Navaratri - October 1st thru October 10th

Navaratri, one of the most sacred and joyous festivals in the Hindu world, begins this Saturday and continues for the next nine nights and ten days.

Navaratri symbolizes the triumph of good over evil and is observed through fasting, prayer, worshipful offerings and communal song and dance. It is a celebration of the power, fertility, strength, beauty, purity, courage and wisdom of the Divine Mother—the feminine aspect of God embodied in the supreme goddess, Durga.

Durga’s name translates from the Sanskrit as the “invincible one” and “remover of all miseries”. According to Hindu Mythology, Durga bravely slew the demon Mahishasura, who was terrorizing the universe with all manner of wickedness: violence, selfishness, and arrogance. Her heroic action freed us to peacefully pursue happiness, success and a higher awareness free of the bonds of ego. Durga epitomizes sacrifice, salvation and the countless other noble attributes of motherhood, which are represented by the many different avatar goddesses (or Devis) through which she appears. The word Nava-ratri itself means "nine nights”, and each night of the festival is dedicated to honouring a goddess presenting a different facet of Mother Durga.

And, as Durga is also considered the unified representation of the Tridevi—the trinity of the goddesses Parvati, Lakshmi and Saraswati—the blessing of each of these goddesses are invoked individually for three nights during Navaratri. The first three nights are dedicated to Parvati, who instills in us the indomitable strength of her divine love and devotion. The next three nights are devoted to Laskshmi, the goddess of spiritual and material prosperity, who bestows inexhaustible wealth upon her devotees. The final three nights of the festival belong to Saraswati, the goddess of knowledge and arts, who leads us to wisdom and higher consciousness.

Mother Durga is often referred to as Devi Shakti, the manifestation of the divine female energy through which the universe was created and is sustained, an energy that defies the cycle of birth and death, that defies time itself—the cosmic energy that animates the universal life force and illuminates every soul with eternal consciousness.

Weather we celebrate Navaratri or not, this nine-night period is a goddess-given opportunity to reflect upon the beauty, strength and sacrifice symbolized by motherhood; to remember our own mothers and thank them for all they have given us and helped us to achieve.



The ability to freely express ourselves is a defining aspect of human happiness. Do you want to feel the happiness and satisfaction we derive from expressing ourselves freely? We can help you—check out Blake’s story.

Blake was an extraordinarily good cars salesman. Everyone agreed, he was the Wayne Gretzky of automobile sales. Even when he was in high school and working part-time at his dad’s used car lot, Blake consistently out-sold his older, fulltime colleagues.

By the time he’d enrolled in university to study psychology, Blake had earned enough money to buy his own home and two of the late model Porches he was so talented at selling. During his first year of study he continued to sell cars at a luxury car dealership, which allowed him to marry the beautiful young daughter of the owner. No one doubted that he was going to be a huge success.

But when I met Blake shortly after his 26th birthday, he was a broken man—emotionally shattered and physically exhausted. He’d dropped out of school during his final year and went through a bitter divorce, in which he lost his house, cars and all his savings.

“I couldn’t do it anymore, Guylaine. Everyone thought I was Mr. Super Salesman because I knew a lot about cars. . . but that wasn’t true. I knew about people, that’s why I wanted to study psychology: I knew what people wanted, and I knew what they thought they wanted—so it was easy to sell them expensive cars, even when they clearly couldn’t afford it. But it made me miserable—I wanted to help people, not take advantage of them or put them into impossible debt. But I couldn’t tell them take the bus, or go buy an inexpensive used car from my dad. My boss, my wife, my friends and my colleagues relied on me to make money. I was never able to tell them that wasn’t what I wanted to do. So I walked away from it all. It cost me everything I had and I still can’t explain what went wrong. My life is over, I’m a loser.”

After taking Blake’s handprints, I understood why he had kept silent about his feelings for so many years. There was no indication whatsoever of a Mercury line in his hand, which is evident in his “before” handprint. He had solid head and heart lines, representing a keen mind and generous heart, but they were stifled and suffocated without the support of Mercury, or any other minor line.


