Find the Strength to Live and the Courage to Love… in your hands.

It takes courage to love, and energy and strength to overcome the challenges, hardships and obstacles we so often encounter in our life and careers.

A few years ago Monika sashayed into my office two hours late for her appointment, dismissing her tardiness with a dramatic flick of her wrists.

“I’m running behind schedule today,” she said. “I overslept this morning; I couldn’t find anything to wear . . . and then my taxi didn’t show up on time. You know how it is. But none of that is important—what’s important is that I’m here now and I need help with my career—I need your help to become famous!”

She sat down across from me with an exhausted sigh: “I’m a good actress, Ghanshyam, but I want to be a star—a movie star. It’s so hard getting to the top, though. There is so much competition . . . and so many lines to memorize. Last week I stayed up all night trying to learn my lines, so of course I slept in the next morning. And because I arrived late at the studio, they gave my part to another actress. Do you think you can help me improve my memory so it’s easier for me to memorize my scripts?”

Monika’s lateness for our appointment left little time for an important first consultation. But even a quick glance at her handprints revealed the source of one of her major difficulties.

find-strength-live-courage-love-hands-print“You have a serious problem in your Mars Galaxy—it’s disrupting your entire hand, and I suspect it’s disrupting your entire life.”

I explained that the hand consists of 10 connected mounts which reflect our emotional, psychological and spiritual well-being. For example, the Mount of Luna, or Moon, represents our mind and imagination. The Mount of Saturn represents our logic and discipline. If our Saturn is depleted, or weak, our imagination can run out of control, getting us into all sorts of trouble.  In Monika’s case, her Mars—which consists of two mounts, Mars negative and Mars positive, forming the Mars Galaxy—was seriously depleted, especially her Mars Negative.

“The Mount of Mars derives its name from the planet Mars, the warrior planet,” I continued. “It represents our energy, our emotional and physical strength and our courage to deal with life. We can sometimes get by without a balanced Mars for several years by robbing energy from other mounts, but this is unhealthy and unproductive and, in the long run, unmaintainable. We will eventually find we are completely drained—physically, mentally and emotionally—and end up without a true purpose. We become like a motorboat without a motor, drifting down the river of life. Even if we know where we want to go, we will not have the energy or fortitude to get there.

“You have a healthy Mount of Venus,” I told her, “which shows your passion and desire to express yourself creatively . . . but you need the strong, reliable support of Mars energy if you hope to do that successfully. Honestly, right now your Mars Negative is so depleted that I am surprised you have the physical energy to clean your apartment, let alone the mental energy or focus to earn a living in a profession as demanding as acting. This may explain your difficulty learning lines and being on time for appointments and auditions. But the good news is you can strengthen your Mars, and improve your memory by . . .”

“Excuse me, Ghanshyam,” Monika cut me off. “It’s true I am late a lot, and a bit untidy and disorganized. But I don’t need to worry about being messy or earning a living. My parents help me with rent, and they send their maid to clean my apartment and cook once a week. That might sound strange, considering I’m 30 years old, but I think they are extra-protective of me because I was adopted. As a matter of fact, I’m in the process of re-connecting with my birth father right now. I’ve always dreamed of having my real dad in my life.”

I wasn’t surprised that Monika had ready excuses to explain away her bad habits—those with a depleted Mars often draw upon (and diminish) their Saturn logic to justify their behavior. But I was concerned by everything else she’d disclosed.

“Monika, as I was about to say before—we can strengthen your Mars Galaxy by giving you small tasks to complete each day—arriving for appointments on time, cleaning up after yourself, cooking your own meals. Accomplishing small, daily goals will build up the stamina and discipline needed to take on greater tasks—like memorizing movie scripts. Regular exercise, proper rest and meditation will also help you. But having someone else pay your rent, cook for you and clean up your mess will undermine these efforts.

“And as for re-connecting with your birth-father . . . the universe is giving you this opportunity to develop a healthy and balanced Mars Galaxy. Any loving or intense personal relationship requires emotional strength and the courage of commitment—qualities you’ll need to develop if you want this new relationship with your dad to be both happy and long-lasting.”

Monika looked dubious, but said she would consider my advice. We arranged a follow up consultation for the next month, but she failed to show up. A few weeks later she phoned to reschedule, saying she’d been so distracted trying to get to auditions that our consultation had slipped her mind.

“But I did meet up with my birth father,” she added.

“Oh really, how did it go?” I asked

“It’s been a disaster, Ghanshyam. “He’s a wonderful man and he explained why he and my birth mother gave me up for adoption—they were only 15 when they had me. But now he wants to call me once a week to check on me and take me out for dinner once a month—it’s too much attention for me to handle; it takes up too much of my time and is too much effort. I told him it’s best if we don’t see each other again.”

Monika missed her re-scheduled appointment as well, and I never heard from her again. I regret that she didn’t take my advice on strengthening her Mars Galaxy before reconnecting with her dad. She missed out on the opportunity to form a loving bond with someone important to her.

It takes courage to love, and energy and strength to overcome the challenges, hardships and obstacles we so often encounter in our life and careers. These qualities emanate from our Mars Galaxy, so it’s in our best interest to make sure our Mars is healthy and balanced.

You would like to increase your focus, energy and stamina by developing your Mars, give us a call at 866-428-3799, or click here to book a consultation. We are here to help.

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