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A Celestial New Year: Jupiter in Virgo

This week marks the beginning of a major celestial transition: Jupiter—which has been in the sign of Leo for the past year—is moving into Virgo, where it will remain for the next twelve months. Astrologically, this is a big deal: Benevolent Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system and has a powerful influence […]

The Storm Before the Calm: Monday’s 29th Degree of Mercury in Cancer

Hold onto your hats—Monday, July 25th could bring a bumpy finish to the wild Mercury-in-Cancer rollercoaster ride we’ve been on for much of this month. Mercury—the planet of intellect, logic and communication—has been in Cancer, the water sign whose instinctual, emotional energy emanates with fierce maternal feelings of protection towards anything it holds dear, be […]


Sister Margaret : The Girdle of Venus and the Power of Forgiveness

I met Sister Margaret two decades ago at a conference she helped organize promoting forgiveness and reconciliation to achieve peace and harmony between people and nations. A vibrant woman in her late seventies, she believed forgiveness bestowed a double blessing, benefiting both the forgiver and forgiven—and she was living proof of the effectiveness of that […]

Exploring Jupiter and Discovering Ourselves

It’s an historic week in planetary exploration. NASA’s Juno spacecraft—launched from Earth five years ago to explore Jupiter—has entered Jupiter’s orbit and will soon be beaming back pictures for scientists to study. Jupiter is by far the largest and most influential planet in the solar system. Its gravity is so powerful it not only affects […]