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Dear Friends,

With the holiday season upon us, our hearts and minds turn toward all of you with deep appreciation. Thank you for allowing us to serve you throughout the year. We are deeply grateful for your gift of kindness, support and enduring friendship.

For many of us, this has been a challenging year of difficult social, financial and planetary forces. All the more reason for us to now look inward and raise our consciousness above the struggles, confusion and illusion of daily life.

Let us celebrate the holidays by uniting in the spirit of universal love and exchanging the gifts of gratitude, fellowship, respect and mutual appreciation. What better way for us to seek enlightenment and ensure prosperity in body, mind and soul?

From all of us at the Birla Center, to all of you, have a wonderful, safe and joyous Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza . . . and an extra happy New Year!

With all our love,


Ghanshyam and the rest of us at the Birla Center

Steve and Lyn: Moving from Anger to Laughter

Steve was a big, burly owner of a fleet of moving vans who had no patience for palmistry. When we started our first session he wanted to be any place other than in my office watching me analyze his handprints.

“I’m only here because my wife made me come. There is nothing wrong with me—she might buy into this palmistry silliness, but I don’t,” he said, folding his tattooed-arms across his chest defensively.

“I understand,” I said, smiling. “Palmistry isn’t everybody’s cup of tea.” I also understood that his wife, Lyn, a long time client of mine, was fed up living with Steve’s demanding nature, short-temper, and overall miserable outlook on life. He was no longer the thoughtful, happy man she’d married 20 years earlier. She’d had enough and had given him an ultimatum—go see Guylaine or pack your bags. Despite his surliness, the fact that he was sitting across from me told me he loved Lyn and was desperate to save his marriage.

“Steve, you say you are only here because your wife insisted—so let’s talk about your relationship with her.” At first he was reluctant to discuss his personal life, but as he described how he and Lyn met and fell in love his macho exterior began to melt. Steve slowly let down his guard and his eyes filled with tears as he shared his fears about losing his wife.

“I don’t know what’s wrong with me,” he blurted out. “I get so impatient and annoyed whenever she asks me to do something with her. I know she’s just trying to bring us closer together . . . but I’m afraid that if I don’t do what she wants she’ll leave me. That fear makes me even angrier and I end up pushing her further away. I know I’m acting poorly by not doing what she wants to, but I can’t seem to help myself.”

steve-rb-beforeSteve’s handprints confirmed what he was telling me. His heart line was particularly revealing—it was long and as straight as a ruler. While the line’s length suggested he was idealistic and capable of loving deeply, its rigidity rendered him incapable of compromising or accepting others for who they truly were. He became agitated when people didn’t see things his way, which made him intense and unyielding—a bad combination if he hoped to maintain a long-term, harmonious relationship. He simply couldn’t respond to the needs and feelings of his partner. His unhappy situation was made all the worse by his closed Sun finger, which drained him of his natural magnetism and prevented him from experiencing joy in life and love.

Fortunately, Steve’s hand also possessed several wisdom marks on his Jupiter mount that, although they were faint, told me he was capable of change and personal growth. By the end of that first session he said he was willing to do whatever it took to change his attitude and develop a rounder, more flexible heart line. I gave him a journal and asked him to keep a record of every experience that triggered an angry outburst.

Within the first few weeks Steve was shocked to observe that he became upset during most personal interactions. “It’s not just with Lyn—it’s with everyone—I yell at my employees if they are 30 seconds late coming back from lunch, at the guy in front of me who’s driving too slow, at the waiter when he’s not quick enough with my order, at Lyn if she wants to watch a comedy show instead of the hockey game . . . everything and everyone seems to aggravate me! I’ve almost filled this journal and there is only one day that I felt happy! Why am I always so angry?

I answered by quoting the great Eastern sage, Sri Yukteswar, who said that wrath springs only from thwarted desires—that if we choose to love, our love must be unconditional. Otherwise our relationships are based on satisfying our own desires and we will inevitably be disappointed when our needs aren’t fulfilled. That clicked with Steve; he agreed to start another journal—this time writing down a note of forgiveness to everyone with whom he lost his temper. The next time we met he was angry with himself.steve-rb-after

“Look at all these forgiveness notes. I can’t stand myself, who would want to live with someone so miserable and mad at the world?” This insight was a major breakthrough for Steve, whose next step was forgiving himself for putting so many demands and expectations on others.