In classical mythology, wing-footed Mercury was the messenger of the gods—his job was to make sure the immortals were able to readily communicate with each other. In the hand, the line of Mercury also represents communication—it reflects our ability to convey our needs, desires, dreams and ideas, and the happiness and satisfaction we derive from expressing ourselves freely.

A strong Mercury line tells us that we understand who we are and are comfortable within ourselves and in the world. Mercury enables us to explore the depths of our subconscious mind, develop our unique gifts and talents, and share them with the world.

Blake didn’t know who he was, although he was aware of who he wasn’t. He felt trapped, and had become so frustrated with his inability to express himself that, in an act of desperation, he had chosen to simply disappear from his life.

During a series of counseling sessions—during which I recommended daily meditation and breathing exercises—I convinced Blake that by changing his thoughts and outlook on life he could change the lines in his hand . . . he could leave his anguish and heartache behind, learn to express himself, and create a happy and fulfilling future.

After several months of coaching, I noticed the beginning of a Mercury line in Blake’s right palm—it signaled an awakening of his inner self, an awareness of who he was and what he was meant to do in life. Within a year Blake had developed a strong Mercury line, which is seen in his “after” handprint, indicating that he’d found the self-confidence and inner contentment needed to express himself effortlessly. He also developed a healthy Sun line, reflecting his new-found conviction, and a growing magnetism that quickly drew an amazing number of positive people and circumstances into his life.

Soon Blake returned to school and completed his psychology degree, he remarried, had two children, became a college lecturer and opened a private counselling practice with his new wife. Most importantly, he was happy.

The ability to freely express ourselves is a defining aspect of human happiness; without it, we are in danger of retreating into our own misery and develop a medley of physical and psychological illnesses. When we learn to communicate our dreams, ambitions and individuality, we can soar towards joy with the speed and ease of winged-Mercury.

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In Vedic culture, the next few days mark the end of Pitru Paksha, a special period set aside to express love and gratitude to our cherished family members who have passed away.

This year’s Pitru Paksha began with the September 16th full moon lunar eclipse and concludes on the evening of the new moon September 30th.  Hundreds of millions of people in India and around the world pay homage to ancestors and departed loved ones during Pitru Paksha by performing spiritual rituals such as fire ceremonies, reciting specific mantras and prayers and preparing special meals.

Regardless of your religious affiliations or beliefs, this is an auspicious time to remember and reflect upon the spirit of loved ones who have physically left this world. Hold them in your thoughts and prayers and send them all the loving energy you feel for them in your heart.

Did the planets play a role in wreaking havoc on the relationship of Hollywood’s most famous, glamorous, and philanthropic couple? There are definite indications that they did.

The timing of last week’s split between Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie coincided with two of the most emotionally turbulent astrological periods of the year—the effects of the full moon lunar eclipse of September 16th were well underway and Mercury retrograde was at full force when the marriage was tested.

In a post we ran last month, we advised that during the eclipse season from August 18th to September 16th, including a Mercury retrograde beginning August 30th, emotions can run high, rational thought can be derailed and interpersonal communications break down, and that the best course of action is to remain calm, meditate and avoid making any major life decisions—like filing for divorce—until the retrograde cycle was complete. The days leading up to, during, and immediately following the full moon lunar eclipse of September 16th are especially regarded by many as a highly cautionary period during which our judgment may be poor. Just one of these cosmic events could spell trouble in a relationship—especially one that’s already strained—but both occurring simultaneously could push a fragile union over the edge. On top of all that, Mars was in the challenging 29th degree, which is especially agitating for anyone with a strong Mars influence in their chart, as is the case with Brad.

According to news reports, Jolie filed for divorce just hours before the lunar eclipse; her decision was instigated by an uncharacteristic (but very Mercury retrograde-like) lapse in rational behaviour by Pitt, who allegedly went on an abusive rant directed at his wife and their children during a flight to Los Angeles.

