Meet Guylaine Vallée: The Happy Palmist at Singing Pebble

My Joyful Adventure in Vedic Palmistry

What drives a small-town girl from Quebec to go to India where she will have the privilege to read the hands of one of world’s greatest humanitarians, Mother Teresa?

The autobiography of Guylaine Vallée, The Happy Palmist, charts her tumultuous journey from unhappy teen who, through willpower and courage, became consultant to the stars.
From meeting motivational best-selling author Wayne Dyer, to reading the palm of celebrities such as Ricky Martin, Gino Vannelli, Marina Orsini and Mitsou, to shedding light on the lives of her clients and helping them to achieve their dreams, Guylaine’s journey is more than inspiring!

New York Times best-selling author Steve Erwin (Left to Tell) helped Guylaine craft her story, drawing out the rich details of heartache and elation that fill this chronicle of loneliness, hope and

Come and listen to Guylaine share her story. There will be a book signing after the lecture.

Handprints can be taken to book an online consultation with Guylaine.

WHEN: Sunday, August 7th, 3 to 5 pm
WHERE: Singing Pebble, 206 Main St, Ottawa, ON. K1S 1C6
INFO: Ph.: 613.230.9165

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