A Karmic Conjunction: Mars and Ketu Beginning December 26

The current conjunction of Mars and Ketu offers us a unique opportunity to simultaneously look back over our lives while looking toward the future—and hopefully, make some positive, permanent and life-changing resolutions on New Year’s Eve.

Mars, the warrior planet of fiery drive and passion is now facing off with Ketu, the interiorized shadow planet denoting the effects of our past karma embodied in the principal “what we sow, so shall we reap.”

Mars moves us forward by pushing us to action and getting things done; Ketu forces us to reflect on our Karma, to think about how our past has resulted in who we are today, and how our actions in life can lift us up, cast us down and lift us up again.

When Ketu is in conjunction, it takes on the other planet’s natural energy and characteristics. Being conjunct with a benefic planet can bring out Ketu’s positive, insightful and soul-searching aspects, which can help us detach from worldly concerns, raise our spiritual awareness and ultimately put us on the path toward enlightenment. However, being conjunct with a malefic planet like Mars can have an unpredictable and chaotic effect.

That chaos may result in the release of pent up energy that we have not found a positive or productive outlet for, which can lead to mishaps, misunderstandings, frustration and sudden, unanticipated outbursts of anger.

Needless to say, Mars conjunct with Ketu can present many hurdles and challenges for us, creating disruptions at home, at work and in our own peace of mind. However, it is also a conjunction that can provide us with deep insight into ourselves and how we choose to live. This is because Ketu allows us to internalize Mars’ energy, which we can use to root out unproductive or self-defeating attitudes and engrained behaviour patterns, making this an excellent opportunity to burn off accumulated negative Karma. But accomplishing this requires effort—we have to consciously choose to utilize the power of Mars’ fighting spirit to champion noble causes and to establish peace and harmony in our own lives while fostering it in others. Otherwise the comingled energy produced by these two formidable planets in conjunction will put us at risk of becoming excessively opinionated, rude, overly aggressive or even physically confrontational—qualities that won’t win us many friends at a New Year’s party.

So, it is advisable to keep our cool and be both patient and introspective while these planets are aligned—in this way we can successfully direct Ketu’s intensity and Mars’ warrior energy toward combating our personal demons—a battle that will make us better people and the world a better place for having us in it. What better way to ring-in the New Year?

Mars and Ketu will be in each other’s field of influence until mid-January, when Mars leaves Aquarius and enters Pisces.


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