It would be a karmic tragedy indeed if planetary influences drove this magnetic and magnanimous couple apart, given the good they have done in the world through their joint humanitarian works, their significant efforts to foster world peace, and their inspiring resolve to create a loving and harmonious blended family in an era of rising racial tensions and discord.

But the forces that drew them together 12 years ago—Brad’s powerful Mars and Angelina’s ethereal Moon—that transformed them into the universally recognizable unit of Brangelina, and finally compelled them to officially tie the marriage knot in 2014, may turn out to be the same forces that are now tearing them asunder.

Angelina’s Vedic natal chart reveals a staggering degree of charisma, creativity, beauty, ingenuity and a passion to shine brilliantly—as seen in her Venus, ruler of the 4th and 11th houses, being placed in the 1st house of Cancer. The placement of Venus in the 1st house, however, threatens her feelings of stability. This suggests that she is likely to go to extremes to protect her sense of security or ward off any perceived danger to the security of those she loves, particularly her children. Any challenge she does face—be it from Brad or elsewhere—will make her all the more formidable, given the fire of Scorpio in her 5th house that relates to her creativity, passion and love. The greater the challenge, the stronger and more resolute she becomes.

Her concern for the wellbeing of her children (several of whom are adopted from poorer nations), and her love for humanity in general, are expressed through her Jupiter in Pisces in her 9th house, aspecting an exalted Cancer in the 1st house of personality.

The mount of Jupiter in her hand is also very pronounced, with several Rings of Solomon depicting her staunch dignity, innate wisdom, resoluteness, unshakably survival instinct, and a driving need to exert her personality. The real hurdle Angelina faces is the placement of Rahu in Scorpio in the 5th house, which makes difficult aspects to her Moon in the 9th house, Sun in the 11th house and her Cancer ascendant. Rahu can be an instigator of separation—it can eclipse her positive Jovian qualities, including the love she feels for Brad, pushing her toward feelings of wrath instead of reason or appeasement. She has displayed this trait in the past toward her father, actor Jon Voight, who left Jolie and her mother when Angelina was very young, presenting a major threat to her sense of stability at an early age. She came to resent her dad, eventually broke off all contact with him, and for many years remained bitterly estranged.

Brad’s natal chart, although quite different from Angelina’s, bears striking similarities to his wife’s. Like Angelina, Brad has Jupiter in its home sign of Pisces, which denotes a great personality charged with multiple Jovian qualities, including optimism, civility, decency, ambition and a natural inclination to nurture positive causes. However, Brad is strongly driven by Mars, the warrior planet, which rules his communication, self-expression and desire. Mars is the ruler of his 1st house, the house that determines how we portray ourselves to the world, and it is sitting in the 2nd house of fiery Sagittarius.

Brad’s hand also reflects this powerful Mars influence, which is evident in his incredibly prominent Mars galaxy, and in the Mars-dominated features of his face—particularly his eyes, forehead and cheekbones.

The overwhelming presence of Mars in his personality instills Brad with a conviction that he can weather any storm, be it scandal, stress, fame, opposition or addictions, without breaking a sweat and wearing a smile. Mars exudes the warrior aura of, “this is my life to lead and enjoy as I see fit, don’t dare tell me how to live it!” But Mars is also the protective soldier, and that determined spirit to courageously care for and protect the causes and people he loves is outstandingly profound in Brad.

The electric interaction of their strong, individualistic and compassionate personalities is what has made Brad and Angelina such a powerful, effective and dynamic couple. It would be a shame if they part on acrimonious terms, and potentially devastating for their children, whom they have so lovingly nurtured together.

Despite what the tabloids suggest, from an astrological perspective there is reason to hold out hope that, with the appropriate guidance, they can repair any damage done and reconcile. Angelina’s strong Jovian characteristics provide her with an expansive view and an open heart; Brad’s deep-rooted Mars strength suggests great potential to rekindle the spirit of love. With forgiveness, respect and a mutual understanding of each other’s vulnerabilities, they can overcome their differences—for the sake of their marriage, their children, and the good they bring to world when they work together as a team.

