Join the Birla Dream Team on A Journey of The Heart

Introducing the new ‘One-on-One’ 90-Day Heart Line Challenge!

After receiving hundreds of overwhelmingly positive reviews praising our original 90-day Heart Line Challenge! we’ve decided to expand The Challenge! to help you more fully incorporate the power of the heart line into your daily life. We’ve accomplished this by adopting a more intimate, hands-on approach that provides you with direct access to two of the finest, most experienced palmists in the world—the Birla Center’s own Ghanshyam and Guylaine.

In the new ‘One-on-One’ 90-Day Heart Line Challenge!, Ghanshyam and Guylaine team up to act as your personal coaches and guides during the entire three-month program. They will be with you every step of the way, consulting with you directly to encourage you, monitoring your progress, and ensuring you get the most from the course and from your heart line. These two master astro-palmists are gifted teachers and caring counsellors with nearly a century of combined experience. Having them at your side and working with you One-on-One guarantees that, in just 90 days, you will learn to love yourself and others in a new, permanent and profoundly joyful way. Don’t miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity!

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Come Alive this Spring with The 90-day Life Line Challenge!

The much-anticipated third segment of our Palmistry-in-Action trilogy, The 90-Day Life Line Challenge!, is on schedule to arrive this spring. Ensure your vital energies connect and expand with the reawakening energies of Mother Nature. The 90-Day Life Line Challenge! will put you in touch with your natural state of spiritual joy and physical bliss we are all born with—a state that we are meant to experience each and every day of our lives. This spring let your body, mind and soul awaken to joy—sign up now for The 90-Day Life Line Challenge!

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