The holiday season may be rapidly approaching, but a particular current cosmic alignment suggests you put your party plans on hold and roll up your sleeves—there’s work to do.

On November 14th the Sun moved out of Libra and joined Saturn in the sign of Scorpio. For the next few weeks these two enemy planets—each a giant of the solar system—will grow closer to each to other, creating both conflict and opportunity.

Sun and Saturn are dynamic opposites: Sun is expansive, Saturn is restrictive. Sun likes to see us shine brightly, to fully and brilliantly express ourselves through our gifts, our unique talents and to celebrate our individual personality—in short, Sun wants us to be the life of the party. Saturn, on the other hand, does not appreciate frivolity and it is definitely not the party planet. Saturn is stern by nature and demands us to focus on serious matters at hand by being self-disciplined, structured, introspective and by diligently attending to our duties and responsibilities.

Saturn is a powerful task master and will be increasingly exerting its influence over the Sun until the two planets swing into direct conjunction on December 9th.  So, this transit definitely has the potential to knock the wind out of our sails. When the vibrancy of the extroverted Sun energy is roped in by dour Saturn we may feel isolated and alone, which could trigger a feeling of ennui or a case of the blues. The secret to making the Sun-Saturn conjunction a success is—as in most things—finding a proper balance.

Saturn forces us to take a hard and sober look at ourselves and our lives, to face up to reality and to pay attention to the Saturnine primary message: Know thyself. Saturn wants us to reexamine what is going on within us and answer some hard questions: Have we been neglecting our duties? Are there things or people in our lives and in ourselves that we have been ignoring that require our dedicated attention to improve and thrive? Answering these questions honestly could require us to take action—action that ranges from working harder at our jobs or vocations, renewing or deepening a spiritual practice, being more present in our home lives or going out of our way to dutifully care for a friend or family member in need. This means making sacrifice, which can be difficult and sometimes painful, but if we direct our Sun energy toward addressing any problems or shortcomings we discover during our self-examination, we will make huge improvements in our lives and the lives of others.

Therefore, while this can be a challenging transit, it is one that offers enormous practical, emotional and spiritual benefits. What better way to prepare for the holidays and ready ourselves for a new year?

After they fully conjunct on December 9th, the Sun will pull away from Saturn and be completely out of its sphere of influence by December 14th, when it enters Sagittarius.

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Is your partner’s perception of the world out of sync with your own? Do you see the glass as half full and they insist it’s half empty? Palmistry can help you find a balance. Check out Marty and Mary-Anne’s story:

The wedding was wonderful; the honeymoon was hell.

Marty and Mary-Anne met and fell in love while volunteering at a food shelter; they shared the same goals and values and believed they would make a happy and compatible match. But their problems began right after the ceremony.

Marty had booked a cabin at a remote mountain lodge that was a popular honeymoon retreat. He felt sure his new bride would find it romantic, but on the drive up Mary-Anne became increasingly nervous.

“Marty—it’s so dark in the country . . . what if the car breaks down or we run out of gas? We would be lost—no one would find us. We could starve to death!”

“Don’t be silly—there’s no need to worry,” Marty assured her. “We aren’t going to get lost, or starve . . . this is a new car, I’ve got a map and a full tank of gas.”

Marty was exhilarated by the fresh air and beautiful natural setting, but Mary-Anne wasn’t. By the time the newlyweds had checked into their cabin she was trembling.

“What’s that noise, Marty? It’s wolves, isn’t it?!”

“Mary-Anne, it’s just crickets. It’s completely safe here, there is nothing to be afraid of.”

But the colour drained from Mary-Anne’s face when something banged against the door. She was certain it was a bear when it was only the concierge with a complimentary bottle of champagne.

“I hate this place Marty—did you bring me here to torture me?”

After three sleepless nights, they cut the disastrous honeymoon short and returned to the city. Things didn’t improve from there. Marty was calm and optimistic by nature, but Mary-Anne worried constantly about everything. What would happen if Marty lost his job as an electrician? What if the kids get sick? What if the quiet neighbours move away and noisy ones move in?  Although they loved each other and never contemplated divorce, Marty and Mary-Anne’s marriage wasn’t a very happy, harmonious or peaceful one. 

