By Vedic Astro-Palmist Guylaine Vallée



In his masterpiece, The Holy Science, Sri Yukteswar tells us that, as we evolve toward the expression of perfect love, we must progress through “Five States of the Heart.” Successfully passing through each state brings us a step closer to our goal of perfect love, a step closer to clearing the clouds from our heart, and a step closer to the power of the infinite within us. Sri Yukteswar writes: ‘If we are able to cultivate this powerful ruling force of love implanted in our heart, we will be free of the unhappiness from the pain and pleasure cycles that are a part of life.’

Understanding the steps described by Sri Yukteswar—these five states of the heart—has helped many of my clients find love and has helped me so greatly in my own life. I really believe this will give you a deeper insight into the evolution of the heart, will inspire you as much as it has inspired me, and will help us immeasurably in our quest to expand our heart and create a love-filled life!


The Dark State of the Heart

When we are in the Dark State of the Heart, we are oblivious to our soul’s intuitive instinct to embrace and express love. We identify with, and become overwhelmed by, the external events that surround us. There are many traps through which the Dark State of the Heart can ensnare our consciousness: Ignorance, heartache, negative attitudes and emotions, bad habits, substance abuse or psychological and emotional trauma, to name a few. These emotions can plunge us into this darkness.


The Propelled State of the Heart

We enter the Propelled State of the Heart when our experience of the world leaves us feeling empty, when we grow dissatisfied with the shallow pleasures of the senses, the hollow rewards of material pursuits—when the after-effects of rampant emotion, uncontrolled passion and possessiveness have dragged us into a state of desperation and despair. It is then that our heart begins to yearn for greater meaning—a deeper truth that propels us toward a higher form of love. This seeking of love and truth stretches our heart and lengthens our heart line.

In the Propelled State of the Heart, we are more open and receptive to wisdom, creating a magnetism that will draw wise teachers, inspiring guides and supportive friends into our lives. In essence, we are sending out a sincere request to the universe to enlighten us, and the universe will never ignore such a request. It doesn’t matter how jaded we are or how set in our ways we have become, once our heart propels us to search for truth, we will not be deterred from finding it, and will be ready if it finds us first. An enlightened sage once said, “a saint is a sinner who doesn’t give up.” So, don’t worry about any missteps we may have made in the past—we learn from our mistakes; it is often the flaws and faults in our character that bring us to the most profound revelations, and the deepest desire to do good in the world.


The Steady State of the Heart

The propelled heart leads us to great personal growth, but our next challenge is learning to maintain that growth and build upon it—to be steady in our resolve to be more loving. Once we have mastered the Propelled State of the Heart and freed ourselves from the distractions and restless attachments to the world around us, we are inspired to seek a constant state of self-control, inner calm, and a consistency in our expression of love. This allows us to anchor our hearts to a deep conviction that we should love and bring happiness to others. We set aside personal feelings and do not react to the hurtful actions, or perceived slights of others. This does not mean we are shutting ourselves off from others, but simply not giving in to our personal feelings in support of a larger good. For example, a friend is in a foul mood and snapping at us because they had a bad day at the office. We don’t respond angrily to their cutting words because we are their friend, and refuse to take their words personally, even though they are aimed right at us. We learn to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, so to speak, and take everything in stride. There is a great sense of freedom to be found in this state; we are no longer reliant on external events or the moods or deeds of other people to make us happy or to express our love.

Consequently, others come to rely on our serene nature and the consistency of our love, care and concern—we can be counted on to always be a true friend, especially to those in need. And we can count on ourselves to remain calm and focused on any storm life blows our way. This gives us a deep, unshakable sense of well-being.


The Devoted State of The Heart

The fourth state of the heart, the devoted state, is all about oneness, about achieving unity between our heart, head and soul. We reach this state by maintaining our detachment to external circumstances; being steadfast in our quest for a more spiritual awareness and expansive expression of love; and by connecting our heart and our intuition—establishing a deep sense of unity with everything and everyone.

In the Devoted State of the Heart, we no longer feel torn between following what others want us to do, what we think we should do, and what our soul is intuitively telling us is the right thing to do. External circumstances will no longer confuse or drive us; we are freed from the dual nature of life and, in all things, act from a singular motivation, which is love.


Pure State of the Heart

As we enter the Pure State of the Heart, our connection to the spirit of pure love within us deepens and our defense mechanisms, blockages and sense of separation from others melt away. The personal needs and desires that have distanced us from our heart will simply evaporate, allowing our heart center to fully open.

