive.

It was nearing Christmas, which I knew would be a particularly difficult time for Judith. I encouraged her to combat her guilt by meditating as often and as deeply as possible—to focus on the love she held for her daughter and her daughter’s love for her.

“We have to grow your heart line again, Judith, or this guilt could consume you—heal yourself through meditating on the love you two shared . . . the bond you continue to share.”

Three months later Judith returned for another consultation—I was delighted to see that her tears and torment were gone and the light had returned to her eyes.

“What happened, Judith?” I asked, applying ink to her palms to take a fresh set of handprints.

She smiled, and told me she had followed my advice and had started meditating daily.

“At first the same dark thoughts kept running through my mind, “she said. `It’s my fault she died . . . I brought her into this world and I should have protected her . . . I was a bad mother; I was a bad mother!’ This went on for a few weeks.

“Then on Christmas morning a miracle happened. I began to meditate, but this time as soon as the thought ‘I was a bad mother’ popped into my head, the shelf holding my statue of Buddha collapsed behind me with a loud bang. I turned around and saw an envelope fluttering to the floor—I had tucked it behind the statue years before and completely forgotten about it . . . it was a letter from my daughter. The first line read, Mom you are such a good mother to me—I can never thank you enough for all you’ve done for me. I love you so much! A huge sense of relief flooded my heart; at that moment I vowed to no longer live in doubt and guilt, but in love and hope. I looked inward to reach out to my daughter, and I found her . . . or she found me.”

When Judith finished her story we looked at her new handprints and were amazed to see that, in just three months, the heart line in her non-dominant hand had regrown and now stretched across the breadth of her palm.

I will never forget Judith’s Christmas miracle story and the way palmistry helped her reconnect with her heart. And I will never underestimate the power of love to heal our suffering.


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A major cosmic shift is underway that will dramatically affect all our lives into early 2020.

On January 13th Saturn, the slow moving planetary giant embodying discipline, duty and self-awareness, completed it’s 2 ½-year sojourn in Scorpio and entered into Sagittarius—the auspicious 9th sign of the zodiac.

Saturn is the personification of the Lord of Karma—it casts an unflinching light on our past (and past life) deeds and illuminates the aspects of ourselves most in need of attention, repair and development. While our personal natal chart dictates the exact areas of our individual lives Saturn wants us to focus on, Saturn’s three-year presence in Sagittarius is of great significance to each and every one of us.

Saturn is a strict and formidable taskmaster; if we learn the lessons we need to learn, the next few years will present great opportunities and rewards that will be deeply gratifying and potentially life-changing. However, if we choose to ignore those lessons, we will likely encounter some dire challenges, painful circumstances and difficult times.

So, what are the lessons Saturn expects us to learn while it is in Sagittarius? Well, Sagittarius is all about transparency, veracity, wisdom, faith, exploration and the search for divine knowledge, so first and foremost, we must learn to be honest with ourselves and with others. Falsehood, deception and self-delusion should be avoided at all costs and entirely rooted out of our consciousness during this Saturn-Sagittarian transit. Our mission for the next three years—if we choose to accept it—is to be truthful in all our dealings, to confront our personal deficits honestly, develop our higher selves and buttress our faith in a higher power.

Sagittarius is a mutable sign ruled by beneficent and expansive Jupiter, making this an excellent time for engaging in higher education, exploring philosophical principles, embarking on an inner spiritual journey through meditation, becoming more flexible in body and mind by practicing yoga or tai chi, or broadening our horizons by learning a new language or a creative art—anything, as long as it ignites our hearts and helps us to help others with our accumulated knowledge and wisdom.

Saturn can be a very tough teacher, but working together with auspicious Sagittarius and fortune-shaping Jupiter, it can make miracles happen. If we are prepared to listen with an open, honest and willing heart to what Saturn in Sagittarius is telling us, the truth will set us free.


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Jessica was my first client when I was starting out as a professional palmist nearly 30 years ago. She was also my biggest challenge.

At the time, Jessica was approaching her 40th birthday and trapped in a dangerous downward spiral of depression, alcoholism, self-loathing and a disintegrating, unhappy marriage.

The first thing she said to me bordered on suicidal. “If the next 40 years of my life are going to be like the first 40, I don’t see the point of going on.”

Her handprints reflected her bleak outlook and despairing attitude.