Not long after their 20th wedding anniversary Marty was hired to do electrical work at the Birla Center and, out of curiosity, had his handprints taken and was so impressed with his reading that he returned with Mary-Anne for a couple’s consultation. That’s when the reasons for their vastly differing outlooks on life finally began to make sense.

Marty’s Mount of Luna (or Moon) was full and healthy, but Mary-Anne’s was underdeveloped and severely raided by many interference lines. This was of major significance because the Mount of Luna is the first of the hand’s ten mounts—it affects every aspect of our lives and, in many ways, is the foundation of our entire physiological and emotional make up. In essence, the Mount of Luna determines how our five senses interpret the information we receive from the world around us. If the mount is under or over-developed our perceptions of reality will be skewed. An unbalanced Luna can lead to mistrust, chronic anxiety, depression and paranoia.


marty mary-anne

This explained why Marty loved the honeymoon resort while Mary-Anne found it nightmarish. Marty accurately perceived the beauty around him and could fully appreciate and enjoy it; Mary-Anne perceived danger in every noise and shadow and felt only fear and anger.

Thankfully, palmistry not only shows us what is askew in our lives, it offers remedies to fix them. Over time, as our lives change and improve, the lines and mounts of our hand also change and improve, making palmistry a barometer of our wellbeing. This was the case with Mary-Anne, who we encouraged to take up meditation and yoga to assist her in turning her attention inward to more objectively perceive her exterior surroundings. In doing so she discovered that most of her fears were based on a reality that did not exist.

Within a few years Mary-Anne no longer suffered from anxiety and could remain focused and objective in every situation. Her life and marriage improved immeasurably. On their 30th wedding anniversary Marty and Mary-Anne returned to the mountain resort for a second honeymoon—this time they enjoyed it so much they extended their stay.

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A Once-in-a-Lifetime Cosmic Event

Look up in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane. . . it’s Supermoon!

That’s right, today’s full moon is a supermoon, a term describing a full or new moon which, due to the moon’s ovoid orbit, is much closer to Earth than usual. And while supermoons are not that uncommon—this is the second of three this year—today’s supermoon is so special astronomers have dubbed it an “extra supermoon”. This is the closest the moon has been to us since 1948, and it won’t be this close again until November 2034. In other words, it could be a once-in-a-lifetime astronomical event.

It will be hard to miss this cosmic spectacle—not only is the supermoon nearly 15 percent closer to Earth as a typical moon, it will appear 30 percent brighter in the night sky. But if for some reason you do miss the moon tonight, either because you’re too busy to look up or it’s too cloudy to catch a proper glimpse, you will experience its effect all the same. No matter how far away it is, the moon exerts enormous power on our planet and our lives—and right now that power is super charged.

Moon is all about the mind; it draws us into the collective unconscious and is interwoven with our deepest feelings, it is the seat of our imagination and the source of our creativity. And because it governs our five senses, it defines the way we view ourselves and interpret the world around us. If our Luna energy is out of whack, either in our hand or in our natal chart, our perception of reality can become distorted and wreak havoc in our lives.

So it is important to remain calm, collected and focused during this extra supermoon period—the intensified lunar pull can trigger a surge in mental activity, generate unexpected or even disturbing thoughts and stir our emotions. But if we manage to keep our composure, we can channel this extra burst of Luna energy into creative projects, such as writing, painting or music. And because Luna’s feminine energy is tied to memory and is naturally nurturing and sensitive, this could prove an excellent time to engage in loving and constructive activities with family.

Astrologically, the supermoon is at 29° Aries in the Nakshatra “Krittika”, which means “the cutter”. Krittika is a fiery nakshatra ruled by the Sun and replete with Sun’s qualities of ambition, courage and the urge to tackle large-scale projects. However, as all cutting instruments can be used to create or destroy, it is important to use caution and forethought if presently undertaking a major new project. This Nakshatra also offers us an opportunity for spiritual growth—one of the symbols for Krittika is a flame, a fire in which we can burn away karma and purify our soul.

