2022 The Year Ahead


2022: What to Expect in The Year Ahead

By Ghanshyam Singh Birla, Vedic Palmist-Astrologer


To help you better navigate the year ahead, Ghanshyam has drawn up a chart for the New Year forecasting the trends we can expect in 2022.

For the past couple of years, our attention has been intensely focused on the 4th house representing “home” in all its manifestations—the comfort and security of our home, the happiness and warmth of family, changes to our dwelling place, including renovations, restructuring, buying and selling and the nurturing figure of our mother. On a global scale, the 4th house reflects the stability of our homeland, Mother Earth, the world and our familial connection with all of humanity. The year 2022 will shift our focus to the 5th house of love and creativity.

Like last year’s chart, the ascendant Virgo is at a powerful 15 degrees. However, while last year Mercury, the ruler of Virgo, was sitting in the 4th house debilitated in Sagittarius, this year, Mercury is sitting comfortably in the sign of its friend, Capricorn, in the 5th house. This awakens our creativity to express in any form that inspires us—creating children, books or art out of love and giving a sense of pleasure.

Additionally, the ruler of the sign Capricorn, Saturn, is sitting with Mercury in the 5th house. When the planetary ruler of a house is sitting in its own sign, in this case Saturn in Capricorn, it assures, or almost guarantees, our productivity and provides us with a depth of well-intentioned longing to rise and shine with joy, poise and prosperity of spirit. That positive planetary energy makes 2022 a great year for planning, creating, restructuring and, above all, for seeking higher wisdom. In fact, because of the influence of Saturn in its own sign, 2022 is a perfect time to develop spiritually through prayer, meditation and quiet self-reflection, all of which will promote a sense of wellness and feeling of peace, affection and love.

But will we have the strength and courage needed to turn a new page in 2022 and begin anew? The answer is a resounding yes! In the New Year’s chart, Mars, the warrior planet, is sitting in its own sign of Scorpio which, thanks to Mars’ placement in the 3rd house, will enable us to cultivate bravery, self-assurance and resolve. Additionally, Ketu is conjunct Mars in the 3rd house which, on one the hand, can help usher in long-awaited social reform. On the other hand, it requires the use of discernment and wisdom to determine the best course of action for us to take, both as individuals and as a society. Of course, not everyone agrees on what the best course of action is when it comes to such things as personal freedoms or climate change, so we must be careful to avoid misunderstandings as a result of miscommunication that could bring complications into our life.

Thankfully, Jupiter in Aquarius is sitting in the 6th house, which means God’s continuing grace will help us realize excellence in our physical, mental and emotional being. Jupiter in the 6th protects us from wandering into the wrong environment or associating with people who use negative, disruptive or violent means to get their way, be it invading the Ukraine or throwing a PTA meeting into chaos.

Nevertheless, we must be vigilant in maintaining inner poise at home because the Sun is in the 4th house, which as we know is the house of home. And while the Sun is happy to be in the 10th, house, where it can shine its light on the public events, it can be too hot and intense for the 4th house, relating to our home, roots, homeland or any place we consider a private sanctuary. So, it is extremely important to maintain our inner poise and persist to remain centered in the face of everyday changing circumstances, including our relation to Mother Earth and climatic uncertainty.

Another aspect of the 2022 chart we should be aware of is that it contains a challenging Kal Sarpa yoga, which means all the planets are on one side of the chart. This creates a polarity that can leave us feeling either imbalanced or very focused—the choice is ours. Many famous individuals who have changed the course of history had Kal Sarpa yogas in their birth charts. Consequently, it’s important for us not be thrown off balance. Indeed, the chart of 2022 suggests this is an ideal chance for us to make great strides in our evolutionary journey—to positively transform our lives no matter how much confusion, panic or upheaval is swirling around us.

How to Make the Most of 2022

But how do we remain calm and centered, especially when the world seems to be turning upside down? Well, a sure-fired method is starting each day with a morning meditation. This works even better when combined with a 15-minute recitation of the Lord Ganesh mantra (Om Ganesha Rinam Chhindhi Varenyam Hum Namaha Phat. Ganesh is, of course, the Vedic deity who removes obstacles blocking our path to success and happiness.

While meditating, remember to focus on the third eye, the point between the eyebrows known as the Christ consciousness center. The third eye connects us to our superconscious; it is here that our prayers are answered—where solutions to our problems appear to us. And it is where we cultivate peace and joy. Indeed, one of my favorite Bible passages—one that gives me a deep sense of assurance—is Revelations 3:20, in which Christ promises his followers they can reach him anytime by focusing on their third eye. “Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with that person, and they with me.”

Have a safe and blessed 2022!

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