by Vedic astro-palmist Guylaine Vallée


It’s been a long cold winter, but the Cosmos has a springtime conjunction lined up that is sure to warm your heart, put a twinkle in your eye and maybe even give you a new lease on life! Venus and Rahu will be joined together in Aries between March 18th and 22nd. No combination of planets guarantees fame and fortune like a positive Venus-Rahu conjunction can.

The Venus-Rahu conjunction has always been considered a sign of tremendous wealth, and not just the private yacht and country club kind of wealth.

Howard Hughes, Steve Jobs and Oprah Winfrey are three very different people with three striking things in common—they all became wildly rich and successful, all three were generous philanthropists and they were all born with Venus-Rahu conjunct in their natal charts. But it wasn’t fate that propelled them to wealth or drew wealth to them—their millions were earned, and their names will be remembered, because they made the most of the attributes, talents and inclinations bestowed upon them by a fortunate Venus-Rahu conjunction.

So just what are these attributes, talents and inclinations?

To begin with, Venus desires comfort, pleasure and beauty, and possesses a passionate desire to reach the top. Rahu, the planet of amplification, provides Venus the insightfulness to plan stratagems to achieve those goals and the courage to carry them out. Secondly, Venus—in its ideal form—represents unconditional love and empathy—so it is predisposed to share its wealth with those in need. Rahu motivates Venus to use its bounty and wisdom liberally and effectively for the betterment of humankind. This is why during the Venus-Rahu transit all of us can reach new levels of success and get a lot accomplished.

The astuteness and drive of Hughes, Jobs and Winfrey gave them fabulous wealth and luxurious lifestyles, but also allowed them to create charitable organizations that have helped and inspired millions.

So, let’s take full advantage of the current Venus-Rahu energy between March 18th and 22nd by striving to fulfill impossible dreams and achieving enormous success that we can share with everyone.

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