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It takes courage to love, and energy and strength to overcome the challenges, hardships and obstacles we so often encounter in our life and careers.

A few years ago Monika sashayed into my office two hours late for her appointment, dismissing her tardiness with a dramatic flick of her wrists.

“I’m running behind schedule today,” she said. “I overslept this morning; I couldn’t find anything to wear . . . and then my taxi didn’t show up on time. You know how it is. But none of that is important—what’s important is that I’m here now and I need help with my career—I need your help to become famous!”

She sat down across from me with an exhausted sigh: “I’m a good actress, Ghanshyam, but I want to be a star—a movie star. It’s so hard getting to the top, though. There is so much competition . . . and so many lines to memorize. Last week I stayed up all night trying to learn my lines, so of course I slept in the next morning. And because I arrived late at the studio, they gave my part to another actress. Do you think you can help me improve my memory so it’s easier for me to memorize my scripts?”

Monika’s lateness for our appointment left little time for an important first consultation. But even a quick glance at her handprints revealed the source of one of her major difficulties.

find-strength-live-courage-love-hands-print“You have a serious problem in your Mars Galaxy—it’s disrupting your entire hand, and I suspect it’s disrupting your entire life.”

I explained that the hand consists of 10 connected mounts which reflect our emotional, psychological and spiritual well-being. For example, the Mount of Luna, or Moon, represents our mind and imagination. The Mount of Saturn represents our logic and discipline. If our Saturn is depleted, or weak, our imagination can run out of control, getting us into all sorts of trouble.  In Monika’s case, her Mars—which consists of two mounts, Mars negative and Mars positive, forming the Mars Galaxy—was seriously depleted, especially her Mars Negative.

“The Mount of Mars derives its name from the planet Mars, the warrior planet,” I continued. “It represents our energy, our emotional and physical strength and our courage to deal with life. We can sometimes get by without a balanced Mars for several years by robbing energy from other mounts, but this is unhealthy and unproductive and, in the long run, unmaintainable. We will eventually find we are completely drained—physically, mentally and emotionally—and end up without a true purpose. We become like a motorboat without a motor, drifting down the river of life. Even if we know where we want to go, we will not have the energy or fortitude to get there.

“You have a healthy Mount of Venus,” I told her, “which shows your passion and desire to express yourself creatively . . . but you need the strong, reliable support of Mars energy if you hope to do that successfully. Honestly, right now your Mars Negative is so depleted that I am surprised you have the physical energy to clean your apartment, let alone the mental energy or focus to earn a living in a profession as demanding as acting. This may explain your difficulty learning lines and being on time for appointments and auditions. But the good news is you can strengthen your Mars, and improve your memory by . . .”

“Excuse me, Ghanshyam,” Monika cut me off. “It’s true I am late a lot, and a bit untidy and disorganized. But I don’t need to worry about being messy or earning a living. My parents help me with rent, and they send their maid to clean my apartment and cook once a week. That might sound strange, considering I’m 30 years old, but I think they are extra-protective of me because I was adopted. As a matter of fact, I’m in the process of re-connecting with my birth father right now. I’ve always dreamed of having my real dad in my life.”

I wasn’t surprised that Monika had ready excuses to explain away her bad habits—those with a depleted Mars often draw upon (and diminish) their Saturn logic to justify their behavior. But I was concerned by everything else she’d disclosed.

“Monika, as I was about to say before—we can strengthen your Mars Galaxy by giving you small tasks to complete each day—arriving for appointments on time, cleaning up after yourself, cooking your own meals. Accomplishing small, daily goals will build up the stamina and discipline needed to take on greater tasks—like memorizing movie scripts. Regular exercise, proper rest and meditation will also help you. But having someone else pay your rent, cook for you and clean up your mess will undermine these efforts.

