Exploring Jupiter and Discovering Ourselves

It’s an historic week in planetary exploration. NASA’s Juno spacecraft—launched from Earth five years ago to explore Jupiter—has entered Jupiter’s orbit and will soon be beaming back pictures for scientists to study.

Jupiter is by far the largest and most influential planet in the solar system. Its gravity is so powerful it not only affects the orbit of every other planet in the system, but for billions of years has been pulling Earth-bound comets into its own atmosphere, repeatedly saving us from total annihilation. So exploring Jupiter’s mysteries is a very big deal. As NASA’s Juno team leader put it: “It is not only going to help us better understand Jupiter, it’s going to help us better understand the universe around us and our place in it.” And, as it so happens, understanding ourselves and our place in the universe is also Jupiter’s role in Vedic astrology and palmistry.

The ancients named Jupiter, Guru, which means the dispeller of darkness. It’s an excellent description because a well-balanced Jupiter enlightens our heart, mind and spirit. As the first mount in the sattwic realm at the top of the palm (the highest level of consciousness), Jupiter reflects our awareness of being part of a greater whole, and our realization that we have a purpose in life beyond survival.

Jupiter is a benefic planet and, when positively expressed in either our hand or natal chart, is associated with optimism; generosity; joviality; kindness; magnanimity; ambition; open-mindedness; leadership; loyalty and a sweeping sense of justice and fairness. A strong Jupiter reflects a strong sense of personal identity and a desire to achieve great things . . . and achieve them with style and grace—a person with positive Jupiter energy tends to be a bon vivant with a refined appreciation for food, wine and the opposite sex. With all that going for it, it is little wonder that Jupiter is considered the planet of good fortune.

But Jupiter has a negative side. If its placement in our chart is under affliction, we can be egocentric to the point of utterly disregarding the needs of others; be prideful; domineering; destructive; selfish; wasteful; self-indulgent and ruthlessly ambitious.

In the hand, an overactive Jupiter can push us to dangerous extremes in a self-centred bid to gain and maintain power, prestige and material comfort. An underactive Jupiter indicates a lack of self-confidence, low self-esteem and a belief that we are incapable of accomplishing our goals.

Whether we search for it in our natal charts, in our hands, or with a little NASA spacecraft named Juno, the information Jupiter has to offer will shed a powerful light on our place in the universe and our purpose in life.

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