A Special Full Supermoon in Aries: November 14th

A Once-in-a-Lifetime Cosmic Event

Look up in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane. . . it’s Supermoon!

That’s right, today’s full moon is a supermoon, a term describing a full or new moon which, due to the moon’s ovoid orbit, is much closer to Earth than usual. And while supermoons are not that uncommon—this is the second of three this year—today’s supermoon is so special astronomers have dubbed it an “extra supermoon”. This is the closest the moon has been to us since 1948, and it won’t be this close again until November 2034. In other words, it could be a once-in-a-lifetime astronomical event.

It will be hard to miss this cosmic spectacle—not only is the supermoon nearly 15 percent closer to Earth as a typical moon, it will appear 30 percent brighter in the night sky. But if for some reason you do miss the moon tonight, either because you’re too busy to look up or it’s too cloudy to catch a proper glimpse, you will experience its effect all the same. No matter how far away it is, the moon exerts enormous power on our planet and our lives—and right now that power is super charged.

Moon is all about the mind; it draws us into the collective unconscious and is interwoven with our deepest feelings, it is the seat of our imagination and the source of our creativity. And because it governs our five senses, it defines the way we view ourselves and interpret the world around us. If our Luna energy is out of whack, either in our hand or in our natal chart, our perception of reality can become distorted and wreak havoc in our lives.

So it is important to remain calm, collected and focused during this extra supermoon period—the intensified lunar pull can trigger a surge in mental activity, generate unexpected or even disturbing thoughts and stir our emotions. But if we manage to keep our composure, we can channel this extra burst of Luna energy into creative projects, such as writing, painting or music. And because Luna’s feminine energy is tied to memory and is naturally nurturing and sensitive, this could prove an excellent time to engage in loving and constructive activities with family.

Astrologically, the supermoon is at 29° Aries in the Nakshatra “Krittika”, which means “the cutter”. Krittika is a fiery nakshatra ruled by the Sun and replete with Sun’s qualities of ambition, courage and the urge to tackle large-scale projects. However, as all cutting instruments can be used to create or destroy, it is important to use caution and forethought if presently undertaking a major new project. This Nakshatra also offers us an opportunity for spiritual growth—one of the symbols for Krittika is a flame, a fire in which we can burn away karma and purify our soul.

If you would like to positively channel the energy of this full extra-supermoon, or want to know how the moon is affecting your hand or chart, call us at 866-428-3799 or click here to book an appointment. We are here to help.





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