“Jessica, the lines in your hands are so faint they are almost non-existent. You are living life on the surface, surviving mechanically—and you are barely doing that. You need to develop your lines by looking deep within yourself and making a spiritual connection, something that will give your life purpose and meaning. If you don’t—life will not get better for you, it will only become more painful and difficult to bear. Please, let me help you!”

Jessica looked at me blankly from across the desk: “I came here to have my palm read and my future told,” she said, “not for another lecture. You sound like my parents.”

She left my office and didn’t return. But I couldn’t get her out of my mind. A few weeks later I called her to set up another appointment. Unfortunately, her phone had been disconnected and I had no other way of contacting her.

The years went by and I had the great privilege of helping thousands of clients in my practice—but I always remembered Jessica, my first client, and wondered how she was. In my mind she was “the one who got away” and I wished I could have made a difference in her life.

Then, a few weeks ago, my phone rang—it was Jessica.

“I don’t know if you remember me, Guylaine, but I saw you 30 years ago . . . next week I’ll be celebrating my 70th birthday and, if you’re not booked up, I’d love to make an appointment to see you.”

I was speechless, and delighted—I felt as though a silent and often repeated prayer had at long last been answered. When she walked into my office I barely recognized her . . . despite the passage of three decades, she looked younger and more vibrant than she had during our first meeting all those years ago.

“Your look wonderful, Jessica!” I said, welcoming her with a hug.

“I feel wonderful, Guylaine . . . and I owe it all to you.”

As our first consultation had gone so poorly, I was confused. Jessica laughed at my expression and told me to sit down so she could fill me in on all that had transpired.

“I was angry with you after our consultation, not because of what you said, but because of how right you were about me,” she began. Jessica told me that, within days of our first meeting, her husband had finally had enough of her drinking and depression and left her. She immediately began a relationship with another man—who was kind and wealthy but, like her, also suffered from severe alcoholism.

“We got married and travelled all over the world, but honestly I couldn’t tell you where we lived or what we did—15 years passed me by in an alcoholic haze,” she said.

“Then something happened to me while we were on a luxury cruise in the Mediterranean. Instead of enjoying the sea air, I was vomiting over the rail of the yacht. I was so tired of my life, I thought of throwing myself into the water. But as I looked into the waves, I noticed my hands . . . and I remembered what you said to me—that if I didn’t develop my lines by making a spiritual connection my life would never get better. I don’t know why your voice came to me at that moment, but it did. You planted a seed in my mind—and it saved my life. I had a moment of clarity—I knew I either had to get busy living or get busy dying. I quit drinking that night and joined AA the next week. My husband refused to stop drinking, but I knew in order to support my resolve, I had to move on. Sadly, I heard a few years ago that he drank himself to death.

Through AA, Jessica learned to be of service to others, and by helping those in need she found a path to her own spiritual awakening. She found a part-time job and moved back in with her parents—to whom she had caused great pain and anxiety for many years—and cared for them during their old age. She also began volunteering at a drop-in center for the homeless and at a suicide prevention hotline. Caring became her purpose; embracing that purpose opened her to life and she stopped merely surviving and began to thrive.










Her handprints spoke volumes about her amazing spiritual journey. When we compared the prints taken 30 years earlier with her new prints, we saw the growth of many positive lines. She now had a destiny line beginning at her Moon, showing her deep-rooted desire to nurture others; a square on Jupiter, revealing her new-found love of humanity and an ability to share her wisdom; and a strong Girdle of Venus, denoting her gift of inspiring others with her own love and passion for life. Most impressive was her Love of Truth line—a clear indication of her spiritual quest and burning desire to find and share God’s universal love. Finally, her Sun line reflects her deep belief and satisfaction in her life’s work, infusing her with magnetism and the ability to attract positive people and circumstances into her life.

“I won’t lie to you Guylaine,” Jessica said. “Making these changes was painful, but the rewards are immeasurable—I am living a full life that is beyond my wildest dreams. Thank you for helping me find my way.”


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Hitting the Mark in 2017

The full Moon of January 12th—the first full Moon of the year—is shining a bright light on how we can achieve our goals and fulfill our responsibilities in 2017.