A year later Steve and I met for our final coaching session. This time Lyn joined us and my office was filled with laughter as we took another set of Steve’s hand prints. His heart line had changed as much as his attitude—it was much rounder and far more flexible. And now the marks of wisdom on his Jupiter mount were more prominent and his Sun finger had opened up, inviting joy to return to his life.

Lyn confided that Steve had undergone a dynamic transformation—his anger had evaporated and he was more patient, caring and attentive to her needs. They had drawn closer as a couple and, most importantly, they were both happy.

“Thank you for giving me back the man I married,” Lyn whispered as they left.


My personal palmistry coaching program will focus on the issues blocking you from happiness and fulfillment. We will look at how to eliminate self-defeating attitudes, develop confidence and charisma, attract love, strengthen your relationships or build a successful career. Whether your goals are short-term or long-range, I’d be delighted to help you achieve them. Together we can change your life as we change the lines in your hand.

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If there is a worthy cause you want to champion or an injustice you want corrected, now would be a good time to make your voice heard.

On December 9th, Mars moved into Aquarius, where it will remain until mid-January. Mars is a hotly enthusiastic, passionately goal-oriented planet and Aquarius is the sign renowned for social causes—which makes this an ideal transit to strive for positive change in the world, at work or in your neighbourhood.

The inclination to fight the good fight is being bolstered by the current exchange of positive energy between two benefic planets—Mercury, which is in Sagittarius, and Jupiter, which is transiting in Virgo. On top of that, Saturn (which rules Aquarius) is presently in Mars-ruled Scorpio, so its steely Saturnine determination and self-discipline are readily available to any noble battle launched while Mars is passing through Aquarius.

The only cautionary note at this juncture is to tread softly. Aquarius is an air sign, and air can easily feed the fiery temperament of Mars—their combined energy is like nitroglycerin—extremely powerful but highly volatile. So, if you do set out to make a difference or right wrongs during the next month, be careful not to make matters worse by enflaming tempers. Be calm instead of combative when dealing with others, and peaceful instead of provocative when your opinions are challenged. Remember, you don’t have to shout to make your voice heard.

To learn how you can most benefit from the transit of Mars in Aquarius, give us a call at 866-428-3799 or book a consultation by clicking here. We’re here to help.


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Charles was a graduate student of philosophy at a major university who wanted the security of being a fully tenured professor. Melissa was a talented musician and recent immigrant to Canada who earned a living giving private music lessons. They’d both grown up near the water—Charles on the banks of the St. Lawrence River; Melissa on the coast of Jamaica—and shared a deep passion for sailing. They met at a boating regatta near Montreal, where they rented a small skiff and fell in love while skimming across the waves on a beautiful summer afternoon.

Charles recited love poems to Melissa from ancient Eastern texts and Melissa played classical guitar for Charles until he drifted off to sleep. He had never been happier in his life, and she felt the same way. They talked of the future, planning to raise a family and sailing around the world together when they retired.

For two years they were inseparable, except those times, Melissa noted uncomfortably, when it came to meeting Charles’ parents or the faculty members at his university. She finally asked Charles why he had not introduced her to his mom and dad or his colleagues. “Charlie—is it because my skin is darker than yours?” Charles was flustered. “Melissa, you know I don’t have a prejudiced bone in my body—but my mother . . . she is old fashioned, she wouldn’t approve. And the president of the university faculty is very conservative—he believes academics should only marry other academics. So please, be patient—one day I will have tenure and can do what I like. And who knows, sooner or later my mother might come around. Let’s just wait and see what happens. Let’s be patient.”

‘Be patient? It’s been more than two years! We don’t need other peoples’ approval to be happy together. Why don’t we just leave and start our life somewhere else. We are young and in love, we can earn money . . . what’s stopping us? Let’s rent a boat and sail away somewhere—anywhere in the world!”

“I would do that in a heartbeat—if we won a lottery. We can’t exist on love alone, Melissa.”

“But money can’t buy you love Charlie! You said you wanted to get married, to have kids and spend our lives together! You better make up your mind and decide if that’s the life you want,” Melissa said.

“Okay, Okay . . . I’ll think about,” Charles answered.

