Strange Bedfellows - Saturn and Venus Conjunct: October 28th-31st

Venus and Saturn are the universal odd couple, like a vivacious young party girl having an impetuous fling with a sombre, elderly statesman.

In mid-October passionate Venus moved into the sign of Scorpio where it will join no-nonsense Saturn for a three-day conjunction between October 28th and 31st.

These two giants of the solar system make strange bedfellows. Venus is the dazzling planet of love, beauty, passion, desire, pleasure, compassion and general joie de vivre—its sunny, gregarious nature thrives on throwing caution to the wind to make the most of all life has to offer. Dour Saturn, on the other hand, represents responsibility, discipline, patience, endurance, practicality, internal reflection, solitude and is concerned with structure and long-term planning.

The pairing of these two planets of wildly contrasting natures can produce a powerful mixture of energy that can impact the most important relationships in our lives—so it’s best not to take this conjunction lightly.

On the upside, because Venus and Saturn are friends, they can respect, tolerate and even benefit each other’s natural attributes and inclinations. For example, Venus can soften Saturn’s more severe qualities—its intensity and rigidity, its exacting need for dutiful discipline and its obsession with self-reflection. And Saturn’s serious outlook and sense of responsibility can rein in the more extreme aspects of Venus’s nature—its frivolity, its casual approach to romance and its sometimes reckless zeal to embrace every experience life tosses its way.

Still, this tug of war between emotional exuberance and dispassionate structure can take a toll on relationships. During this conjunction we must avoid being too deeply drawn into solitary Saturnine reflection or self-imposed isolation in which we fixate on our duties and responsibilities, dwell on lingering feelings of guilt and betrayal and revive old resentments. Excessive Saturn energy can make us emotionally aloof, distancing us from our loved ones and romantic partners. While solid relationships will likely weather this conjunction unmarred, and possibly become stronger by being karmically tested, the mingling effects of Saturn and Venus could produce enough interpersonal discord to seriously damage fledgling or fragile unions.

So, during this Venus-Saturn conjunction, exercise patience with your loved ones, make an extra effort to reach out to your spouses and children, and be as loving as possible. If you are not in a romantic relationship, try not to jump into one until November 5th, when Venus is well away from Saturn’s sphere of influence.

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