Excerpt from The 90-Day Heart Line Challenge: Open your Heart to Love, Joy and Happiness

By Vedic Astro-Palmist Guylaine Vallée

Saying it’s never too late to experience love is one thing, really believing it is another—especially if we’ve had our heart badly broken in the past, or are holding onto grudges, guilt, anger or regrets. These emotions can follow us through time just as love can.

Negative emotions blocking us from becoming more loving can seriously slow our spiritual evolution and the journey of the heart—so we must find the best and quickest way to rid ourselves of them once and for all. This is where the modern field of neuroscience and the ancient science of Vedic Palmistry really start singing from the same hymn book—and where the heart line’s ability to transport us through time to find love steps into the spotlight.

Much of our past is registered in the neuropathways of our brains, the synaptic grooves formed by the constant repetition of particular thoughts and action. These patterns of thought and behaviour, once ingrained, dictate our perception of the world, as well as how we act—and our perceptions and actions determine how we live and how we love. For many years, it was believed that these embedded patterns could not be changed, that our brains were rigid and inflexible—that once formed, our neuropathways were fixed, and our personality set in stone. This view asserted that the mature brain was non-plastic, which translates as: You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

Well, the emerging theory of neuroplasticity, along with breakthroughs in brain imaging technology, has proven that, in fact, you can teach new tricks to old dogs, and older people. Science has shown us we can physically rewire our brains. No matter how set we are in our ways, no matter how long-established or calcified our existing neuropathways are, we can overwrite them by creating new ones. By changing our thoughts and behaviour we can actually change our brains! Put another way, we do not have to be victims of our past! We have the power to overhaul and reinvent our perception of the world, including how, what and who we love—simply by adopting new thoughts and behaviour. We can go into our grey matter reprogram our history, our present . . . and our future! It’s another kind of time machine!

In Vedic Palmistry, replacing negative thoughts, attitudes and behaviours with gratitude, kindness and love will change our heart line. Not only can we make it longer and stronger, but we can also actually shift its point of origin in the palm—shift its timeline! How does the heart line allow us to change our past, present and future? If we are filled with regret or remorse over how we loved earlier in our lives—or how we failed to love—we can go back in time and alter that reality. We can’t, of course, actually change our past actions, but we can definitely change how those actions affect us in the here-and-now, in the present, and then we can use what we learn about ourselves in the past to change who we become.

So, why not take the 90-Day Heart Line Challenge yourself and learn to energize your heart, ignite your passion and rejuvenate your relationships. Right now, you can take advantage of our special Springtime Offer and get 30% off when you sign up.




Oh! Oh! The Vedic New Year Starts with a Total Solar Eclipse

By Astro-Palmist Guylaine Vallée


Eclipses are very potent symbols of world events and astrologers have always placed great meaning upon them. A solar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes between the Sun and Earth, causing the Moon to cast a shadow on Earth. A lunar eclipse occurs when Earth is between the Sun and the Moon, causing Earth to cast a shadow on the Moon. Lunar eclipses occur when a Full Moon happens near a lunar node. Solar eclipses occur when a New Moon happens near a node. In Vedic astrology, the nodes of the Moon are referred to as the shadow planets, Rahu and Ketu.

On April 8th, a total solar eclipse will be visible along a narrow path stretching 10,000 miles across North America, from Mexico’s Pacific coast to Newfoundland, including parts of Ontario and Quebec. It just so happens that the eclipse coincides with the Vedic New Year, which occurs every year in March or April when the Sun and Moon are in Pisces. The New Year’s chart shows the trend for the whole year. What makes this year’s chart especially potent is that Rahu is joining the Moon and Sun in the sign of Pisces. This signals we are in for a year of intensity that will have a dramatic impact on all of us. Why? Because according to Hindu legend, it is during an eclipse that the shadowy demon Rahu-Ketu takes revenge on the luminaries of Sun and Moon by consuming their light. When this happens, the pure and creative energy of the luminaries becomes dark.

In Vedic philosophy, all auspicious events begin and end by being blessed with light—either the light of a full Moon or the daytime Sun. Consequently, the darkness of eclipses are considered inauspicious times to start or end anything important in our life. So, while millions are flocking to witness this year’s eclipse, according to Eastern philosophy, eclipses should be avoided altogether, making them a great time to stay inside, meditate and be reflective. It is especially effective for introspection and connecting with the Spirit within you.

Goddess Durga

Fortunately, the day after the eclipse (April 9th) marks the beginning of Navaratri, the nine-day festival celebrating the victory of good over evil. Hindu devotees across the world believe that it is during these nine days that Goddess Durga materialized on Earth from her heavenly abode to fight the demon King, Mahishasur. These nine days are considered to be particularly auspicious for meditation to fortify ourselves against any negativity.