Sri Yukteswarji also refers to the pure state as the Clean State of the Heart, for we have cleansed our heart of all that has held us back from the complete expression of unconditional love. In this state, we feel a complete union with God, the universe and every other human heart. We understand with absolute certainty that we are all connected—we are not an individual wave in the sea, but an integral part of the vast ocean of humanity, and that humanity is an integral part of the infinite Cosmos.

We realize what Vedic philosophy has always asserted, and what quantum physics has only recently discovered—that all matter is an illusion. The only thing in our lives that is eternal is the energy of which we are comprised, which continually changes from one form to another, and carries our consciousness beyond space and time. In essence, reality is not what we see, but a great endless oneness of being through which all life is interwoven.

As Joni Mitchell sang in the 1960s, We are stardust . . .  we are billion-year-old carbon. So, within this carbon-based human body, our consciousness—our soul—is boundless, infinite and eternal. We embrace this truth in the Pure State of the Heart, where we experience a perfect, loving communion with all other souls.

Of course, the Pure State of the Heart is one not easily achieved by us mere mortals. Loving perfectly is a process—it is a journey we are on throughout our lifetime, and likely, throughout many lifetimes. But it is the only journey that really matters.

by Vedic astro-palmist Guylaine Vallée

As you are probably aware, the 12 signs of the zodiac form a 360-degree wheel that encircles our planet. Each sign represents 30 degrees of that circle and each planet in the astrological chart travels through all 12 signs at its own pace.

The planet Uranus has been travelling through Aries since 2016 and has now reached the 29th degree, which is the very edge of a sign. The 29th degree is referred to as “Sandhi”, which means “connecting place”, as it marks the transition zone between two different signs and the houses they occupy.

Sandhi is where these different and sometimes contrasting cosmic energies converge. Hence, it can be a challenging transit as it forces us to adapt to and work with unique energies that are not necessarily in harmony with each other. Indeed, during a Sandhi transit, we are straddling two signs simultaneously, which can give us a disquieting sense of being “neither here nor there” that can leave us feeling on edge. This can make us apprehensive; we are uncertain of what’s in store for us and what the future holds. Hence, it is important to manage the dual energies of Sandhi carefully.

Currently, in our personal lives and in the world at large, we are experiencing the Sandhi effect of Uranus. It has taken 7 years for Uranus to travel through Aries, which is ruled by the warrior planet Mars. Now, as Uranus prepares to leave Aries and take up residence in Taurus for 7 years, we are on the threshold of rebuilding our lives along new lines and from a new perspective.

Uranus is the higher octave of Mercury, the planet of communication. It denotes inventive genius and opens new frontiers in thought and healing. However, the energy of Uranus can be sudden, erratic and unpredictable. When Uranus is in its Sandhi degree, that energy can bring earth-shaking changes that cause uncertainty and insecurity. Therefore, it is more important than ever for everyone to remain calm, patient and understanding in order for us to get the most from Uranus and use the energy to heal ourselves and to heal our world.

Until May 8th, 2024, Uranus will stay in the sign of Aries, as it moves back and forth from its Sandhi degree. In May, it moves into the neighboring sign of Taurus, in the constellation of Algol, which we will talk about at a later date.

By Vedic Astro-Palmist Guylaine Vallée


Few astronomical phenomena are as impressive as an eclipse. Eclipses can be very potent symbols of world events and astrologers have always placed great meaning upon them.

An annular solar eclipse will occur Saturday, October 14th, beginning at 11:03 am and ending at 4:55 pm EDT.

An annular solar eclipse happens when the Moon covers the center of the Sun, leaving the visible outer edges to form a “ring of fire”, or annulus, around the Moon. Both the sun and moon will be together in the same sign of Virgo in the intense nakshatra Chitra ruled by Mars, suggesting the importance of remaining Zen, especially around this time.

While many Western astronomers are excited at the chance to witnesses a solar eclipse, Vedic astrologers have a more cautious approach. In Vedic astrology eclipses are regarded as powerful (often tumultuous or even earth-shattering) portents of both personal and world events. The illuminating light of the Sun is obscured by the passage of the Moon, indicating on a psychological level the potential of casting a shadow across our awareness. Consequently, most Vedic astrologers advise against beginning any major project, signing contracts, entering or ending a romance, or making any other significant life decisions in the days leading up to, during, and following an eclipse, be it lunar or solar—the energy is just too unpredictable and potentially unstable!

According to Vedic astrology, it is not recommended to look at the Sun during an eclipse, suggesting instead the best course of action is to look inward, centering and calming our energy through meditation and peaceful self-reflection. As this is eclipse season, in two weeks’ time, on October 28th, there will be a partial lunar eclipse, which we will tell you more about at that time.