That Christmas Charles failed to invite Melissa to the faculty party or his family get-together. A few months later, on the third anniversary of their first meeting, Melissa was about to give Charles a lottery ticket as a present. “Move to the West Coast with me,” she said. “I can teach music to support us, you can finish your studies at a new university and we can go sailing whenever we like. We’ll live our dream; if we put each other first, the money will follow.”

“I’ll have to think about it,” he said. Melissa kissed him goodbye as she put the lottery ticket back in her pocket and left. Charles never saw her again.

I met Charles several years later while he was completing his thesis and researching some of the rare Vedic texts in the Birla’s private library. He asked to have his handprints taken and wanted to know which feature or character trait was most prominent in his palm.

cross“The lines and signs of the hand form a complex and integral web—they should be read as a whole,” I said. “But what stands out most in your palm is the cross on your Sun line. The Sun line is an expression of personal joy, success and contentment—if it’s healthy and solid, it means you’re following your heart selflessly and without the need of praise or approval. However, this cross is cutting your Sun line in half. The cross has likely been caused by some unconscious or external force that’s interfering with your ability to decide or act upon what your heart is intuitively telling you is the right thing to do. Have you had difficulty finding or keeping the things that give you joy? Do you have trouble committing to your passion or happiness?”

That’s when Charles told me his sad love story and how his relationship with Melissa ended. “But the real irony is this—a mutual friend recently told me that the lottery ticket Melissa tried to give me was actually a winning number. She became a millionaire, then she met and married another man; they bought a boat and are sailing around the world. I let the love of my life sail away from me because I couldn’t make up my mind—I let other people decide the kind of life I would lead. I guess that’s my destiny.”

“What I see in your hand is not etched in stone, Charles. What happens to us is not predestined. We can change our lines, and our lives, if we truly desire and commit to change. We can fix your Sun line, Charles—the question is, do you want to fix it, do you want to change your life?”

“I’ll have to think it over,” Charles said as he left my office. When I last heard of Charles, he had become a tenured professor and was living in his mother’s house. He never married.

Palmistry is an amazing tool that can not only reveal the personal challenges blocking us from a full and truly happy life, but can also help us eliminate those blockages and embrace the happiness and joy we deserve. All we need to do is find the courage and commitment to change.

If you’d like to learn more about how the Sun line, or any of your lines, influence your life, sign up for one of our introductory courses by clicking here. If you need help in your relationship, give us a call at 866.428.3799, or click here for a consultation. We’re here to help.


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“She says I don’t hear a word she says,” Mateo blurted out, as he stepped into my office with his girlfriend, Mercedes. “But really, it’s her who doesn’t listen to hear me. I told her palmistry can’t help our relationship, but she went ahead and bought the plane tickets and dragged me here yet again.”

“He doesn’t hear me, Ghanshyam,” Mercedes said. “And I don’t think he sees me, either. We’ve been together for five years and I feel invisible to him.”

I first met Mercedes who, ironically, was a best-selling author of books on love and relationships, in 1996 at a symposium on Ayurvedic healing in her hometown of Los Angeles. She’d been travelling to Canada twice a year ever since for a consultation. Usually she came alone, but the year before she had brought along Mateo to help them solve their communication problem.

“When I saw you last year you both agreed to be more open with each other’s feelings. What happened?” I asked.

“I’ll tell you what happened,” Mateo jumped in. “A few months ago we went to a spiritual retreat and as soon as we walked in she was mobbed by her book fans. A huge, handsome guy who looked like a Swedish tennis pro elbowed me aside to tell her how much her books meant to him and his wife. Mercedes didn’t even acknowledge I was there. I felt two-feet-tall while she soaked up this guy’s praise. She should have known how I felt. I can’t get past that feeling of being ignored and treated like I’m unwanted.”

“Does that explain what happened after the retreat when we went for a romantic dinner at our hotel?” Mercedes countered. “Our waitress blatantly flirted with you right in front of me, and you encouraged it by winking and smiling at her. She was practically sitting in your lap and you loved it! You looked like you wanted to take her up to our room and jump into bed with her. How can I trust you when you invite women to come on to you?”

“Can I help it if she found me attractive, Mercedes?”

“No, but why do you have to flirt with other women when you have me?”