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Do people from your past push your emotional buttons and make you feel like a helpless child again? Can other people’s negative comments or miserable attitudes destroy your self-confidence regardless of how far you’ve come in life? We can help. Check out Patrice’s story:

Patrice shuffled into my office looking pale, unhealthy and miserable. He had been one of my most vibrant and optimistic clients but it had been a year since his last consultation and I was shocked by his sorry state; he was a shell of his former self.

“What happened to you, Patrice?”

The last time I’d seen him, his handprints were filled with beautiful lines and signs. But in his new handprints, all those positive markings were gone; it was as though his palm had been dipped in acid. This troubled me a great deal: my clients’ hands almost always show improvement over time, an improvement reflected by their improving lives. . . it’s what I love most about Vedic Palmistry. But Patrice’s hands, and life, had taken a dramatic turn for the worse—a rare case of regression.

“Mark! That’s what happened to me, Guylaine; my cousin has made my life miserable.”

When we’d first met Patrice had explained that he and Mark had grown up together on their grandparents’ dairy farm where they’d shared a bedroom and spent many hours together tending the crops and cows.

Patrice was a gentle, creative boy who read philosophy and wrote poetry. Mark, on the other hand, was a ruffian and bully; he beat the cows with a stick, terrorized his schoolmates and humiliated Patrice in front of his friends. Patrice was always fearful, nervous and anxious when Mark was around.

That changed when Patrice received a scholarship from a university out of town. He thrived in the new academic climate, expanding his mind and consciousness while studying creative writing and comparative religions. He was popular with fellow students and his professors, and had many of his poems published. His interest in Eastern philosophy drew Patrice to the Birla Center, where he became a regular client of mine.

Patrice’s many gifts and admirable qualities are easily seen in his initial set of handprints. There are several wisdom signs on his Mount of Jupiter, including a square reflecting his writing talent, a cross signifying personal magnetism and a Ring of Solomon revealing a growing intuitive understanding of the human condition. An emerging Girdle of Venus expresses his love of life and his ability to inspire joy in others. And his long headline shows a strong self-confidence, which is echoed in the strong sense of purpose seen in the solid destiny line traveling from Ketu to the mount of Saturn. Finally, a pronounced Mercury line conveys an ability to express complex ideas and artistic impulses with ease and grace.


The one potential problem in his initial print is found in the prominent interference line that begins deep within his Mars negative and nearly severs his stamina line before crossing his life line, destiny line and head line. This was either a result of a karmic difficulty from a past life that Patrice needed to resolve in this lifetime, or a childhood trauma he’d buried in his subconscious.

I’d suspected it was from his negative relationship with his cousin, so we worked together to reduce it over the course of several coaching sessions. I suggested a daily routine of mantra and meditation to help him replace any lingering resentment and anger he harbored toward Mark with positive thoughts, feelings and emotions. Patrice practiced his spiritual routine faithfully and was making great progress, but then his grandfather died and he took a year off from school, returning to the farm to help his grandmother.

“I couldn’t bear the thought of her being alone with Mark,” he said. “He is such a nasty person that even the cows hide from him.”

But as soon as he arrived at the farm he was swallowed up by his past. Mark began bullying him and he fell back into old patterns of fearful, insecure behavior.

“I stopped reading and writing poetry,” Patrice told me. “I didn’t want to get out of bed—I even stopped meditating. My only mantra was, I hate Mark! I hate Mark! That thought has run through my mind every day from morning to night for the past year. I lost everything I’d achieved . . .  all I have left is anger. . . I guess you see that in my hand.”

“I do see it, Patrice. All your good lines have withered away, even your life line is fading. You lost your purpose and positive drive by succumbing to your cousin’s negativity and allowed that to become the leading force in your life.”

I explained that our brain is like a sponge, soaking up the moods of the people around us—if those people are negative, those moods and attitudes can poison our minds, sometimes with long-lasting effects. Vedic palmistry has known this for centuries and lately neuroscientists have been confirming it, attributing the phenomena to a recently discovered system of brain neurons they call “mirror neurons”, which tune into the brain of the people we are closest to and physically recreate their internal state within us.