An excerpt from the The 90-Day Heart Line Challenge

By Guylaine Vallée, Vedic Palmist-Astrologer


There is no greater source of energy than our heart and its capacity to love. The study of the heart line is our guide to understanding and developing this powerful force. Studying the heart line allows us to see how our feelings influence our personal happiness and the happiness and harmony of those around us. By understanding and monitoring the development of the heart line, we will learn about our personal approach to love, how we can grow and improve it, and how we can make it last.

Let us begin with a brief overview of the significance of the heart line in our daily life. On a physical level, the heart line indicates the actual organic strength of the heart. In a psychological sense, the heart line gives us information about our temperament, as expressed through our feelings, moods, and emotional responses as well as our emotional and sexual stability.

The heart line also indicates the degree to which we can absorb emotionally shocking experiences and psychological traumas, and our capacity to recover from them. Furthermore, the timing of significant events throughout our lives can be deduced from the heart line, including major and minor emotional influences—both positive and negative.

On a spiritual level, the heart line indicates our willingness and our potential to sacrifice for others. An open heart center expands our self-awareness, which will foster and encourage the growth of our most noble attributes, such as sincerity, generosity, compassion, forgiveness and our ability to experience the joy and bliss associated with the expression of divine love.

When it comes to connecting with others, the heart line reflects our potential to develop and maintain successful and meaningful human relationships. Connecting with our heart enables us to develop deep spiritual roots. Our heart line can then become a deep reservoir of emotional strength that allows us to love and support others.


Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life

Neuroscience has proven that by changing our thoughts and attitudes we can physically change the neural pathways in our brain. By adjusting our thoughts, we can reprogram and fine-tune our own emotions in search of happier, more productive lives. Palmistry allows us to do exactly the same thing, but the real beauty of palmistry is that these changes are measurable and verifiable—when we change our thoughts and attitudes the lines in our hand will change accordingly! We can actually see this change occur by taking our handprints at regular intervals—such as at the beginning and end of The 90-Day Heart Line Challenge.

By changing our thoughts and attitudes toward ourselves and others, we will change our heart line, open our heart center, and change our lives forever. In time, (in as little as 90 days) we can literally turn our lives around by reprogramming our thoughts.

I would like to end this article with one of my favorite sayings of Mother Teresa, a beautiful saint that I had the great privilege and blessing to meet in Calcutta. Mother Teresa said, “It is not how much we give, but how much love we put into giving.”  This is what we strive for in The 90-Day Heart Line Challenge.




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An excerpt from the The 90-Day Heart Line Challenge

By Guylaine Vallée, Vedic Palmist-Astrologer


We are all born with the capacity to love perfectly, but life and ego often get in our way and trip us up. Fear, panic and loneliness can drive us to make poor choices, to start or stay in unhealthy relationships, to endure abuse and suffer indignities—and prevent us from opening our hearts to others. To find true love we must first be in touch with our true selves—we must get back to basics, to who we are at the core of our being, which is pure soul. How do we do that? Well, in the same way Michelangelo created his divine masterpiece, David, from an unattractive slab of rough marble. When asked how he did it, he replied that David had been in the rock all along, all he did was simply chisel away everything that was preventing the world from seeing David’s eternal, inspiring and divine beauty.

Our David, our own personal masterpiece, is our capacity to love fully and purely, which is hidden within us. That capacity is found in our heart center, which Eastern yogis refer to as our heart chakra, located in the upper region of the spine, between the shoulder blades and opposite the heart. Opening the heart chakra, or heart center, takes a bit of work. It is the primary and most important challenge we will encounter in The 90-Day Heart Line Challenge as it forces us to evolve as people, which can sometimes be painful because it means letting go of mindsets we have held onto for years because they have made us feel safe or comfortable, even if they have been bad for us. But when we take that daring step, when we dare to open our heart center and evolve in our capacity to love, we will tap into a power beyond our reckoning.

We will tap into the very power that created and drives the universe—a power that the ancient sages of India called Sat, that physicists call The Field and that I refer to simply as the Power of Love.

When accessing this universal power, which resides within the heart center of each and every one us, we will reap emotional riches and spiritual rewards that are truly unimaginable—we will gain the wisdom and inner strength to reshape our lives. They say that the truth will set you free, well, getting to know your true self, your true heart, will free you to experience love in all its glorious forms and in complete abundance.