“Okay, you two,” I said. “Let’s calm down and see what your handprints can tell us.”

mercedes-left-heartI compared Mercedes’s current handprints with the ones from the year before and saw that her heart line hadn’t changed in either her right hand (reflecting her conscious mind because she was right-handed) or in her left hand, relating to her subconscious. This meant her affection for Mateo had remained constant. However, a series of lines paralleling her union (marriage) line had formed in her subconscious hand and the union line itself was now turning downward. These were clear indications of a growing emotional separation from Mateo, which could soon lead to an actually separation.


mateo-heartMateo’s handprints from a year ago revealed a multitude of parallel union lines in both hands, and those lines were just as pronounced in the new prints. Most worrisome was that the long, solid heart line from the previous year originating in his idealistic Jupiter mount had changed in the new handprints—it had shrunk and was now broken in two.

“When I looked at your handprints last year,” I began, “I said that you were communicating with each other as if you were on opposite sides of the street. Today it is as though you are talking to each other from opposite sides of a football stadium—it’s little wonder you can’t hear each other.”

“Mercedes, your parallel union lines are reactionary—they have formed because you sense Mateo is shutting you out, making you feel insecure and distant from him. But Mateo, your parallel union lines have been there for years, they have been present in many, if not in all of your past relationships. Your idealistic heart line tells me that you put your partners on a pedestal and you feel let down and unwanted when they don’t live up to your unrealistically high expectations of them. That’s when you subconsciously begin looking for a new relationship, hoping it will fulfil your fantasy. But it is a fantasy you will never fulfill because the women you love are real people with their own lives, goals and personalities. They cannot be everything you want them to be in the kitchen, in the bedroom and in public.

“At the spiritual retreat, Mercedes was being appreciative and receptive to her fans and admirers—you could have chosen to be proud of this and let her enjoy the attention, but you took it as a slight. Your broken and shrinking heart line indicates your ideal image of Mercedes is broken and subconsciously you are pulling away from her in search of another ‘ideal’ woman. If you don’t fix this now, your relationship is heading toward disaster. Both of you have down-turning union lines—that is destiny’s way of bringing you together to work out your issues. It’s up to you to do the work.”

I half expected Mateo to storm out of my office, but he didn’t. Instead he took Mercedes’s hand in his own and said: “Ghanshyam, I don’t like what you’ve said, but I have to admit that you just described my entire history with women. I suddenly understand why all my relationships ended unhappily. This relationship is going to be different.”

He turned to Mercedes and said, “From now on I am not only going to listen to everything you say to me, I’m going to hear you. And I guess I was wrong, palmistry can help our relationship.”

As they left my office, Mercedes looked back at me, smiled and whispered: “Thank you.”

Open the lines of communication with your partner or spouse—palmistry can show you how. To book a consultation, give us a call at 866-428-3799 or click here. We are here to help.


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The holiday season may be rapidly approaching, but a particular current cosmic alignment suggests you put your party plans on hold and roll up your sleeves—there’s work to do.

On November 14th the Sun moved out of Libra and joined Saturn in the sign of Scorpio. For the next few weeks these two enemy planets—each a giant of the solar system—will grow closer to each to other, creating both conflict and opportunity.

Sun and Saturn are dynamic opposites: Sun is expansive, Saturn is restrictive. Sun likes to see us shine brightly, to fully and brilliantly express ourselves through our gifts, our unique talents and to celebrate our individual personality—in short, Sun wants us to be the life of the party. Saturn, on the other hand, does not appreciate frivolity and it is definitely not the party planet. Saturn is stern by nature and demands us to focus on serious matters at hand by being self-disciplined, structured, introspective and by diligently attending to our duties and responsibilities.

Saturn is a powerful task master and will be increasingly exerting its influence over the Sun until the two planets swing into direct conjunction on December 9th.  So, this transit definitely has the potential to knock the wind out of our sails. When the vibrancy of the extroverted Sun energy is roped in by dour Saturn we may feel isolated and alone, which could trigger a feeling of ennui or a case of the blues. The secret to making the Sun-Saturn conjunction a success is—as in most things—finding a proper balance.

