The Quest for Harmony: The Quadrangle

By Vedic Astro-Palmist Guylaine Vallée

The quadrangle is the area formed by the lines of heart and head and is referred to as the landing strip of the angels.

When the lines of heart and head are equally long and round, there is harmony between the way we feel and think. We are neither overly emotional, which can cloud our perception, nor overly rational, which can inhibit our spontaneity of expression.

The head line shows how we think and how objective we are in our decision-making. When the head line is short in relation to the heart line, it indicates that our desire to be spontaneous and open to others (long heart line) can be hindered. In this case, we can’t let issues of security hamper us from developing our long-term vision and the full possibilities of what we are able to achieve. One of the best ways to extend our head line is through self-analysis and meditation where we can get in touch with what really moves us and the confidence and passion to pursue it.

Short heart line and long head line

Long heart line and short head line

The quadrangle can also be imbalanced due to a long head line and shorter heart line. We can be overly matter of fact and rational, out of touch with our feelings. A long head line provides us with the will power, endurance and drive to do great things. However, we must make a concerted effort to be calm and diplomatic and take into account the feelings of others if we hope to gain the support and cooperation needed to achieve our goals and make a true difference in the world.


Grow Your Head Line: I Did It, You Can Too!

My first visit to the Birla Center more than 35 years ago came during a period of my life when I was feeling quite lost and didn’t know what to do with myself.

Indeed, my very first set of handprints reflects a lack of purpose; my head line, which of course reflects my thinking at the time, barely reaches Mars positive, denoting I could not envision a different or better future for myself. This is why my destiny line is stopped at the head line—my thoughts were too heavy for the line to ascend to the sattwa zone at the top of the palm, the realm of possibilities and noble ideals.

When Ghanshyam told me what my prints said about me, I took it upon myself to change my life, a process too long to go into here, but if you’re interested you can read all about it in my autobiography, The Happy Palmist. But in short, palmistry became my purpose and I devoted myself to it with my entire being. The result of which you can see in my “after” handprint, taken a couple of years later.

My head line has extended significantly into Mars positive, which means it has been ignited through my passion for my new-found purpose. And my heart and head lines are more balanced in length. This created a chain reaction in my palm; my energized thinking and new-found purpose allowed me to create a brand new destiny line originating from my head line that gave me a brand new vision.


Living Better Through Vedic Palmistry

The lines of the hand change over time in direct response to our awareness and effort. The short heart or head line can grow depending on whichever is creating the imbalance in the quadrangle. Yoga exercises, including breathing techniques and meditation, help accelerate the transformation process.

Palmistry is a science of transformation through which we can mend broken lines and make them stronger and more vibrant. All it takes is learning the basics and making a few minor adjustments in our attitude, outlook and lifestyle. That’s not just been my personal experience, I’ve witnessed it happen in the lives of my friends, family and thousands of the clients I’ve taught and counseled throughout the years.

Years of experience have shown that it takes a minimum of 90 days of consistent effort to improve the lines in the hand and make permanent, positive changes in our thought patterns. Better Living Through Vedic Palmistry is a collection of online self-help programs providing ancient wisdom for modern times. Better Living Through Vedic Palmistry offers four 90-Day programs. If you want to focus on developing your heart line or your head line, I invite you to check The Heart Line Challenge and The Head Line Challenge.

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