Astrologically, the 28-day lunar cycle can be viewed as a series of beginnings and completions. The new Moon is ripe with potential—it symbolizes our intentions and the possibilities of things to come; the full Moon represents the fulfillment or completion of those possibilities. The most recent new Moon occurred during the final days of 2016, so today’s full Moon not only forces us to deal with the ramifications of the intentions we held as last year drew to a close, but it sets the stage for the year to come.

Exactly what does this first full Moon of 2017 have to say to us? To begin with, it became full just after dawn this morning, placing it in the sign of Gemini and exactly opposite of the Sun in Sagittarius. Gemini represents our mental vigor while Sagittarius pertains to our highest ideals—making this an excellent time to employ intellectual rigor to scrutinize our belief systems. In doing so we can design realistic strategies to achieve what is best for ourselves and in the best interest of those around us. This is most beneficially accomplished by looking deep within ourselves and examining our true motives, by following what our heart tells us is morally correct, and by seeking the advice and counsel of those we most trust.

With Gemini analyzing where we personally want to go, and Sagittarius, the idealistic archer, altruistically aiming the bow and arrow, we have an excellent chance of hitting our mark this month and throughout the year.


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Peter was a broken man.

His once happy life shattered the day he came home early from teaching high school drama and found his wife in bed with his best friend. In short order, his 15-year marriage crumbled; his house and his life savings vanished in the divorce settlement and, worst of all, his ex-wife whispered lies into his young children’s ears and turned them against him.

In the months and years that followed, Peter hardened his heart against the world and, outside of his classroom duties, withdrew from most human interaction in order to protect himself. He all but lost the ability to trust anyone and only reluctantly agreed to see me at the repeated urging of his school principal, a long-time client of mine.

While I was taking his handprints, I asked Peter what he was teaching his students.

Hamlet,” he said flatly. I knew that Shakespeare’s great tragedy is the story of a young man whose faith in love and life is destroyed by the treachery of those closest to him.

peter-beforeIt was a story being played out in Peter’s palm. His heart line was long and optimistic, but it had developed a downward branch—a sure sign of hurt and mistrust. The heart line branch plummeted toward his head line and entirely closed off his quadrangle. The quadrangle, located in the midsection of the hand, formed by the lines of head and heart, is referred to as the “landing strip of the angels”—it opens us to inspiration and love by inviting others into our lives.

“Peter, what is Hamlet’s most famous soliloquy?” I asked.

“To be or not to be,” he answered. “Hamlet asks himself if it’s better to suffer the pain and betrayal he’s endured, or choose the less painful option of killing himself.”

“But were those his only choices? The law of Karma deals all of us painful situations, but those situations are intended as lessons to help us grow and evolve as human beings. We can’t evolve by killing ourselves, and we don’t grow by hiding from the world. Hamlet had the choice of using his free will to choose love—he didn’t need to lose himself in his pain, anger and confusion. He asked the wrong question—the question isn’t to be or not to be, it is whether to love or not to love.”

“Guylaine, I appreciate what you’re saying, but I can’t change what has happened to me,” he said.

“That’s true, Peter—but you can change how you perceive it, and when you do . . . your heart line will change, and so will your life. The love you had for your family was your strength, not your weakness. Despite what happened to you, you have to use that strength and love again.”

Peter stared at me for a long time, then laughed. “This is not what I expected from a palmistry consultation.”

peter-afterHe returned to see me a year later and was a changed man. Not long after our first consultation he began volunteering as a guidance counsellor and coach for troubled youth. He had poured his heart into helping them, and his heart responded. The negative branch that had been impeding his quadrangle and closing him off from the world was fading away.

“What’s changed in your life, Peter?”

“Nothing . . . and everything,” he said. “I’m still broke, my ex-wife is asking for more money and my own kids still refuse to speak to me. But if that wasn’t the case, I probably wouldn’t be helping others the way I am now. I thought a lot about what you said Guylaine. You were so right—the question isn’t to be or not to be, it really is to love or not to love. And the only answer, the only real choice, is to love.”

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Here is an astrological glimpse of the year ahead based on a planetary chart calculated at precisely one minute past midnight on January 1st, 2017 in Cheneville, Quebec.