Saturn forces us to take a hard and sober look at ourselves and our lives, to face up to reality and to pay attention to the Saturnine primary message: Know thyself. Saturn wants us to reexamine what is going on within us and answer some hard questions: Have we been neglecting our duties? Are there things or people in our lives and in ourselves that we have been ignoring that require our dedicated attention to improve and thrive? Answering these questions honestly could require us to take action—action that ranges from working harder at our jobs or vocations, renewing or deepening a spiritual practice, being more present in our home lives or going out of our way to dutifully care for a friend or family member in need. This means making sacrifice, which can be difficult and sometimes painful, but if we direct our Sun energy toward addressing any problems or shortcomings we discover during our self-examination, we will make huge improvements in our lives and the lives of others.

Therefore, while this can be a challenging transit, it is one that offers enormous practical, emotional and spiritual benefits. What better way to prepare for the holidays and ready ourselves for a new year?

After they fully conjunct on December 9th, the Sun will pull away from Saturn and be completely out of its sphere of influence by December 14th, when it enters Sagittarius.

Curious about the influence Saturn and Sun are exerting on your natal chart? Want to know how to derive the most benefit from the current Sun-Saturn conjunction? Give us a call at 866-428-3799 or book a consultation by clicking here. We are here to help!


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Is your partner’s perception of the world out of sync with your own? Do you see the glass as half full and they insist it’s half empty? Palmistry can help you find a balance. Check out Marty and Mary-Anne’s story:

The wedding was wonderful; the honeymoon was hell.

Marty and Mary-Anne met and fell in love while volunteering at a food shelter; they shared the same goals and values and believed they would make a happy and compatible match. But their problems began right after the ceremony.

Marty had booked a cabin at a remote mountain lodge that was a popular honeymoon retreat. He felt sure his new bride would find it romantic, but on the drive up Mary-Anne became increasingly nervous.

“Marty—it’s so dark in the country . . . what if the car breaks down or we run out of gas? We would be lost—no one would find us. We could starve to death!”

“Don’t be silly—there’s no need to worry,” Marty assured her. “We aren’t going to get lost, or starve . . . this is a new car, I’ve got a map and a full tank of gas.”

Marty was exhilarated by the fresh air and beautiful natural setting, but Mary-Anne wasn’t. By the time the newlyweds had checked into their cabin she was trembling.

“What’s that noise, Marty? It’s wolves, isn’t it?!”

“Mary-Anne, it’s just crickets. It’s completely safe here, there is nothing to be afraid of.”

But the colour drained from Mary-Anne’s face when something banged against the door. She was certain it was a bear when it was only the concierge with a complimentary bottle of champagne.

“I hate this place Marty—did you bring me here to torture me?”

After three sleepless nights, they cut the disastrous honeymoon short and returned to the city. Things didn’t improve from there. Marty was calm and optimistic by nature, but Mary-Anne worried constantly about everything. What would happen if Marty lost his job as an electrician? What if the kids get sick? What if the quiet neighbours move away and noisy ones move in?  Although they loved each other and never contemplated divorce, Marty and Mary-Anne’s marriage wasn’t a very happy, harmonious or peaceful one. 

Not long after their 20th wedding anniversary Marty was hired to do electrical work at the Birla Center and, out of curiosity, had his handprints taken and was so impressed with his reading that he returned with Mary-Anne for a couple’s consultation. That’s when the reasons for their vastly differing outlooks on life finally began to make sense.

Marty’s Mount of Luna (or Moon) was full and healthy, but Mary-Anne’s was underdeveloped and severely raided by many interference lines. This was of major significance because the Mount of Luna is the first of the hand’s ten mounts—it affects every aspect of our lives and, in many ways, is the foundation of our entire physiological and emotional make up. In essence, the Mount of Luna determines how our five senses interpret the information we receive from the world around us. If the mount is under or over-developed our perceptions of reality will be skewed. An unbalanced Luna can lead to mistrust, chronic anxiety, depression and paranoia.


marty mary-anne

This explained why Marty loved the honeymoon resort while Mary-Anne found it nightmarish. Marty accurately perceived the beauty around him and could fully appreciate and enjoy it; Mary-Anne perceived danger in every noise and shadow and felt only fear and anger.

