By Vedic Palmist Guylaine Vallée

Excerpt from The Mars Program


It is easy to get bogged down obsessing over the actions of others, especially when we perceive they are treating us unfairly or with hostility and aggression. However, we should not absorb that negativity but instead let it roll off us. By remaining calm and pursuing our goals and dreams with focus, kindness and poise, our karma is free to play out; we recognize that everyone evolves at their own pace and learn from their own mistakes. In other words, if someone is not behaving well, it is their problem not ours—a problem that they will have to deal with, in this life or the next. No matter what others may do or think, we must always endeavor to remain calm, centered and to use our energy to create peace within us and around us. We must also quietly pray for those who would harm us or who would distract us from calmly pursuing our purpose in life.

It can require super-human strength and willpower to remain objective, impersonal and nonreactive in the face of insult, aggravation or aggression. Any of these can trigger us to react in a knee-jerk fashion that can escalate the situation and cost us our health and peace of mind. But it doesn't have to be like this, we can tame our volatile Mars energy by following Jesus' advice and turning the other cheek. However, this does not mean we should be passive or allow ourselves to be treated like doormats. But it does demand us to gain mastery over our emotions and instinctual responses. This is something we can achieve by mastering our Mars energy and using it as a noble warrior to create peace instead of chaos.

To calmly hold our ground and choose not to meet violence with violence is a true display of self-control and self-awareness. And it is a judicious use of Mars energy. If we have to fight, we undertake our battles with discernment and as part of our duty to protect others. We stand up for what is right and use our energy to serve and uplift others—the true expression of a noble Mars warrior.