“And as for re-connecting with your birth-father . . . the universe is giving you this opportunity to develop a healthy and balanced Mars Galaxy. Any loving or intense personal relationship requires emotional strength and the courage of commitment—qualities you’ll need to develop if you want this new relationship with your dad to be both happy and long-lasting.”

Monika looked dubious, but said she would consider my advice. We arranged a follow up consultation for the next month, but she failed to show up. A few weeks later she phoned to reschedule, saying she’d been so distracted trying to get to auditions that our consultation had slipped her mind.

“But I did meet up with my birth father,” she added.

“Oh really, how did it go?” I asked

“It’s been a disaster, Ghanshyam. “He’s a wonderful man and he explained why he and my birth mother gave me up for adoption—they were only 15 when they had me. But now he wants to call me once a week to check on me and take me out for dinner once a month—it’s too much attention for me to handle; it takes up too much of my time and is too much effort. I told him it’s best if we don’t see each other again.”

Monika missed her re-scheduled appointment as well, and I never heard from her again. I regret that she didn’t take my advice on strengthening her Mars Galaxy before reconnecting with her dad. She missed out on the opportunity to form a loving bond with someone important to her.

It takes courage to love, and energy and strength to overcome the challenges, hardships and obstacles we so often encounter in our life and careers. These qualities emanate from our Mars Galaxy, so it’s in our best interest to make sure our Mars is healthy and balanced.

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If your world has been turned upside down over the past few weeks, get ready to breathe a sigh of relief—Mercury retrograde is almost over! Mercury has been retrograde since August 30th and will, at long last, go direct this Thursday, September 22nd.

Mercury retrograde generally occurs several times a year when the planet Mercury moves between the Sun and the Earth and, due to an optical illusion, appears to reverse its orbit and travel backwards. Even those who don’t believe in astrology pay attention when Mercury is retrograding because the strange, highly disruptive occurrences that take place during this turbulent planetary period are too many and too frequent to ignore.

What can go wrong during Mercury retrograde? Well . . .  just about anything and everything—and for good reason. Mercury rules every form of human and mechanical communication, including our thoughts and how we express them. When Mercury is retrograde you may have noticed that your thinking becomes muddled—you are unable to say what you want or you say something you wish you hadn’t. During retrograde, emails have a habit of disappearing, brand new computers crash, flights get canceled, trains run late, taxis pass you by, rent cheques get lost in the mail, keys disappear, smart phones become dumb, job offers are rescinded, misunderstandings abound and petty arguments can turn nasty among the most loving family members and between the very best of friends.

This is why astrologers advise clients to avoid signing contracts, making big life decisions, making major investments or starting new projects during Mercury retrograde—the pervasive aura of misunderstanding and confusion can undermine any or all of these undertakings. This well-founded advice applies doubly during the current Mercury retrograde period as it coincides with last Friday’s Lunar full-moon eclipse—the after effects of which we are still feeling.

Some speculate that Mercury, which is thought to have the densest iron-core of any planet in the solar system, causes so much chaos in our lives because it is, in essence, a huge magnet floating though space. The theory is that because it is at its closest proximity to Earth during retrograde, Mercury’s magnetic force interacts with and disrupts our own planet’s magnetic field, as well as all electromagnetic machinery operating within that field. This includes the human brain, which recent scientific study strongly suggests is subconsciously and intimately linked to Earth’s magnetic currents.

Regardless of the cause, Mercury retrograde challenges us mentally and emotionally, and our responses to those challenges can teach us a lot about ourselves and show us the lessons we need to learn to better cope with life when things don’t go as we hoped or expected.

So when Mercury goes direct on Thursday, we should not only celebrate the end of Mercury retrograde, but reflect upon the obstacles and experiences we’ve struggled with over the past few weeks. Mercury direct may take several days before it snaps things back into place, giving us the opportunity and perspective to calmly examine our thoughts and behavior during the past retrograde.

