By Vedic Astro-Palmist Guylaine Vallée

A well-formed and well-spaced head and heart line will produce a lovely quadrangle in the middle of our hand, which is universally considered to be one of the most mystically charged and auspicious formations in palmistry. That’s why the space between the head and heart line is poetically referred to as “The Landing Strip of The Angels”.

A healthy, balanced quadrangle, that is a quadrangle formed by a long, deep heart line (representing our emotions) and a long, deep head line (representing our mind), is a strong indication that we have heart-mind coherence. A balanced heart and head line tells us that a powerful and positive connection exists between our heart and mind . . . our passion, intuition and reason are operating in sync; we are emitting and open to receiving love and loving energy. The magnetism of a healthy, balanced quadrangle will attract divine blessings into our lives, which often show up in the form of visionary dreams, dear friends, inspired teachers and soul mates. It truly is “The Landing Strip of the Angels”!

When the head line is longer than the heart line, our rational mind is overpowering our heart, which shuts down our heart center and creates disharmony in our life. To remedy the problem, we have to grow our heart line by being more loving and compassionate.

When the head line is shorter in relation to the heart line, our emotions overpower our rational mind, which can cause our emotions to run amok. We need to improve our head line by becoming more objective and trying to see the bigger picture.

Long heart line and short head line

Short heart line and long head line








Change your Lines, Transform your Life

The lines of the hand change over time in direct response to our awareness and effort. The short heart line or short head line can grow depending on whichever is creating the imbalance in the quadrangle. Yoga exercises, including breathing techniques and meditation, help accelerate the transformation process.

Palmistry is a science of transformation through which we can mend broken lines and make them stronger and more vibrant. All it takes is learning the basics and making a few minor adjustments in our attitude, outlook and lifestyle.

Years of experience have shown us that it takes a minimum of 90 days of consistent effort to improve the lines in the hand and make permanent, positive changes in our thought patterns. This is why our four online Challenges are twelve weeks or 90 days long: The Heart Line Challenge, The Head Line Challenge, The Life Line Challenge and The Mounts Challenge. Each Challenge focuses on a specific area of our life: the way we love, the way we think, the way we live and the way we relate to the world.

Don’t worry if you’ve never studied Vedic palmistry before, the Challenges are fun to read and easy to understand. And I will also be there for you in the video segments, supporting you along every step of this life-changing journey!