Thankfully, palmistry not only shows us what is askew in our lives, it offers remedies to fix them. Over time, as our lives change and improve, the lines and mounts of our hand also change and improve, making palmistry a barometer of our wellbeing. This was the case with Mary-Anne, who we encouraged to take up meditation and yoga to assist her in turning her attention inward to more objectively perceive her exterior surroundings. In doing so she discovered that most of her fears were based on a reality that did not exist.

Within a few years Mary-Anne no longer suffered from anxiety and could remain focused and objective in every situation. Her life and marriage improved immeasurably. On their 30th wedding anniversary Marty and Mary-Anne returned to the mountain resort for a second honeymoon—this time they enjoyed it so much they extended their stay.

If you would like to discover more about the role the mounts play in our lives, sign up for one of our introductory courses by clicking here. If you need help in your relationship, give us a call at 866.428.3799, or click here for a consultation. We’re here to help.


A Once-in-a-Lifetime Cosmic Event

Look up in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane. . . it’s Supermoon!

That’s right, today’s full moon is a supermoon, a term describing a full or new moon which, due to the moon’s ovoid orbit, is much closer to Earth than usual. And while supermoons are not that uncommon—this is the second of three this year—today’s supermoon is so special astronomers have dubbed it an “extra supermoon”. This is the closest the moon has been to us since 1948, and it won’t be this close again until November 2034. In other words, it could be a once-in-a-lifetime astronomical event.

It will be hard to miss this cosmic spectacle—not only is the supermoon nearly 15 percent closer to Earth as a typical moon, it will appear 30 percent brighter in the night sky. But if for some reason you do miss the moon tonight, either because you’re too busy to look up or it’s too cloudy to catch a proper glimpse, you will experience its effect all the same. No matter how far away it is, the moon exerts enormous power on our planet and our lives—and right now that power is super charged.

Moon is all about the mind; it draws us into the collective unconscious and is interwoven with our deepest feelings, it is the seat of our imagination and the source of our creativity. And because it governs our five senses, it defines the way we view ourselves and interpret the world around us. If our Luna energy is out of whack, either in our hand or in our natal chart, our perception of reality can become distorted and wreak havoc in our lives.

So it is important to remain calm, collected and focused during this extra supermoon period—the intensified lunar pull can trigger a surge in mental activity, generate unexpected or even disturbing thoughts and stir our emotions. But if we manage to keep our composure, we can channel this extra burst of Luna energy into creative projects, such as writing, painting or music. And because Luna’s feminine energy is tied to memory and is naturally nurturing and sensitive, this could prove an excellent time to engage in loving and constructive activities with family.

Astrologically, the supermoon is at 29° Aries in the Nakshatra “Krittika”, which means “the cutter”. Krittika is a fiery nakshatra ruled by the Sun and replete with Sun’s qualities of ambition, courage and the urge to tackle large-scale projects. However, as all cutting instruments can be used to create or destroy, it is important to use caution and forethought if presently undertaking a major new project. This Nakshatra also offers us an opportunity for spiritual growth—one of the symbols for Krittika is a flame, a fire in which we can burn away karma and purify our soul.

If you would like to positively channel the energy of this full extra-supermoon, or want to know how the moon is affecting your hand or chart, call us at 866-428-3799 or click here to book an appointment. We are here to help.





Do people from your past push your emotional buttons and make you feel like a helpless child again? Can other people’s negative comments or miserable attitudes destroy your self-confidence regardless of how far you’ve come in life? We can help. Check out Patrice’s story:

Patrice shuffled into my office looking pale, unhealthy and miserable. He had been one of my most vibrant and optimistic clients but it had been a year since his last consultation and I was shocked by his sorry state; he was a shell of his former self.

“What happened to you, Patrice?”

The last time I’d seen him, his handprints were filled with beautiful lines and signs. But in his new handprints, all those positive markings were gone; it was as though his palm had been dipped in acid. This troubled me a great deal: my clients’ hands almost always show improvement over time, an improvement reflected by their improving lives. . . it’s what I love most about Vedic Palmistry. But Patrice’s hands, and life, had taken a dramatic turn for the worse—a rare case of regression.

“Mark! That’s what happened to me, Guylaine; my cousin has made my life miserable.”

When we’d first met Patrice had explained that he and Mark had grown up together on their grandparents’ dairy farm where they’d shared a bedroom and spent many hours together tending the crops and cows.

