Conjunction Alert: Mercury & Venus in Cancer!

Mercury and Venus are friends, but they don’t have a chance to enjoy each other’s company when placed in the same sign of Cancer, beginning July 11th and lasting until July 25th. That’s because Cancer is ruled by the Moon, which is not friends with either Venus or Mercury. In fact, the Moon can bring out the worst in the two planetary amigos.

Mercury—the mythological, wing-footed messenger of the gods—is the planet of intellect. It reflects the subtler aspects of our nature; our wit, humour, spontaneity, curiosity and the ability to communicate thoughts and ideas with effortless grace. In short, Mercury is light and transcendent—it is meant to soar.

But Cancer is a water sign and its ruler, the Moon, relates to our deepest emotions. So Mercury traveling through Cancer is like a bird flying underwater—our intellect is submerged in emotion, making it difficult to think logically or clearly express ourselves. The emotional force of the Moon can overwhelm Mercury’s objective intellectual characteristics and the tug-of-war between intellect and emotion takes a toll on our overall wellbeing, leaving us physically and mentally drained, inarticulate, irrational and confused.

Venus is the planet of love—it is divinity in the flesh, giving expression to our passion for life in all its forms, from our appreciation of nature, the fine arts and the art of conversation, to our enjoyment of food, drink, entertainment and the pleasures of sex. It also reflects our sweeter qualities—our capacity to love and be loveable, considerate and kind.

But when Venus is in the Moon-ruled, watery sign of Cancer we can be swamped by emotional needs and preoccupations, becoming moody and over-reacting to perceived slights and minor setbacks. It’s tempting to seek solace in anything that feels good or gives us comfort. We may lash out in anger, become lost in our fantasies and daydreams, overindulge in pleasure-seeking and become so irrational, selfish and reckless that we ignore the needs of others and neglect our own health.

The conjunction of Mercury and Venus in Cancer can sneak up on us unexpectedly, robbing us of our discernment, objectivity and good judgement.  So, for the rest of the week, keep things in perspective and remain objective and rational—count to ten before letting a lovers’ quarrel become a breakup or divorce; call a cab instead of ordering another drink, don’t quit your job because your boss annoys you. Seek out things of true value rather than quick fixes or instant gratification by adopting a devotional attitude—give to others and don’t be angry if others aren’t giving to you; appreciate what you have instead of pining for things you desire.

Turning inward can make this conjunction a period of positive growth—channeling deep emotions into meditation connects us with the lasting pleasures of spirit, which is the route to emotional stability and lasting happiness.

If you are having trouble during this turbulent conjunction, give us a call at 866-428-3799, or click here to book a consultation: We are here to help.

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