In Christian tradition, we are currently in the season of Eastertide, the 50 days after Christ’s resurrection during which Jesus appeared for 40 days throughout the Holy Land, teaching his followers and instructing his disciples to take his teachings of love and forgiveness to the four corners of the Earth.


On the 40th day, Jesus ascended to Heaven telling his disciples He was not abandoning them and that He would send the Holy Spirit to comfort and empower them ten days later, a day now recognized as Pentecost. This year, Ascension day is celebrated on May 9th and Pentacost on May 19th. Like Navaratri, Eastertide is a very good time to meditate. In other words, this is a great time to take advantage of the positive Cosmic energy surrounding us.

If you decide to watch the eclipse, make sure you do so safely as it can cause serious eye damage. Find out how to protect yourself by visiting American Astronomical Society’s resource page.


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By Vedic Astro-Palmist Guylaine Vallée


March is a beautiful month as it holds a lot of hope with the end of winter and the return of Spring. But in addition to a shift in season, March is a mystical month full of profound events supercharged with spiritual energy. It begins on March 7th with the Mahasamadhi of Paramahansa Yogananda followed with Shivaratri, the day of veneration for Lord Shiva, which this year falls on the 8th, and the Mahasamadhi of Sri Yukteswar on the 9th. On the 17th we celebrate the Day of St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland, and the 19th marks the feast day of St. Joseph, patron of workers and the promise of a peaceful death.

Then on Good Friday, March 29th, there is the Mahasamadhi of Jesus, followed by the celebration of His resurrection on Easter Sunday, which this year falls on March 31st.

Mahasamadhi is when a God‑illumined master makes a conscious exit from the body at the time of physical death. What is so auspicious about this month is we can all benefit from these powerful moments. Paramahansa explains that whenever a Great One leaves the planet through Mahasamadhi, he (or she) creates a spiritual portal we all can access and through which we can raise our consciousness and feel tremendous peace, bliss and joy, especially on that day.

So, while experiencing transcendent feelings of joy may seem like a pipe dream or something only saints enjoy, we can all experience this profound state of peace in this lifetime through deep and dedicated meditation. So, take advantage of these mystical March portals by setting aside some quiet time to meditate.

Of course, when you first sit down to meditate your mind runs wild in all directions. You think it is impossible to go deep. But if you sit still and persist long enough, you will travel inward and begin to feel that wonderful silence of peace in which we find great happiness beyond any of the worries of the world.

This deeply rewarding process can be challenging at first, which is why Ghanshyam always suggested his clients begin by reading Paramahansa’s Autobiography of a Yogi, and then to follow up by studying Paramahansa’s meditation techniques that are available through the Self-Realization Fellowship in California. Paramahansa founded the SRF nearly a century ago. We encourage you to explore what the SRF lessons have  to offer by clicking here.

If you would like to meet an SRF monk, several will be visiting Montreal in mid-April. For more information, contact Michel at the Montreal SRF center by email: [email protected], or by phone at 438-225-7122.


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By Vedic Palmist Guylaine Vallée

Excerpt from The Mars Program


It is easy to get bogged down obsessing over the actions of others, especially when we perceive they are treating us unfairly or with hostility and aggression. However, we should not absorb that negativity but instead let it roll off us. By remaining calm and pursuing our goals and dreams with focus, kindness and poise, our karma is free to play out; we recognize that everyone evolves at their own pace and learn from their own mistakes. In other words, if someone is not behaving well, it is their problem not ours—a problem that they will have to deal with, in this life or the next. No matter what others may do or think, we must always endeavor to remain calm, centered and to use our energy to create peace within us and around us. We must also quietly pray for those who would harm us or who would distract us from calmly pursuing our purpose in life.

It can require super-human strength and willpower to remain objective, impersonal and nonreactive in the face of insult, aggravation or aggression. Any of these can trigger us to react in a knee-jerk fashion that can escalate the situation and cost us our health and peace of mind. But it doesn't have to be like this, we can tame our volatile Mars energy by following Jesus' advice and turning the other cheek. However, this does not mean we should be passive or allow ourselves to be treated like doormats. But it does demand us to gain mastery over our emotions and instinctual responses. This is something we can achieve by mastering our Mars energy and using it as a noble warrior to create peace instead of chaos.

To calmly hold our ground and choose not to meet violence with violence is a true display of self-control and self-awareness. And it is a judicious use of Mars energy. If we have to fight, we undertake our battles with discernment and as part of our duty to protect others. We stand up for what is right and use our energy to serve and uplift others—the true expression of a noble Mars warrior.