In short, 2017 promises to be challenging both personally and globally—but the challenges we will face, if properly managed, can present us with great opportunities for growth and prosperity.

chart-of-2017The most significant aspect of the New Year chart is that planets are aligned in a Kala Sarpa yoga, which means they are clustered together on one side of the chart between the shadow planets of Rahu and Ketu. (Although Mars is located slightly outside of the planetary cluster in the New Year chart, it is separated by only five degrees, so all in all the Kala Sarpa yoga effect is maintained.)

The Kala Sarpa yoga is often considered a negative alignment—but it doesn’t have to be. When we are aware of the challenges this planetary combination can produce, we can take steps to avoid its undesirable influences and turn its collective energy to our advantage.

The difficulties associated with Kala Sarpa stem from its lopsided nature. There are twelve houses in a chart. Having all the planets on one side of the chart focuses a kind of hyper-cosmic energy onto the occupied houses that, while directing great energy and momentum to those areas, which can result in undreamed-of success, leaves the other houses empty and neglected. This dichotomy can result in a tunnel vision that can upset our equilibrium, potentially isolating us from others and leaving us feeling alone and alienated.

In a balanced chart, the planets are distributed evenly above and below the horizon, indicating a balance in all areas of our lives. But in this unbalanced, Kala Sarpa New Year chart, nearly all the planets (with the exception for Rahu in the 12th house) are below the horizon, occupying houses one through six. These houses reflect deeply personal aspects of our existence—our sense of self and self-dignity, our finances, our interpersonal relationships with our siblings and our community, how we feel for our home life, our homeland and our mother, our romantic life, our individual health, the manner in which we respond to opposition and competition and our ability to deal with the consequences of our past actions. Having all the planets placed in these houses denotes a strong tendency to be preoccupied with our personal problems, doubts, worries and insecurities. This can push us into ourselves and pull us away from other people—even the people we care for the most. And because the first six houses represent areas of our lives established during our formative years, they are more difficult for us to control or change than the six other houses, which are above the horizon and more readily conquered using freewill and discernment.

Therefore, it is imperative for us to be calm and reflective in our personal life over the next 12 months, to resist the urge to isolate and to be proactive instead of reactive in our dealings with others, particularly in the way we treat ourselves and those we love. Don’t beat yourself up for missteps made during 2016—it was a difficult year for everyone and will have lingering effects we can properly address in the coming weeks and months. Use the struggles of the past year as a lesson in how to best overcome the new hurdles in the year ahead.

A Kala Sarpa yoga can also cause us to cast a fretful eye on the national and international scene, pushing us to internalize the growing unrest and uncertainty in world affairs—this can intensify our emotional and psychological stress and threaten our overall health and peace of mind. It is therefore imperative to keep our equilibrium by maintaining a philosophical long-view when it comes to current events. For example, don’t allow an upswing in global political anger and fear-mongering to arouse internal feelings of anger, bias or bitterness. Try to raise the level of discussion through positive debate and dialogue—this will raise your own consciousness as well as the consciousness of those around you, which ultimately create a better world.

The best news offered to us in the New Year chart is that while planets, although not situated in a sign in which they are at home, are directly connected by aspect to their home signs. So while we may face some initial struggle in knowing the right course of action to follow, or expressing our feelings, we still have access to an intuitive sense of what to do to ensure success at every level. We can tune into this intuition most effectively by using our discernment, wisdom and the deep-rooted insight derived through regular meditation.

If we follow this simple remedy, 2017 is sure to be a happy, harmonious and prosperous year for ourselves, our loved ones and all of humankind.


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Mary was a nervous wreck when she first came to see me. Despite having a degree in Television Production, she suffered from very low self-esteem and yearned for fulfillment. She was filled with restless energy, but had nowhere to direct it. Mary was desperate for something to make her feel good about herself, bring her happiness and give her life meaning.

During our first consultation she was convinced that romantically attaching herself to someone else would fill the void in her life. “Guylaine, I need a man—can you help me find a relationship?”

I looked at her handprint and shook my head. “Jumping into a relationship right now is not going to give you what you need to find lasting happiness,” I told her.mary-bef

Mary had two very prominent lines in her palm—a long, ram-rod straight heart line as well as a long, beautifully developed destiny line. Her destiny line told me she would do very well in a career or by championing a cause where she could direct the energy of her passionate heart line.

