Excerpt from The 90-Day Heart Line Challenge: Open your Heart to Love, Joy and Happiness

By Vedic Astro-Palmist Guylaine Vallée

Saying it’s never too late to experience love is one thing, really believing it is another—especially if we’ve had our heart badly broken in the past, or are holding onto grudges, guilt, anger or regrets. These emotions can follow us through time just as love can.

Negative emotions blocking us from becoming more loving can seriously slow our spiritual evolution and the journey of the heart—so we must find the best and quickest way to rid ourselves of them once and for all. This is where the modern field of neuroscience and the ancient science of Vedic Palmistry really start singing from the same hymn book—and where the heart line’s ability to transport us through time to find love steps into the spotlight.

Much of our past is registered in the neuropathways of our brains, the synaptic grooves formed by the constant repetition of particular thoughts and action. These patterns of thought and behaviour, once ingrained, dictate our perception of the world, as well as how we act—and our perceptions and actions determine how we live and how we love. For many years, it was believed that these embedded patterns could not be changed, that our brains were rigid and inflexible—that once formed, our neuropathways were fixed, and our personality set in stone. This view asserted that the mature brain was non-plastic, which translates as: You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

Well, the emerging theory of neuroplasticity, along with breakthroughs in brain imaging technology, has proven that, in fact, you can teach new tricks to old dogs, and older people. Science has shown us we can physically rewire our brains. No matter how set we are in our ways, no matter how long-established or calcified our existing neuropathways are, we can overwrite them by creating new ones. By changing our thoughts and behaviour we can actually change our brains! Put another way, we do not have to be victims of our past! We have the power to overhaul and reinvent our perception of the world, including how, what and who we love—simply by adopting new thoughts and behaviour. We can go into our grey matter reprogram our history, our present . . . and our future! It’s another kind of time machine!

In Vedic Palmistry, replacing negative thoughts, attitudes and behaviours with gratitude, kindness and love will change our heart line. Not only can we make it longer and stronger, but we can also actually shift its point of origin in the palm—shift its timeline! How does the heart line allow us to change our past, present and future? If we are filled with regret or remorse over how we loved earlier in our lives—or how we failed to love—we can go back in time and alter that reality. We can’t, of course, actually change our past actions, but we can definitely change how those actions affect us in the here-and-now, in the present, and then we can use what we learn about ourselves in the past to change who we become.

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