This reflection can lead to a greater wisdom and help us develop the tolerance and patience to succeed in future endeavours. It will also prepare us to deal with the next three-week-long Mercury retrograde beginning on December 19th, ensuring we will have a Merry Christmas, but not a Hectic New Year.

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Leanna had everything to live for and, at 55 years old, felt that her life was just beginning. She’d successfully raised four kids as a single mom, earned a psychology degree at night while working fulltime, and was in a loving relationship with a wonderful man. In a few week’s time she planned to retire from her government job and launch a new career as a psychologist—she’d never been happier.

Then tragedy struck: During a routine doctor’s appointment she was diagnosed with terminal cancer. She was distraught and didn’t know where to turn. A relative of hers gave her my number and she called requesting an emergency appointment.

Leanna walked into my office in tears, shaking her head in bewilderment.

“I don’t understand what went wrong—I’ve never smoked, I eat healthy food, exercise regularly and there’s no history of cancer in my family,” she said. “Why did this happen? What can I do?”

I looked at her handprints and was struck by the long and beautifully-rounded life line in her dominant hand—the hand we write with that reflects our conscious self, present circumstances and outlook on life. This perfectly shaped line indicated that Leanna was anticipating, and looking forward to a long, full and happy life.


But the life line in her non-dominant hand—reflecting our subconscious self, our past, our buried desires, emotions and regrets—was short, fragile and tasseled at the termination of the line, denoting a major loss of motivation and a lack of vision for the future.

In Vedic Palmistry the study of both hands gives us a complete picture of the state of our subconscious and conscious mind—the yin and yang, the female and male, or the “feeling” and “reasoning” aspects of our being. The contrast between Leanna’s two life lines made me suspect someone or something had deeply impacted her in the past. This had created deep-rooted, negative feelings that she had not dealt with, had subconsciously attached herself to, and had been unwittingly nourishing for many years.

When I asked Leanna about this, she explained that 30 years earlier her then-husband—whom she’d loved and trusted—left her for one of her best friends. The betrayal devastated Leanna; it made her bitter and for a period of time even zapped her will to live. But for the sake of her children she eventually chose to ignore her pain, anger and hurt feelings and get on with her life.

I saw this reflected in the short life line of Leanna’s non-dominant hand—instead of dealing with the pain and resentment of that betrayal three decades ago, she had pushed her negative feelings “into storage” in her subconscious mind, where they took root.

The non-dominant hand is like the hidden root system of a plant, while the dominant hand can be compared to the visible stem, leaves, and flowers. Our subconscious roots reflect our deepest beliefs and feelings—and the subconscious eventually pushes those rooted-emotions and thoughts to the surface of our existence.  If we have planted the bitter seeds of a thorn bush in our past, we cannot expect to enjoy the taste of a delicious apple in our present or future—even if we desperately want that apple; we reap what we sow.

Metaphysicist Neville Goddard writes about this in his book, Feeling Is the Secret: “The subconscious receives ideas through our feelings and gives them form. If you dwell on difficulties, barriers or delay, the subconscious by its very non-selective nature, accepts the feeling of difficulties and obstacles as you request and proceeds to produce them in your outer world.”

It was clear to me that Leanna had been so powerfully impacted by her husband’s betrayal that she had subconsciously lost her inspiration to live a long and happy life—despite the fact that she consciously desired to do just that.

I explained this to Leanna, emphasizing the perils of subconsciously harboring negative feelings and emotions. “Life is precious and we can’t afford to let anything rob us of our motivation,” I said. “As the great sage Sri Yukteswar wrote, `wrath springs from thwarted desire’. It is extremely difficult for any of us to move forward if our hope and belief are entangled in the despair of our past. If we hold onto grief, hurt, resentment or disappointment we only end up hurting ourselves. We must let go completely of past wounds and focus on creating joy within ourselves and in the lives of those around us.”

I used the example of Nelson Mandela who, after serving 27 years in jail, pursued a path of forgiveness to move beyond the anger and atrocities he and so many others experienced during apartheid. Mandela said, “I knew if I didn’t leave my bitterness and hatred behind I’d still be in prison.” He exemplified this by inviting his former prison guard to his inauguration as president.