“In other words, Patrice—your cousin hasn’t just been ruining your life, he’s been ruining your brain,” I said. “The good news is that you’ve come back to a positive environment where you are surrounded by positive people. If you get back to your meditation and begin creating new, positive thoughts, your anger will disappear and the wonderful things that you experienced in your life will return . . . and so will the beautiful lines in your hand. This is the power of palmistry—it can tell us what is causing our problems, how to fix them, and show us the improvements in our palms.”

I gave Patrice a journal and told him to monitor his moods, thoughts and emotions each day—and to be vigilant not to let Mark’s negativity seep into his psyche.

Patrice left my office with a smile on his face. Eight months later he completed his schooling and went back to the farm to help his grandmother, but this time he didn’t allow himself to be dragged down by Mark. He continued to meditate and write poetry and eventually married a neighboring farm girl. When Mark realized he could no longer dominate or dampen Patrice’s mood, he moved away. Patrice and his new wife amalgamated their farms, invited Patrice’s grandmother to live with them and began raising a family of their own. Today Patrice is a successful farmer, happy family man and a respected poet.

When we are aware of our moods and thoughts and take ownership of them, we can prevent others from trespassing in our internal world or destroying our peace of mind. Palmistry is an invaluable map that can guide us on the journey toward self-awareness.

Prevent others from destroying your motivation and eroding your self-confidence. To book a consultation, give us a call at 866-428-3799 or click here. We are here to help.

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Channeling the Warrior Energy

Most of us have a certain person or special place we visit that inspires us to be the best version of ourselves—someone or someplace that draws out our finest qualities and allows us to shine in the brightest, most positive light possible. The same holds true for the planets—each planet has one particular zodiac sign where it functions at its very best, where all of its gifts, strengths and virtues are fully on display, fully energized and most active—where, in astrological terms, it is exalted.

The planet Mars is exalted in the sign of Capricorn—through which it will be transiting from October 30th until December 9th. This is good news, especially for those with Mars in Capricorn in their natal chart.

Fiery Mars is the planet of action; it is a rugged, fiercely independent individualist that exudes confident, self-assured energy. It embodies the passion, determination and driving force we need to get things done. At its best—as it is when exalted in Capricorn—Mars can infuse us with the strength and stamina to overcome hardship and conquer any hurdle blocking our path to success; it gives us the power, bravery and courage to take charge of our lives and stand firm when confronted by enemies or adversity. Mars is ambitious by nature and relentlessly drives us to succeed—it makes us a leader instead of a follower, pushing us to be the captain of the football team, the company CEO, the head of state and the person everyone turns to for guidance during a crisis.

Of course, Mars is most famously known as the warrior planet. When it is exalted in Capricorn, it epitomizes the bravado, courage and cunning of a military tactician—and for good reason. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, which infuses it with structure, self-discipline, self-reflection, discernment and strategic, long-term planning. Even though Mars and Saturn are both malefic planets and are natural enemies, their energies, related to deep thought and emphatic action, tend to complement each other in Capricorn. The Saturnine influence on Mars in Capricorn serves to harness, coordinate and steer Mars’s intense and brash energy in a positive and creative direction, giving the red planet’s zeal, impulsive temperament and daring, pioneering spirit purpose, shape and focus.

Besides possessing the strict, practical wisdom of Saturn, its ruler, Capricorn, also represents the 10th house of the zodiac. When Mars passes through Capricorn it has the opportunity to shine in the areas of life the 10th House governs, including career, social status, dignity, public reputation, fame, leadership and worldly accomplishment.

The symbol of Capricorn is the mountain goat, which scales great heights with courage and tenacity to reach the highest peaks of success. With the dauntless energy and irrepressible willpower of Mars in Capricorn, those heights are within our reach.

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Has love ever made you act crazy, irrationally or even dangerously? Misdirected passion can take a heavy toll on our lives. We can help you develop a healthy and balanced love life. Check out Randy's story:

A Crime of Passion: Randy’s Story

Randy was a law abiding truck driver; Linda was a yoga instructor with big dreams. When they met in their early 20s it was love at first sight. Randy wanted Linda more than anything and promised to her the world if she would marry him. She said yes and they tied the knot, rented a small apartment and soon had two young sons.

