Auspicious Full Moon in Capricorn - Guru Purnima


Saturday, July 24th, is a very special and auspicious day in Vedic culture known as Guru Purnima, which always falls on the day of the full moon (Purnima) in the Hindu month of Ashadha (June–July). This summer that occurs with the full moon in Capricorn opposite the Sun in Cancer.

Traditionally, this day is reserved for prayers, rituals and pujas to honor our teachers and gurus. The word puja comes from Sanskrit and means reverence and homage where a fire may be lit in their honor. Guru, or dispeller of darkness, refers to a spiritual guide who enlightens us through his/her knowledge and teachings. This day is auspicious as it also commemorates Veda Vyasa, the author of the Hindu epic Mahabharata.

It is a day to acknowledge and honor whatever belief, philosophy or teaching we love and, if not doing an actual fire ceremony, we can take some time to meditate and say a few prayers in gratitude, reaffirming our commitment. We can examine how our beliefs are impacting our life and how to make the most of them. If we have not embraced any discipline, Guru Purnima is a good day to consider one and begin.

This is a very auspicious time to embark upon cultivating healing powers, intuition, deep introspection and a sense of dedication to what we hold near and dear to us. This full moon provides the opportunity to connect with your teachers, gurus and “guardian angels” to seek their blessings. In turn, we can show gratitude by offering our love, devotion and commitment.

The practice of meditating on the full moon helps bring fulfillment in all aspects of our life. This is a time of high energy. It is a good time to reflect, as often we might be out of touch with our emotions. This is a very potent time to practice the fine art of devotion. So, find a passion or a noble cause to dedicate your heart to.

Happy Guru Purnima!

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