Is there hope for Leanna as she fights a fatal disease? A resounding yes! This is a pivotal and crucial time in her life during which she can reprogram her mind and create new grooves in her brain that can change her present reality. Neuroscientists were once convinced that our thought patterns were fixed and immutable. However, technological advancements in magnetic-brain imaging have proven that we are capable of re-wiring our brain throughout our lifetime—from the moment we are born to the moment we draw our final breath. But, as Neville Goddard tells us, to successfully create a new, positive reality, our thoughts must be soundly supported by deep, positive feelings. One of the surest ways to achieve this is through meditation, positive affirmations and focused, peaceful self-reflection—all of which Leanna is faithfully practicing.

As Leanna reinforces her subconscious with positive thoughts and feelings, she will see an extension of the life line in her non-dominant hand, which will match up with her resolve to live a happy life that is expressed in the beautiful life line of her dominant hand. As she creates new, positive grooves in the thinking patterns of her brain, the negative grooves in her non-dominant hand will disappear.

In time, and with perspective, Leanna will even be grateful for her past difficulties and realize that the painful betrayal she experienced presented her with the opportunity to create wonderful changes in her life—a realization already reflected in the wisdom signs on her mount of Jupiter—in her Ring of Solomon and in her Star and Square. In the end, the suffering she endured helped her develop a huge and generous heart, enabled her to attract an even greater love into her life and gave her a new passion for self-awareness. Despite her battle with cancer, Leanna is filled with gratitude; she wants her story to be shared so that others can learn from her experience and she is looking toward the future with hope.

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This Friday the Earth will slip into a cosmic big squeeze when it moves directly between the two planetary bodies that exert the greatest influence on our lives—the sun and the moon, which will be full. The Earth will partially block the sun’s light from reaching the moon. And while the eclipse itself will be less than two hours, its impact on us can be profound and long-lasting.

Astrologically speaking, the Sun represents our soul and the Moon represents our mind; during a lunar eclipse our mind is cut off from our soul’s powerful illumination. If we are unprepared, we may find ourselves struggling in the dark, haunted by imaginary psychic shadows and second-guessing ourselves and the motivations and intentions of others.

Needless to say, an eclipse has the potential to cause a great deal of tension, stress and upheaval in our lives. This is why, historically, eclipses have been regarded by many as negative omens and periods of poor judgment. To this day, astrologers caution their clients not to enter into contracts, splurge on major purchases or make big life decisions—like getting engaged, divorced or quitting a job—in the days before, during or immediately following an eclipse.

Happily, there is a positive and powerful flipside to every eclipse—and this Friday’s eclipse in particular. In Vedic astrology and philosophy, the shadowy period of an eclipse is considered auspicious because it allows our divine inner light to shine more brightly. A lunar eclipse opens a doorway to our innermost self, presenting a perfect opportunity for soul-searching, personal reflection, spiritual contemplation and meditation. In short, by temporarily darkening the light of the luminaries of Sun and Moon, the eclipse empowers us to seek our own light and elevate our spiritual awareness—and few things in life are more important than that!

And as the eclipse coincides with a full moon, the rewards we can reap by delving into our heart and soul will be amplified many fold. If we can tap into that positive heart-mind energy and apply it with a unified focus, we can fulfill old obligations, make good on lingering commitments and wrap up unfinished projects. Successfully balancing our internal powers properly on September 16th will enable us to accomplish a great deal.

Of course, the full moon may also amplify tensions in our public and personal lives—tensions that always arise with a sun-moon opposition, tensions that tug at both our mind and soul, heighten our emotions and make us ready to face off with anyone or anything that opposes us. So we must be extra vigilant in maintaining our perspective for the next week and a half by keeping a cool head at work and a steady heart at home. Be cautious with your words, don’t say things you can’t take back, and don’t allow emotions, ego or temptation to draw you into regrettable situations. And, as mentioned, try to put off making major purchases or life-changing decisions until several days after the eclipse.

