Uranus Retrograde in Pisces: Expect the Unexpected

Call it the cosmic boomerang effect. At the end of June the planet Uranus left the sign of Pisces and entered Aries, but this past Saturday (October 8th) Uranus left Aries and returned directly to Pisces. What’s up with that, you ask? If Uranus orbits the sun, shouldn’t it visit the other 11 signs of the Zodiac before returning to Pisces? Have the laws of physics suddenly been suspended?

The short answer is no—the laws of physics remain intact, but Uranus has gone into retrograde. Astrologically speaking, that means Uranus has stopped in its tracks, shifted its gears from forward to reverse, and started backing up.

Impossible, you say! Well, it is and it isn’t. Of course planets don’t actually stop on a dime and change direction. But due to an optical illusion caused by the position of the Earth in relation to

Uranus, this appears to be the case. In fact, with the exception of the Sun and Moon, all planets go in to retrograde (some more often than others) from time to time, and from our vantage point on Earth they seem to move backwards.

Uranus retrograde can be earthshakingly powerful and impact not only the course of our lives, but also the course of history. Uranus is the planet of rebellion, invention and technological discoveries that brew slowly but arrive at lightening speed and with a colossal bang, often ushering in irreversible change. The kind of change that follows realizations as momentous as the world is round and not flat, that the Earth revolves around the Sun, that the atom can be split, that we can walk on the moon, defeat apartheid, eliminate small pox, cure polio or talk to anyone, at any time, anywhere on the planet using a tiny portable phone with a cheap long-distance plan. It is for this reason that Uranus is referred to as “The Great Awakener”—it is renowned for overturning the status quo and sweeping away anything that has outlived its usefulness.

When Uranus is direct—moving in the normal, forward direction—anything and everything is possible. When it is in retrograde, well, everything and anything is possible—only more so. Governments could rise or just as easily fall, wars could break out or peace could descend on the Middle East. The only thing that is certain is whatever change does occur will likely be as dramatic as it is unexpected.

But the impact of Uranus retrograde is not weighed solely on a global scale—it can be, and often is, experienced at a profoundly individual level, knocking us out of our comfort zones and prompting life-altering change. We may wake up one morning with the sudden awareness that we are working in the wrong profession, married to the wrong person, remained silent when we should have spoken out, or played it safe and settled for second best rather than taking the road less traveled. While this can be extremely unsettling, it presents a golden opportunity for us to make course corrections to our chosen path. Uranus retrograde is an ideal time to make a searching and fearless inventory of ourselves, to re-evaluate our values, priorities, decisions and lifestyles, and to shed any negativity that is holding us back, causing us pain or blocking us from attaining lasting happiness.

The fact that Uranus is retrograding in Pisces also affords us the opportunity to widen our hearts and deepen the spiritual and humanitarian aspects of our nature. Pisces, a water sign charged with nurturing yin energy, is ruled by benevolent and expansive Jupiter, which symbolizes and encourages justice, fair play, optimism, magnanimity, devotion and an expansive world view.

Uranus will continue to retrograde in Pisces until the very end of the year—plenty of time for us to reflect upon where we want to be in life, and to ensure that whatever changes “The Great Awakener” may bring will be changes we are prepared for, changes we can use to shape a better future and a better world.

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