Cynthia: The Dangers of An Unbalanced Venus

Cynthia was a dynamic and dedicated therapist who devoted her life to helping autistic children communicate with the world. The intensity of her heartfelt, loving approach was innovative and highly effective, allowing her to interact with kids that society had all but written off. The deep emotional connection she made with her young patients brought smiles to their faces and garnered the respect and praise of parents and peers.

Her professional success stemmed from Cynthia’s deeply loving nature and hyper-focused energy, a combination that enabled her to direct every ounce of her love exclusively to her patients. Ironically, this same combination wreaked havoc in her personal life and eventually, nearly destroyed her career.

Cynthia had been a client of mine for several years and was so impressed with palmistry that she incorporated many of its aspects into her own work, sometimes even using the the children’s handprints to design treatment programs. Unfortunately, she ignored what her own handprints reflected about herself, particularly in regards to her Mount of Venus—the concentrated source of her powerful, caring energy and the foundation of her professional success.


There are ten mounts in the hand, each providing a window into the health of a particular aspect of our life. The Mount of Venus (the raised pad of flesh below the thumb) represents our ability to love and be loved. A balanced mount is pliant and resilient to the touch; it will give in and quickly spring back into place when pressed—this tells us we can give and receive love in equal and healthy measure. However, Cynthia’s Mount of Venus was rigid, hard and unyielding—an indication that she had built a protective shell around her heart due to a past emotional hurt, and that she was passionate to the point of obsession. It explained to me why Cynthia was so single-minded when it came to work, but had remained romantically single well into middle age.

When it came to the children, Cynthia had no expectations—she wasn’t upset when they couldn’t (and didn’t) return her love. But in her personal life, she had very high expectations of others—a demanding attitude that destroyed a brief marriage when she was in her early twenties. Now in her early fifties, she was lonely and wanted someone to share her life with. I cautioned her that her dominant, rigid Mount of Venus, could make any romantic relationship she entered untenable, that the obsessive intensity of her affection would push potential suitors away and ultimately threaten her own mental stability. I encouraged her to seek a more balanced emotional life by consciously extending the type of unconditional love she showered on her patients into all her relationships.

Unfortunately, compulsiveness is part and parcel of a rigid Venus and Cynthia didn’t heed my advice. Sure enough, the obsessive nature that had served her well when focusing on her patients, proved disastrous when she met Al. Cynthia convinced herself that Al was her soul-mate. Al, however, did not feel the same way; he was in the middle of a difficult divorce and not interested in becoming deeply involved with her. Nevertheless, Cynthia made him the focus of her life—her rigid Venus pushed her to blindly direct the love she had always reserved for her patients onto Al. But unlike her relationship with her patients, Cynthia demanded and expected Al to reciprocate. She was incapable of considering his own needs and feelings. When Al abruptly broke off their short-lived and one-side romance, she fell into a crippling depression; she began ignoring her work duties, her patients and her personal health and hygiene. Her performance became so poor at the clinic that she was fired. She stopped eating, couldn’t sleep and seldom left her home. In just a matter of months she lost all she had achieved and was a shadow of her former self.

Fortunately, she did not give up on palmistry, and palmistry did not give up on her. Over the course of two years Cynthia and I worked to develop greater flexibility in her Venus Mount by shifting her focus to a wider, spiritual horizon. We began with daily recitation of Gayatri and Shiva Mantras, created a greater self-awareness with regular meditation and dissolved her long-held tension and emotional trauma through frequent deep-tissue massage. Eventually she was able she let go of her obsession with Al, rebuild her career and enjoy a far happier and healthier lifestyle. Balancing her Mount of Venus allowed her to love everyone in her life unconditionally, to love herself and to find peace of mind.


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