The best advice one can offer regarding this full-moon eclipse is to remain calm and meditate as often as possible. Look into your heart and share the love that you find there with everyone in your life . . . and always remember to love yourself—by doing this, we light up the darkness.

If you would like help to most benefit from this powerful full-moon eclipse—or in any other aspect of your life—give us a call at 866-428-3799, or click here to book a consultation. We’re here to help.






Gerald was a concert pianist; Marge didn’t play an instrument but was a huge fan of classical piano music. One evening, Marge attended a concert in which Gerald played a solo piece; she was so moved by his music that she was determined to meet him. When they were introduced backstage they felt as if they had known each other all their lives—the chemistry was instantaneous, undeniable and profound. It was love at first sight.

They began a passionate romance and became inseparable companions. And although their ardor never cooled, after several months of dating there was definitely trouble in paradise. Gerald felt smothered by Marge’s possessiveness, sudden outbursts of anger, and forceful, demanding nature. That’s when they came to see me for couples’ counselling.

union-line-making-beautiful-music-together-printThe first thing I did was check their union lines (sometimes referred to as the marriage line) and noted that they both had just one, indicating they were seeking one true and lasting love-match. Their partnership was supported by the age-placement of their lines—Marge was 32 and Gerald was 38 when they met and their union lines perfectly corresponded with that time frame. And the fact that both of their union lines extended to the back of their hands suggested they may have known each other in a previous life and had a karmic relationship, accounting for their sudden, mutual attraction and instant sense recognition and familiarity. All this pointed toward a very good match.

The trouble was with Marge’s downward-turning union line, referred to as mangli, which told me the effects of traumatic events or turbulent life changes were spilling into her current relationship. As it turned out, she was dealing with the recent death of her mother, the breakup of her previous long-term romantic relationship and a work-transfer to a new city—the combination of which had made her angry, anxious, insecure and resistant to change. Unfortunately, Gerald was often the focus of these negative emotions.

I explained to Marge that she needed to let go of her anger and channel her intense emotions into physical exercise as well intellectual and spiritual pursuits, otherwise she would poison her relationship and make herself sick.

Marge took my advice. We scheduled regular appointments to get to the root of her anger and she had frequent ayurvedic massages to release her tension and faithfully practiced yoga and meditation. And she began studying piano under Gerald’s tutelage.

Over the course of two years Marge completely changed her outlook on life. She became more accepting and open to change and developed an easygoing, sunny disposition. Her union line gradually straightened out, reflecting these internal changes. Her relationship with Gerald improved immensely—they married a year later and have been making beautiful music together now for two decades.

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Dear Friends,

We wish you all a very happy and blessed Ganesh Chaturthi!

Today tens of millions of people around the world are celebrating the birthday of Lord Ganesha—the benevolent elephant-headed deity who is one of the most revered and beloved members of the Hindu pantheon of gods.

It is easy to understand why Ganesha is so widely-loved and held in such high esteem by so many:  Ganesha is worshiped as the the god of wisdom, prosperity and good fortune and as the remover of all obstacles standing in the way of our success. For this reason, he is often portrayed riding in a vehicle pulled by a rat—the elephant representing wisdom and might and the rat representing subtlety and cunning. While the elephant can use its size and might to push through the densest of jungles, the rat obtains the same objective using its wits by scampering around or burrowing beneath anything in its path. When the elephant and rat work together, nothing can stand in their way, illustrating that both mightiness and subtlety are necessary to overcome the varied obstacles that can block us from achieving success in life.

Ganesha’s presence is invoked during most religious ceremonies in India, regardless of sect; he is usually depicted as being pot-bellied an affable. His kind, generous demeanor and rotund belly represent the affluence and benevolence sought by those who ask his blessing.

We hope that you will all feel Lord Ganesha’s benevolent presence surround you on this special day, and that you will be showered by his many blessing throughout your life.

Happy Ganesh Chaturthi!