In The 90-Day Heart Line Challenge, we look at the connection between our heart center and our heart line and how, in real and practical steps, we can change one to change and improve the other. Vedic Palmistry is a 5,000-year-old science that comes down to us from the teachings of the ancient Indian Vedas—the most sacred source of inspired wisdom in existence. But the real beauty of palmistry is that these changes are measurable and verifiable—when we change our thoughts and attitudes, the lines in our hand will change accordingly! We can actually see this change occur by taking our handprints at regular intervals—such as at the beginning and end of The 90-Day Heart Line Challenge.


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After registering to the Heart Line Challenge, call Denise Parisé toll-free at 866-428-3799 to book your free 20-minute consultation.

Denise will check your “Before” handprints in order to set yourself on a course of action where you would like to see yourself at the end of the Program. Denise will be delighted to guide and support you.


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by Vedic astro-palmist Guylaine Vallée


It’s been a long cold winter, but the Cosmos has a springtime conjunction lined up that is sure to warm your heart, put a twinkle in your eye and maybe even give you a new lease on life! Venus and Rahu will be joined together in Aries between March 18th and 22nd. No combination of planets guarantees fame and fortune like a positive Venus-Rahu conjunction can.

The Venus-Rahu conjunction has always been considered a sign of tremendous wealth, and not just the private yacht and country club kind of wealth.

Howard Hughes, Steve Jobs and Oprah Winfrey are three very different people with three striking things in common—they all became wildly rich and successful, all three were generous philanthropists and they were all born with Venus-Rahu conjunct in their natal charts. But it wasn’t fate that propelled them to wealth or drew wealth to them—their millions were earned, and their names will be remembered, because they made the most of the attributes, talents and inclinations bestowed upon them by a fortunate Venus-Rahu conjunction.

So just what are these attributes, talents and inclinations?

To begin with, Venus desires comfort, pleasure and beauty, and possesses a passionate desire to reach the top. Rahu, the planet of amplification, provides Venus the insightfulness to plan stratagems to achieve those goals and the courage to carry them out. Secondly, Venus—in its ideal form—represents unconditional love and empathy—so it is predisposed to share its wealth with those in need. Rahu motivates Venus to use its bounty and wisdom liberally and effectively for the betterment of humankind. This is why during the Venus-Rahu transit all of us can reach new levels of success and get a lot accomplished.

The astuteness and drive of Hughes, Jobs and Winfrey gave them fabulous wealth and luxurious lifestyles, but also allowed them to create charitable organizations that have helped and inspired millions.

So, let’s take full advantage of the current Venus-Rahu energy between March 18th and 22nd by striving to fulfill impossible dreams and achieving enormous success that we can share with everyone.

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by astro-palmist Guylaine Vallée


Venus in Pisces: February 14th to March 10th


It may be the dead of winter, but a planetary transit will soon be warming our hearts!

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Venus—the planet of love, harmony, relationships, creativity and beauty—entered the mystical water sign of Pisces on February 14th. This is a welcome transit as Venus in Pisces is considered most auspicious and may bring more peace until March 10th.

Venus is exalted in Pisces, which simply means that, in Pisces, Venus’ best qualities radiate most powerfully and impact us most beneficially. This Venus in Pisces transit provides a major boost to all forms of interpersonal relationships; it allows us to feel and express love and devotion with a greater degree of truth, depth and compassion. The positive emotional power generated by this celestial aspect makes it an ideal time for connecting with the people we care about, and those we would like to care about.

Venus in Pisces offers us a unique opportunity to make the world a better place by using its energy to practice love and compassion in all we do, and by being of service to others. When we act with love and kindness we inspire others to do the same.

This is an excellent time for expressing creativity in every field, whether we choose to do so by championing a worthwhile cause or by expressing ourselves artistically. If you have never been involved in the arts but have always wanted to be, now would be the time to act upon your creative impulses. Search for a project that excites you, find a mentor or sign up for a course in something that will connect you with your passion.

On a cautionary note, feelings of nostalgia can run high during a Venus in Pisces transit—so be careful not to waste this cosmic gift by drifting into fantasy, or escaping into dreamy expectations that might frustrate or crush you when reality kicks in. Make the most of every moment by connecting to what and who you love with both your heart and your eyes wide open. Make your feelings count by ensuring they are real and honest. As always, the surest way to achieve this is by communicating with your higher self (or higher power) through yoga and meditation. Emotion is always most authentic and long-lasting when rooted in devotion.

Develop all these qualities and so much more this March with The Venus Program: Embracing the Love, Beauty and Sweetness of Life with your host, astro-palmist Guylaine Vallée.