Randy adored his boys and was still crazy-in-love with his young wife. But Linda was restless and unpleased with the slow progress of their lives. She desperately wanted her own yoga studio and relentlessly pressured Randy to earn more money to make her dream come true. Despite working 60-hour weeks, Randy knew he would take at least a decade to save enough to give his wife what she wanted. He was desperate for a solution, so he came to see me.

The first words out of his mouth were: “I love my wife and I am going to buy her a private yoga studio. It’s her dream, and she will be able to help hundreds of people find peace and harmony.”

I told Randy I thought that was a great idea and a very noble ambition.

“Thank you, Ghanshyam,” he said. “The problem is . . . I can’t afford it. That’s why I’ve decided to rob a bank. I will do one bad deed and then do good for the rest of my life. What do you think of that idea?”

“Are you joking? I think that is a terrible idea,” I told him. “If you need money, go to the bank for a loan, not to rob it! It’s against the law; someone could get hurt . . . you could get hurt. You don’t want to be a criminal, you’ll lose your freedom and your family.  It might take longer to earn the money you need honestly, but it is the best and only way to do it.”

“Okay—skip the philosophy Ghanshyam . . . just read my palms and tell me if you think I’d get away with it.”

I told Randy palmistry wasn’t about predicting the future, but is an invaluable tool in helping us avoid making big mistakes, which I really wanted to help him do.

Randy’s handprints provided a lot of insight into two very different aspects of his personality. The dominant hand, the hand used to write and that reveals our current resolve and circumstances, reflected a stable and rational mind. His quadrangle—the area between the head and heart line—was beautifully balanced. A head and heart line that are healthy and of equal length suggest a coherence between our feelings and our thoughts—our passions don’t rule our logic, and visa versa.

rama-right rama-left

However, Randy’s non-dominant hand, the hand reflecting our subconscious desires, fears and latent characteristics, told a different story entirely with its broken headline and inordinately long, unbending heartline originating from his Jupiter mount. His heartline told me that his idealistic expectations of love and sex were both unreasonable and all-demanding, and could easily push him to illogical extremes. It also made him prone to extreme jealousy, possessiveness and fits of temper. His broken headline made matters worse by short-circuiting his logical thinking and predisposing him to irrational and unreasonable behavior, which could be triggered by any major setback or frustration.

I conveyed this to Randy, advising him he needed to change the negative aspects in his non-dominant hand and bring them in balance with the mature, well-rounded features of his dominant hand. The best way to do this, I suggested, was by associating with supportive, positive people, developing a daily spiritual practice and treating the people in his life with love and kindness.

“But I don’t want to lose my wife,” he said. I told him he wouldn’t lose her if he treated her with love instead of doing something foolish in an attempt to possess her.

Randy didn’t return for his follow-up appointment. A year later Linda came for a consultation and told me that Randy was serving five years in jail for attempted bank robbery. Not only that, but he was convinced she was cheating on him and had threatened to have her beaten up.

Writing to Randy in jail, I told him that although he may feel that he’d lost everything, he actually hadn’t. He still had a wife and two loving children waiting for him, but that he would lose them if he didn’t develop balance in his life and in his hands. Despite his environment, I again encouraged him to surround himself with the most positive people he could find and to reflect upon those he cared for with love and kindness.

“You maybe imprisoned, Randy, but you are free to choose the kind of person you want to become,” I wrote.

When Randy came to see me after his release he was a changed man, he was working hard to build a yoga studio for Linda and was practicing yoga himself every morning. He was a loving dad, a good husband . . . and he was happy. The vastly improved lines in his non-dominant hand reflected his new outlook and approach to life.

“Your letter struck a chord in me Ghanshyam. I began thinking about how important my kids were to me and that made all the difference. I joined a prison anger management group and a daily meditation class—and I began focusing on myself and my family with love. Suddenly everything changed. It’s funny that I had to be locked up to become free.”


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