Sun-Saturn Conjunction in Scorpio: The Challenge to Change

The holiday season may be rapidly approaching, but a particular current cosmic alignment suggests you put your party plans on hold and roll up your sleeves—there’s work to do.

On November 14th the Sun moved out of Libra and joined Saturn in the sign of Scorpio. For the next few weeks these two enemy planets—each a giant of the solar system—will grow closer to each to other, creating both conflict and opportunity.

Sun and Saturn are dynamic opposites: Sun is expansive, Saturn is restrictive. Sun likes to see us shine brightly, to fully and brilliantly express ourselves through our gifts, our unique talents and to celebrate our individual personality—in short, Sun wants us to be the life of the party. Saturn, on the other hand, does not appreciate frivolity and it is definitely not the party planet. Saturn is stern by nature and demands us to focus on serious matters at hand by being self-disciplined, structured, introspective and by diligently attending to our duties and responsibilities.

Saturn is a powerful task master and will be increasingly exerting its influence over the Sun until the two planets swing into direct conjunction on December 9th.  So, this transit definitely has the potential to knock the wind out of our sails. When the vibrancy of the extroverted Sun energy is roped in by dour Saturn we may feel isolated and alone, which could trigger a feeling of ennui or a case of the blues. The secret to making the Sun-Saturn conjunction a success is—as in most things—finding a proper balance.

Saturn forces us to take a hard and sober look at ourselves and our lives, to face up to reality and to pay attention to the Saturnine primary message: Know thyself. Saturn wants us to reexamine what is going on within us and answer some hard questions: Have we been neglecting our duties? Are there things or people in our lives and in ourselves that we have been ignoring that require our dedicated attention to improve and thrive? Answering these questions honestly could require us to take action—action that ranges from working harder at our jobs or vocations, renewing or deepening a spiritual practice, being more present in our home lives or going out of our way to dutifully care for a friend or family member in need. This means making sacrifice, which can be difficult and sometimes painful, but if we direct our Sun energy toward addressing any problems or shortcomings we discover during our self-examination, we will make huge improvements in our lives and the lives of others.

Therefore, while this can be a challenging transit, it is one that offers enormous practical, emotional and spiritual benefits. What better way to prepare for the holidays and ready ourselves for a new year?

After they fully conjunct on December 9th, the Sun will pull away from Saturn and be completely out of its sphere of influence by December 14th, when it enters Sagittarius.

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