Pitru Paksha: Remembering with Love

In Vedic culture, the next few days mark the end of Pitru Paksha, a special period set aside to express love and gratitude to our cherished family members who have passed away.

This year’s Pitru Paksha began with the September 16th full moon lunar eclipse and concludes on the evening of the new moon September 30th.  Hundreds of millions of people in India and around the world pay homage to ancestors and departed loved ones during Pitru Paksha by performing spiritual rituals such as fire ceremonies, reciting specific mantras and prayers and preparing special meals.

Regardless of your religious affiliations or beliefs, this is an auspicious time to remember and reflect upon the spirit of loved ones who have physically left this world. Hold them in your thoughts and prayers and send them all the loving energy you feel for them in your heart.

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