Love in the Grocery Store

Several years ago an elderly woman named Candice strode into my office.

“Mr. Birla, look at my hand!” she demanded haughtily, thrusting her right palm across my desk.

“I am a 70-year-old widow and was faithfully married to the same man for 50 years . . . why are there two marriage lines on my hand?”

“My dear, your second union line suggests a new love is coming into your life,” I said with a smile.

“At my age?” she snapped. “Don’t be ridiculous Ghanshyam!”

“Love is ageless, Candice. Have you met anyone recently who has touched your heart?”

Candice admitted that a gentleman had been attempting to woo her.

“It started in the grocery store; we bumped carts in the frozen food section. He apologized, but I ignored him.

We kept running into each other at the store. He was always sweet and I always rebuffed him, even though he was charming, handsome and a widower like me. Then one day he touched my hand at the checkout counter and invited me to dinner.

“How dare you! Your wife is still warm in the grave, yet you flirt with every woman you see!” I yanked my hand away and told him to leave me alone. He continued being nice to me . . . and I continued to be mean to him. Eventually he gave up and I confess, I miss the attention.”

love-grocery-storeCandice had short fingers and flared nails. Short fingers react impulsively without considering the long-term consequences of their behavior; flared nails make us quick to lash out, especially when feeling provoked or threatened.

“Candice, did your husband complain about your prickly nature. My sense is that he supported you financially and that he was sickly . . . was your love bound up in feelings of dependency, duty and resentment?”

“It’s true. I depended on my husband and had to care for him . . . he always complained that I was intolerant, impatient and critical.”

I explained that a short Jupiter finger reflects an inferiority complex and a need to prove we are as good or better than other people. This comes across as arrogance when it’s really an attempt to hide feelings of inadequacy. Her short Jupiter was fueled by a large Mars negative—the accumulation of emotional hurts and dashed hopes that are often expressed through bitterness.

“Candice, your nastiness is defensive, but has become ingrained behavior. Your two union lines indicate you have a second chance at love. But you must learn to love unconditionally—be humble and accept affection with gratitude. Practice this consistently and you will re-program your samskaras—the desires, impressions and experiences we carry from one life to the next.”

When I saw Candice a few months later she told me that she’d taken my advice. When her supermarket gentleman asked her for a dinner date, she happily accepted and they soon began dating.

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