“Mary, you need a purpose that is your own, a purpose through which you can take pride in your personal achievements. You are blessed with a powerful destiny line, pursuing a career will give you the purpose, which will help develop characteristics necessary to succeed in all areas of your life. Find work that satisfies you and then pour all your passion into it—that will give you a sense of accomplishment and meaning, build your self-confidence and make you self-reliant. When you are happy in yourself, you can be happy with someone else.”

Mary took that advice; the very next week she landed a mid-level job at a major television studio. From her first day, she dedicated all her energy to becoming the very best in her field. Her steely determination and the laser-sharp focus arising from her destiny line pushed her to the top in record time. She earned an executive position with a big salary, an expense account, a company car and a glamourous lifestyle that took her all over the world. She had found her purpose and was happy in her work and with her life.

However, when I called Mary a year later to check on her progress, I discovered that her new-found happiness was in jeopardy. One day as she was walking home from work someone caught her attention by whistling at her. She was extremely flattered and realized the man worked at her studio. David quickly became the center of her entire life. She began to neglect her work duties and became increasingly dependent on David—suffocating him with relentless demands for his attention and time. Mary’s successful, confident and dynamic personality, which initially drew David to her, disappeared in her growing obsession with him. Within that year her relationship was over, she’d been fired from her job, and was so despondent that she was contemplating suicide.

It was at this low point that she returned to see me for a follow up consultation, hoping I could help her figure out whamary-aftert went so wrong with her seemingly perfect life.

As you can see in her “after” handprint, Mary’s line of Destiny has vanished completely—losing sight of her purpose had, at least temporarily, cost her everything—her job, her relationship and her sense of self. Over a series of coaching sessions, she came to realize that losing one’s purpose and depending on others for happiness leads only to thwarted desire, anger and despair. If we are lucky enough to have a purpose—be it a career, a cause or a belief—we must nurture it or we will lose it. In Mary’s case, losing her purpose almost cost her her life.

Mary eventually rebuilt her career by producing documentaries that had strong social messages. Her new work firmly connected her to her passion and to others, which made her heart line more flexible. When she did begin a new romantic partnership, she was prepared and capable of balancing both a loving relationship with nurturing her drive to succeed professionally. Her heart line began to turn upward and her destiny line began growing again.

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The current conjunction of Mars and Ketu offers us a unique opportunity to simultaneously look back over our lives while looking toward the future—and hopefully, make some positive, permanent and life-changing resolutions on New Year’s Eve.

Mars, the warrior planet of fiery drive and passion is now facing off with Ketu, the interiorized shadow planet denoting the effects of our past karma embodied in the principal “what we sow, so shall we reap.”

Mars moves us forward by pushing us to action and getting things done; Ketu forces us to reflect on our Karma, to think about how our past has resulted in who we are today, and how our actions in life can lift us up, cast us down and lift us up again.

When Ketu is in conjunction, it takes on the other planet’s natural energy and characteristics. Being conjunct with a benefic planet can bring out Ketu’s positive, insightful and soul-searching aspects, which can help us detach from worldly concerns, raise our spiritual awareness and ultimately put us on the path toward enlightenment. However, being conjunct with a malefic planet like Mars can have an unpredictable and chaotic effect.

That chaos may result in the release of pent up energy that we have not found a positive or productive outlet for, which can lead to mishaps, misunderstandings, frustration and sudden, unanticipated outbursts of anger.

Needless to say, Mars conjunct with Ketu can present many hurdles and challenges for us, creating disruptions at home, at work and in our own peace of mind. However, it is also a conjunction that can provide us with deep insight into ourselves and how we choose to live. This is because Ketu allows us to internalize Mars’ energy, which we can use to root out unproductive or self-defeating attitudes and engrained behaviour patterns, making this an excellent opportunity to burn off accumulated negative Karma. But accomplishing this requires effort—we have to consciously choose to utilize the power of Mars’ fighting spirit to champion noble causes and to establish peace and harmony in our own lives while fostering it in others. Otherwise the comingled energy produced by these two formidable planets in conjunction will put us at risk of becoming excessively opinionated, rude, overly aggressive or even physically confrontational—qualities that won’t win us many friends at a New Year’s party.

So, it is advisable to keep our cool and be both patient and introspective while these planets are aligned—in this way we can successfully direct Ketu’s intensity and Mars’ warrior energy toward combating our personal demons—a battle that will make us better people and the world a better place for having us in it. What better way to ring-in the New Year?

