The 90-Day Mounts Challenge
Unleashing the Power of the Planets in Your Hands


Don’t miss out on our brand-new 90-Day Mounts Challenge that’s coming this Fall and includes a weekly one-hour webinar with Guylaine.


If you haven’t already registered, here’s a small taste of what you’ll get with each weekly webinar!

Segment One: Horoscope of the Week. This segment is devoted to analyzing the astro chart for the week, showing what’s up with the planets and how their energies are currently influencing our world and our lives.

Segment Two: Theme of the Week. This segment is based on a weekly lesson taken from the Mounts Challenge. During this segment, we learn how to transform our lives for the better by properly channeling our planetary energy.

Segment Three: Tips for Getting the Best Out of Your Mounts. In this segment you will master practical, user-friendly techniques designed to help you resonate with the planetary energy of your mounts. These include yogic breathing exercises, affirmations, mantras and meditation, all of which will improve your connection to the planets.

If you’ve taken another one of our challenges, you know how much fun it is to attend a live webinar with Guylaine. But don’t worry if your hectic schedule doesn’t sync with the webinar airtimes, we record everything and you can watch and learn at your leisure.

When you sign up for the Mounts Challenge Webinar Series, you will receive 12 beautifully illustrated lessons that explore each planet and planetary zone of the hand in detail, as well as a dozen 15 to 20-minute instructional videos hosted by Guylaine.

Register now and pay only $379 (Reg. $399).

Call us at 1-819-428-4298, toll-free at 1-866-428-3799 or click here to send us a message.

Click on the link below and tell us you want to be our guest at the first session (on ZOOM) on September 22nd, at 1:30 p.m.