Patrice was a gentle, creative boy who read philosophy and wrote poetry. Mark, on the other hand, was a ruffian and bully; he beat the cows with a stick, terrorized his schoolmates and humiliated Patrice in front of his friends. Patrice was always fearful, nervous and anxious when Mark was around.

That changed when Patrice received a scholarship from a university out of town. He thrived in the new academic climate, expanding his mind and consciousness while studying creative writing and comparative religions. He was popular with fellow students and his professors, and had many of his poems published. His interest in Eastern philosophy drew Patrice to the Birla Center, where he became a regular client of mine.

Patrice’s many gifts and admirable qualities are easily seen in his initial set of handprints. There are several wisdom signs on his Mount of Jupiter, including a square reflecting his writing talent, a cross signifying personal magnetism and a Ring of Solomon revealing a growing intuitive understanding of the human condition. An emerging Girdle of Venus expresses his love of life and his ability to inspire joy in others. And his long headline shows a strong self-confidence, which is echoed in the strong sense of purpose seen in the solid destiny line traveling from Ketu to the mount of Saturn. Finally, a pronounced Mercury line conveys an ability to express complex ideas and artistic impulses with ease and grace.


The one potential problem in his initial print is found in the prominent interference line that begins deep within his Mars negative and nearly severs his stamina line before crossing his life line, destiny line and head line. This was either a result of a karmic difficulty from a past life that Patrice needed to resolve in this lifetime, or a childhood trauma he’d buried in his subconscious.

I’d suspected it was from his negative relationship with his cousin, so we worked together to reduce it over the course of several coaching sessions. I suggested a daily routine of mantra and meditation to help him replace any lingering resentment and anger he harbored toward Mark with positive thoughts, feelings and emotions. Patrice practiced his spiritual routine faithfully and was making great progress, but then his grandfather died and he took a year off from school, returning to the farm to help his grandmother.

“I couldn’t bear the thought of her being alone with Mark,” he said. “He is such a nasty person that even the cows hide from him.”

But as soon as he arrived at the farm he was swallowed up by his past. Mark began bullying him and he fell back into old patterns of fearful, insecure behavior.

“I stopped reading and writing poetry,” Patrice told me. “I didn’t want to get out of bed—I even stopped meditating. My only mantra was, I hate Mark! I hate Mark! That thought has run through my mind every day from morning to night for the past year. I lost everything I’d achieved . . .  all I have left is anger. . . I guess you see that in my hand.”

“I do see it, Patrice. All your good lines have withered away, even your life line is fading. You lost your purpose and positive drive by succumbing to your cousin’s negativity and allowed that to become the leading force in your life.”

I explained that our brain is like a sponge, soaking up the moods of the people around us—if those people are negative, those moods and attitudes can poison our minds, sometimes with long-lasting effects. Vedic palmistry has known this for centuries and lately neuroscientists have been confirming it, attributing the phenomena to a recently discovered system of brain neurons they call “mirror neurons”, which tune into the brain of the people we are closest to and physically recreate their internal state within us.

“In other words, Patrice—your cousin hasn’t just been ruining your life, he’s been ruining your brain,” I said. “The good news is that you’ve come back to a positive environment where you are surrounded by positive people. If you get back to your meditation and begin creating new, positive thoughts, your anger will disappear and the wonderful things that you experienced in your life will return . . . and so will the beautiful lines in your hand. This is the power of palmistry—it can tell us what is causing our problems, how to fix them, and show us the improvements in our palms.”

I gave Patrice a journal and told him to monitor his moods, thoughts and emotions each day—and to be vigilant not to let Mark’s negativity seep into his psyche.

Patrice left my office with a smile on his face. Eight months later he completed his schooling and went back to the farm to help his grandmother, but this time he didn’t allow himself to be dragged down by Mark. He continued to meditate and write poetry and eventually married a neighboring farm girl. When Mark realized he could no longer dominate or dampen Patrice’s mood, he moved away. Patrice and his new wife amalgamated their farms, invited Patrice’s grandmother to live with them and began raising a family of their own. Today Patrice is a successful farmer, happy family man and a respected poet.

When we are aware of our moods and thoughts and take ownership of them, we can prevent others from trespassing in our internal world or destroying our peace of mind. Palmistry is an invaluable map that can guide us on the journey toward self-awareness.

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