Mars and Ketu will be in each other’s field of influence until mid-January, when Mars leaves Aquarius and enters Pisces.


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Despite having a B.A. in comparative literature, Robert had no idea what to do with his education or his life. At 26, he was drifting unhappily through a series of odd jobs, including washing dishes at a restaurant a few blocks away from Birla Vedic International. One afternoon he wandered into my office, said he was miserable and asked for a consultation. Even a quick look at his hand told me that the root of his unhappiness was his utter lack of a destiny line—in other words, Robert had no purpose in life.

Lacking a purpose in life is more than an existential crisis—it is a potentially dangerous condition that can rob us of our health and happiness. The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM)—used by caregivers around the world to diagnose mental illnesses—links a “lack of purpose” with depression, borderline personality disorder, drug addiction and even suicide. You know you lack purpose if you experience a nagging sensation telling you: There must be more to life than this! Well, there is more—it is purpose.

But finding your purpose takes work; it doesn’t simply mean having a job, a profession or a role to play in our family or society. If our careers or duties are not driven by a deep-seated purpose, they are merely occupations and we crawl out of bed in the morning instead of embracing each day as a blessing and a new opportunity to shine in the world.

Raising our kids, doing our best at work or labouring to put food on the table provides us with an external purpose, but if that purpose does not come from within, it is unanchored, fragile and can be shattered by changing circumstance. The death of a spouse or child, the loss of a job, the realization we are in the wrong career or a bad marriage, or the prospect of a forced retirement can drain us of the meaning we thought our lives had—leaving us with only hopelessness and despair.

Our real purpose comes from deep within; it can be hard to find and even harder to sustain over a lifetime. But if we succeed—despite any hardship or heartaches we encounter—we will create a happy and healthy existence driven by a strong sense of meaning and steering us toward personal fulfillment and enlightenment. Finding and developing our purpose will enable us to lead better lives and help us make this world a better place for everyone.

destiny-lineIn palmistry, the Saturn line—also known as the line of destiny—is a good indicator of our depth of purpose.

In Robert’s case, the presence of a Mercury line shows an ability to apply himself, enabling him to earn a B.A.—but the complete absence of a Saturn line indicated a lack of no-destiny-robertdeep-seated purpose. So he had an education, but no calling . . . and he wasn’t searching for one. He passed his time earning rent money, watching television, and becoming more and more depressed. With no hobbies, passions, causes or supportive friends to encourage or challenge him to set his sights higher and strive for excellence, Robert fell into a mechanical routine of daily survival, leaving him restless, bored and completely unfulfilled.

I encouraged him to grow his Saturn line by becoming more introspective; I urged him to read books, take up yoga or meditation, become a community activist—anything to expand his horizons and engage his heart and mind, so long as it stirred his passion and required a deep commitment. I assured him that igniting his passion would lead him to his purpose, and that a purpose-driven life is one that promises us happiness, contentment and rich spiritual rewards that will generate inner joy and inspire those around us.

Robert dropped by a few months later to let me know that, although he was still washing dishes to pay the rent, he had started writing film reviews for a community newspaper and had written the first chapter of a novel. He wasn’t sure if writing was his true purpose, but it was a good place to start looking for it.


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Jupiter Opposite Uranus: Beginning December 19th

When the late, great David Bowie sang ch-ch-ch-changes, he may very well have been celebrating the transit of Jupiter opposite Uranus. The hallmark of this powerful transit, which begins today, is an irresistible urge to make major life changes. This transit lasts until January 22nd when Jupiter moves for a short time into Libra and then returns February 21 when Jupiter goes back into Virgo (retrograde) until March 14th when Uranus moves into Aries.

Jupiter opposite Uranus is famous for producing a driving force that feeds the desire to break free of anything that is holding us back or limiting our choices, be it an unhealthy relationship, a go-nowhere job, negative habits or a lack of education.

Change is never easy, so this transit can prove to be personally disruptive and emotionally challenging, but such is the cost of freedom—the rewards of a new life and new opportunities will easily outweigh any short-term discomfort. Make the most of the Jupiter opposite Uranus energy over the coming months by recreating your reality and expanding your horizons—embark on a project or self-development program you’ve been postponing, enroll in school, or take up yoga or meditation. Just make sure that if you do answer the Cosmic call for change, the change you make is directed toward improving your life and bringing you happiness.

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